The new magicJack GO looks suspiciously like it’s predecssor the magicJack PLUS 2012. It’s about the same size, with the same light configuration, just with a new “coat of paint”, so to speak. That said, the mJ+2012 was a good device, and likely so will this one be. Check out the video below.

Once again, I used the computer method for registration and activation, since this method seems to be the most frustration-free for the widest audience. I created a new magicJack account for this device because again, most viewers are buying the device for the first time.

There are a lot of text captions with fairly dense extra information. If you’re not a technology person or the video seems to be going by fast, feel free to watch the video several times, pause or skip back a few seconds to read all the information.

I’m surprised about the e911 setup. I guess magicJack can’t really say there are no hidden costs. The only way around it is to not immediately charge for e911. I’m not sure how this will play out in magicJack’s business model.

So far, I have had no trouble using the device. It behaves pretty much the way the magicJack plus 2012 did. I will be conducting an audio, power and lights test for an upcoming video. I hope you find this video useful. If you do, please subscribe to my youtube channel.


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    1. All the best of luck, then! Since you appear to live in Stone Mountain, Georgia, you should have no trouble.

    2. All I wanted was an upgrade and you keep trying to sell me something else.

      Is there anyway you can email me an upgrade, i’ve had this system close to four years
      And I doubt weather i’ve used it three months. Seems like every time I have a computer
      problem I completely lose Magicjack and when you are operating with Microsoft you have
      nothing but problems. If you can’t send me an upgrade I suggest you just shut me down

      1. Hi Carl,
        I’m glad you found my website. Welcome! I don’t work for magicJack, but you’re right about one thing. That company does upsell heavily.

        • It sounds like you’re using the very first model magicJack USB-only device, which has to be connected to a windows computer in order to work. Your magicJack USB device should have automatically upgraded to the new firmware last time you rebooted – any time since July 22, 2014. You should now see magicJack’s new Metro interface pop up when you receive a call, even if you’re on WinXP or Win7. If you don’t see this, please let me know. It would suggest that the USB-only mJ device may not be compatible with the new firmware, and that is news others might like to hear.
        • If, as I suspect, you are using Windows XP, your computer is not secure. If you are using a thin client with windows embedded, you need to be running at least Windows Embedded 7. A standard intel/amd computer will have to be upgraded at least to Win7 Home, if your box is new and fast enough to handle Win7. If it’s having trouble handling WinXP, you probably need to attempt a clean install of Win7. Unfortunately you’ll have to pay for any MS software upgrade. Back up your data before you do it!
        • If you’re not using your magicJack, why not drop the service or give the device to someone nearby who might be able to make use of whatever service duration is left on your device? Don’t forget to log in at magicJack’s website to stop your credit card from auto-renewing. After that, the service should simply lapse on its renew date.
        • If you are dissatisfied with your computer hardware, you could always drop it off over at SecondLife Computer Remanufacturing right there in Marietta. They’ll wipe the hard drive, put in linux and sell it inexpensively to someone less fortunate in your area who may be able to use your old computer.

        Old magicJack, old computer… Hmmm… I don’t have much good news for you, do I? Perhaps I have the wrong impression and you have newer, secure hardware. Well, I hope to hear what you decide to do. Best of lucK!

      1. Then you’re in the right place. Follow these directions, and you should be on your way!

        1. You will need to use either a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop to register, from what I understand. I don’t think Chromebook has the required app to register via computer. If this is not the problem, consider registering from a friend’s internet connection. Best of luck!

    3. Hi I format my laptop how can I register my magicjack I have not use it for about one year

      1. Log in with your existing magicJack account at Then reactivate your lapsed device. Good luck!

    4. I re-up magic jack and do not understand how to register. I need it on my iPad. I live in costa rica and am 63 and very frustrated. I am at a lost.

      1. In cases like this, it’s best to find someone local that you trust to guide you through the process on your specific machine. Best of luck!

        1. Yep, that’s a one-time code that you use during activation. Once it’s used, you don’t have to remember it. Good luck!


      1. You should be able to activate using your existing account if you follow the prompts during registration.

        Good luck!


  1. I hadone old Magic Jack registered in St. Louis under number 314-###-####. this has expired since long
    We moved to Tampa, FL and this isa new majic jack purchased and being registered under new number in area code of 813

  2. [Multiple comments condensed together.]
    I wanted to Activate and Register Magic Jack

    I hope should be Ok activation and Registration.

    Good thing

    1. Tin Rung,

      It looks like you were having trouble commenting, so I condensed all your comments together.
      You’re apparently in Manasses, Virginia. You should have no trouble activating and registering your device. And actually, it no longer matters where you are in the world. You should be able to register and activate the device anywhere in the world. Go for it.

      Good luck!

  3. BEWARE $10 SCAM

    If you have an existing number of want to try MagicJack before switching, beware that you will be charged extra $10 to port the number (total $20), because supposedly you register with temporary number when you are in a “try” mode and once you are ready to switch they charge extra $10 for “Number change”.

    Just FYI

    1. Gennadiy Rozental,
      Thanks for the tip. I hope someone else will benefit from this. Safe and happy holidays.

  4. I purchased magic jack go. I put it together but I am having a problem regeristing it I was given a
    number but when I dial a number it tells me I must register it. and I don’t know how. HELP

    1. Janet, my best advice is to follow the video I set up on this page. You’ll need a computer with a USB port, preferably a Windows or Mac machine. Either should work. When all else fails, try windows. It may be time to get local friend to help you connect the dots. If you’re new to your area and haven’t made many friends yet, consider going to your local library and asking a librarian to assist you. Just a thought. Sorry for the delay in response. A number of valid comments got caught by wordpress spam. Best of luck!


    1. collie,

      Not sure how I can help. Try a different computer or try a computer at a friend’s house.

      Good luck!


  5. Thanks for your sight Chris… It exists because majicJack(go) have issues. Bought the latter yesterday. Installed, registered, spent 3 hrs. with “chat” support. The software does not open without a prompt regarding group policy issues.. contact administrator.??? It of course completely will not load using the modem method..! Period.. Not even recognized..?? That to me is the issue if in fact it is their recommendation. Using a USB method loads the software, but… through 3 hours I never did see their “number pad” as you show in your video. This is NOT plug and play and the more sights I open the more problems I’m finding. I have a basic Windows 7 Home Edition. No whistles. My AT&T modem actually gives the phone a dial tone… I just can’t load the software. Hours of updates and fixes from chat… nothing worked. I finally gave up.. Receipt in hand and should just return it Best Buy, but essentially.. I just needed to vent. Thanks.

    1. Bruce,
      It sounds like you had no trouble registering and activating the device. If you’re able to make a call with the mJGo connected directly to the router, your device is functioning properly. When the device is connected directly to the router or your router/modem combo, the computer interface is not functional. In order to use the computer interface, the magicJack GO device must be inserted into a powered USB slot on your computer. That’s the only way the computer can see the device to act upon it. You will see the touchpad interface then and only then.

      You should also log in at to see whether or not the device is registered and activated. If it is, and you are still unable to make the device function normally, the problem may be with the device. You could try swapping out your existing mJGo for a new one at BestBuy. Just tell them the device is faulty and you want to try a new one. If the new one works as expected, then you know the problem was with the original device.

      If you need to connect via the USB port on your computer, like when you’re at a hotel room, the device should automatically load the dialpad on the computer you’re using. Is this not happening?

      1. You stated “You should also log in at to see whether or not the device is registered and activated. If it is, and you are still unable to make the device function normally, the problem may be with the device.” BUT… what “if it is NOT”? i.e. my New MagicJack Go is not showing as activated in my old MagicJack account. I tried to have then ship this new unit to me and NOT ASSOCIATE IT with my old account, but they wouldn’t do that. After I complete the steps, I successfully received the screen saying “Congratulations your magicjack has been activated. Your New Number is xxx-xxx-xxxx” But I never receive an email confirmation, and my account doesn’t recognize the new device. Also, I can only dial out with their stock number.

        I have tried:
        1) the USB method
        2) The method without computer
        3) and…. screaming / kicking!

        1. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ve registered with a different email address. Consider chatting again with support and ask them to verify if they can send an email to that address. If the address is invalid, and you have everything else filled out properly, log in with the magicJack phone number and a temporary password they may provide, once you’ve validated to their satisfaction that you own the device.

  6. Can I register from a different computer than the actual one your going to use it on for the service. Ex , I want to set up for a friend and register at my home then take it there hook it up for him on his laptop then present hum the info. and number for his service and registration info. ?

    1. Donna,

      Yes. When registering for a friend, it’s always a good idea to create a new account for your friend. Don’t add this new magicJack to your existing account. That way, you can give your friend the new user name and password. Then your friend can change the username, password and email address to suit him and renew at his own leisure, or you can keep the username and password as they are if you’ll be renewing annually for him. Be sure to fill out the correct e911 information for your friend during registration, as shown in the video attached to this post. Best of luck!


    1. Jeff,
      You would have to use the browser method to do this. I’ve never had success with that method. In my opinion, you’re better off registering on a windows or mac machine via USB. If you don’t have one, borrow a friend’s.


        1. The USB method only works on Windows and Mac OSX. MagicJack has not made an installer that works with Chrome OS via USB. If you cannot find a friend or family member with a Windows or Mac machine, you’ll have to try the network (browser) method. I’ve never gotten it to work, but some people have had success with it. In a browser, go to and click “activate” in the upper menu. Watch the movie. Connect your magicJack via Ethernet to your router, plug it into the USB power adapter and your phone. Click the green “Detect Device” button. Follow the prompts in the browser. If this doesn’t work, you will not be the first who has found it a challenge. If it does work, good for you!

          Best of luck,


          Best of luck!

  7. i have a magic jack and bought magic jack go, i installed it and it works good but i now have a different no. how can i keep my old no.?

    1. al,

      log in at Go to the “phone numbers” tab. In the “number” column, where you see the wrong number, pull down to select the right number. You should see a green confirmation notice on your screen that you’ve set the device to the preferred number. If you like, you can also change the old device to use the new, non-preferred number.
      Caveat: The old device and the new device together using the exact same number behind the same router can cause ringing issues. You may or may not get your calls. You can’t use port-forwarding to fix this.

      Best of luck!


    1. Any call to numbers outside the US or Canada are considered international calls. You’ll need to buy international calling credit from magicJack in order to place the call. This can be done when you log in at the magicJack website. Good luck!

  8. I just installed Magic Jack Go by not using my computer but going through the router. Do you have a video on this process. When I try to call the number after activation, it says … “the Magic Jack customer you called is not accepting calls at this time” …. I also cannot place an outside call from the phone I used to set up the account. Why?

    1. Gary,
      I don’t have a video on this process. I’ve never been able to make it work. If you have more than one magicJack device on the same router (internet provider account) it gets even trickier. Log in to your magicJack account and make sure the telephone number you selected for your magicJack is appropriately tied to your magicJack device. If all you see under the “number” column is a magicNumber and not a real phone number, pull down to select the real phone number. It should automatically save. Best of luck!

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial. I recently had my 3 year old MJPlus die and had to order a new one and they sent me the MJGo. Was struggling with the web activation (as seems to be the usual case) and found your website while looking for a walkthrough. Your confirmation that you need to WAIT several times during the installation was very reassuring, as it appears that absolutely nothing is happening otherwise.

  10. Bought MJGo at Best Buy watched your video but I wanted to keep my home phone number. It responded with congratulations but added that it recognized the number as a cell number and wanted my “carrier account number” and the “carrier passcode” in order to continue. I assumed the first number was my account number at ATT but I have no idea what the carrier passcode is or how I can get it, and if the my account number is what they need. This seems to be a stumbling block. I couldn’t find a phone number for customer support. Can you help???

    1. Try the last four digits of your AT&T phone number. AT&T doesn’t like giving away landline numbers. It does everything it can to keep them. I had to transfer my AT&T landline first to an AT&T go phone. Then I transferred it from the go phone to my Google Voice account. It cost me about $40 to make the transfer, total. Now I forward all my incoming calls from Google Voice to my magicJack account. I don’t trust magicJack to keep my preferred number. So even if magicJack goes down, I have access through Google Hangouts, Google Voice, and I even forward it to my Skype number or cell number. Check out this youtube video series I did when I first researched VoIP strategies with magicJack. Best of luck!

  11. please send me a telephone number to my e.mail so i can get calls & MAKE

    1. I don’t work for magicJack. I hope you’ll consider going to the chat support at

  12. I have registered m y new magicjack go but it won’t work with the comcast modem/router is there a way to enable whatever comcast is trying to block that’s preventing it? Or do I need to go with another provider?

    1. Valerie,
      Try the device from your laptop. Does it work? If so, buy a four-port switch. Connect the switch to your router, then connect your device to the switch. If the device doesn’t work from your laptop, bring your laptop to a friend’s house or a hotspot cafe with an open connection and try it there. If it still doesn’t work, the problem may be with the device. I hope this helps. Best of luck!

  13. I have an old magicjack the number and account still active with 5 plan purchased, i just bought new magicjack Go, I want to activate and use the number from the old magicjack account with 5 plan. What is the procedure of switching the plan from the old magicjack to the new one???

    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.


    1. During the registration process, log in with your existing account. At some point, you’ll be asked if you want to transfer your old device to a new device. Follow the prompts to make this happen. Your new device will now work with the old number, and your old device will be a paperweight. I hope this helps!

    1. Not exactly sure what you’re asking, but of course I don’t work for magicJack. Only you can activate the device. Check your email and your spam box in case it’s there. Best of luck.

  14. I bought a MagicJack for my grandchildren to be able to call me anytime since their parents did away with the home phone service. They originally had DSL but have now moved to some kind of wireless configuration that connects to the smart phone. Their computer crashed as well. Is there any way to register the MagicJack using the smart phone WITHOUT a Computer?

    1. Bevs,
      You could use the browser on your smart phone, but I have only seen a few people have any luck with that method. Alternatively, they could go to a friend’s house, log in on their friend’s computer and register there. Then bring the device home, plug it into the ethernet at home and voila. Best of luck!

  15. I have purchased majicjackgo. I have spent hours with the techs and I still can’t activate my magicjackgo my computer doesn’t recognize magicjackgo. I feel that there is a glich in the file and that is the reason the computer doesn’t recognize the device. I have spent many hours with tech’s to no avail. ###-###-#### Please help me here is my e-mail

    Thank you for any help you can give me. Secorrah

    1. Secorrah,
      I don’t provide phone or email support, since I don’t work for magicJack. You probably have a Chromebook or a Linux computer. You’ll need to borrow a friend’s windows or mac computer to activate your device, if you can. Best of luck!

  16. Why does that stupid pop-up like the one pictured above, that says CONNECTION IS UNTRUSTED or UNSECURED CONNECTION come up on every website I click on?
    It even comes up on sites that I have been using for years. Is this some new virus and how can I get rid of it?

  17. My ‘ph#’ page gets stuck. Can’t click/hold top of screen to see the ‘click here’ option. Can’t go any further to register, etc. my MJ. Please help; < 4 hrs spent so far!

    1. Perhaps you could try a different computer or a larger monitor? It sounds like your monitor as very small.

  18. Im receiving the below error while registering online with magic go without connecting to computer.

    An error occurred while retrieving the information requested.

    Please help.


    1. Tamara,
      I have never been able to use the router method for registering. You may want to find a friend who has a windows or mac computer so you can plug in the device on a USB port and follow the directions as shown in this post. I hope this helps.

      1. I got the same message so tried plugging into my laptop. Attempted different addresses and credit cards. I just checked and they’ve charged my credit card 5 times and I still don’t have a account!

        1. I hope you were able to get your money back! You probably will have to talk with billing. The billing phone number will be on their website.

          Good luck!


  19. hi chris I posted a query but it did not come up on screen. I am repeating it. I have old magic jack. I have bought magic jack go so I do not have to tie up the laptop with magic jack. how do I register my new device with the existing number. please guide me . thanks subbarao

    1. Hi subbarao,
      Just to be clear. You have an old magicJack USB version and you want to transfer that number to the new magicJack go. Use your existing magicJack account. Log in with your existing account when you activate your new magicJack Go. It will ask you if you want to transfer your old account to the new device. Follow the prompts to do this. Your old device will then no longer function. You will have however many months and years were left on the old device added to the new device. Your new device should also have the old device’s number. Best of luck!


    1. Log in. Check to make sure the 786 phone number is properly assigned to your device. Check all connections, replace wires, try a different USB AC adapter… In short, attempt to troubleshoot why it’s not working. When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, call chat support. Of course, as always, I don’t work for magicJack. Best of luck.

  21. I have a MagicJack that I use overseas for a US number. I am moving back to the USA and have a friend here overseas that would like to use my MagicJack. Is it possible for us to transfer ownership of the device? I will port the MJ number to my new US cell phone, and then my friend can be assigned a new number. Is this possible?

    1. Beth,

      I believe it is, but it depends on a number of things.
      1. If you have more than one magicJack on the same magicJack account, transferring ownership will be more difficult if you prefer to keep one or more of your other magicJacks.
      2. If you only have one device on the account, it’s just a case of removing existing credit card information, and changing the main email address and password for the magicJack account to your friend’s email address and preferred password. You can do all this yourself, tell them the password and have them change the password later.
      3. Then add a new telephone number via the interface to the account and switch the device to use that telephone number. ($10, maybe more if your friend wants a special number.)
      4. Next, port the preferred, now-inactive number from your current magicJack account to your preferred US cell phone plan, starting with the cell plan. magicJack will attempt to make you pay a $35 port-out fee. I’m pretty sure this is, while not illegal, certainly unethical. Most people ignore this “bill”. Your US Cell plan will charge you a port-in fee. This is legal, probably about $10 or $20. Pay that. You may be out of service for a few days will the phone number transfers.
      5. Frankly, I’d move my preferred number to Google Voice and forward all calls to a new cell plan with any assigned number. That way, I can keep the number regardless of where my phone goes or what US cell plan I might currently be using. Total cost, still about $20.

      Good luck!


  22. Quiero saber si me pueden ayudar a la registracion porque no he podido ya lei toda la informacion y vi los pasos pero cuando voy a mirar para llenar no me sale,gracias.

    1. Truly, the best advice I can give is to watch the video on this post. If that doesn’t help, it may be time to ask a geek friend to lend you a hand.

      Best of luck.

  23. This has been one of the worse experiences I’ve had. I purchased my magic jack in February 2015 and have only been able to use it 2 months. I have called the “support” desk only to find I can’t understand what they are saying, find them to be very rude and will hang up on you if they can’t answer your questions, read from a script and don’t know one thing about how it works, the “supervisor” is the same person who puts you through to the “supervisor ” and then doesn’t solve your problem!!! As of today I once again tried to get it to work, went on the website to get it registered , spoke to the live chat people and again they were rude, lack of knowledge, read from the script, and still didn’t solve the problem. I guess I just have to chalk it up to being rippled off. I would like to suggest that a class action suit be filed on Peter Russo, owner of the company on behalf of all of us who have been ripped off. Any takers?

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Welcome to the world of self-service phone!
      You’re right. magicJack isn’t for everyone — and it’s great that you’ve come to that conclusion for yourself.
      I hope you’ll decide to find an alternative that works better for you.



  24. Can I buy a used ‘Original’ Magic Jack on Ebay (they’re very cheap) and get it to work on my computer, plugged into a USB port and make calls using my headset? Does Magic Jack HAVE to be registered in order to use it?

    1. magicJack doesn’t have a re-activation policy except in the case of the original owner. In that case, you would be able to provide them with at least an original email address, physical home address, and the MAC address on the back of the device and credit card info. If they can establish that you are the original owner, they can help you because you can be given access to your original account. If you can’t prove you owned it originally, then anyone could steal anyone else’s device, working or not and get magicJack to reinitialize it. That could cause security issues and all sorts of headaches. It’s easier for magicJack to just let the old ones die.

  25. Need to activate and register my magic jack go device and need a 865 no would like to use my cell no 865-###-####

    1. If the 865 area code is not available, you’ll need to port your number. During activation, you’ll be asked if you want to port your number. Follow the prompts. There may be some down-time while the number is porting. Good luck.

        1. We’re both seniors. Cool! I don’t give private help. I don’t work for magicJack. If technical stuff is not your thing but you really want to try magicJack, I hope you’ll find a grand daughter or niece will make it work for you!

  26. I just installed majicjack plus. Went to the process and received a phone number. It nstantly disapeared from the screen. Two problems: (1) I can see my number on the dial pad. (2) I went to mymajicjack with my email and password but it doesn´t show the device=Not found the phone number=not found
    Please help

    1. At this point, you’ll need to contact magicJack chat support. If can log in, but your number is not showing, they are the only ones who can fix it.

      Good luck!

    1. magicJack should not be used for the following purposes:
      1. Don’t spend more than a few hours a day. If you are on it for over six hours a day every, day every week, that’s considered abuse of service.
      2. Don’t use it to spam call people. If you’re a business and you’re auto-calling people, magicJack will shut you down when they find out.
      3. Don’t use this as a baby/elderly monitor. It’s not reliable, and once again, it’s too many hours.

  27. Iwant to register my new magicJackGO and cancell my magicJackPlus and transfer the free year on my account

  28. I just registered my new magic jack I made a mistake in clicking something as a result I cannot make a call. I guess I can only receive calls? I recording voice says i need to click on I elect to select and make my calls? I have a hard time going back. Can you please help? thank you.

    1. Log in at
      Find the “Call Features” tab and pull down to “Advanced”.
      At the top of the options available, select “I elect to accept outgoing and incoming service.”
      Click the blue “Save” button below.
      That should fix the problem.
      Good luck!

  29. hola tengo un magicjack nuevo lo registre desde el pc me da el numero y se cierra la aplicacion sola pero el registro no queda, lo he intentado varias veces y no funciona

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish. I’m sorry you’re having trouble registering. It may be worth asking a friend who knows about computers to help you locally. Best of luck!

  30. I have a MJ+ that was registered as connected to my computer and I leave it connected directly to my router via Ethernet, and plug it in. It works fine connected this way… But, is there a way to get the MJ app on my computer or phone to see it and change configurations?

    1. magicJack does not have a way to change settings from your computer while it’s directly connected to the router.

  31. I have a magicjack account. But do not remember my password. Magicjack CS suggested I create a new account because, whenever they issued me a code to enter a new password the code KEEPS coming up invalid. So, I went onto the create a new account section/tab, it would not allow this because, it said I already have an account with this email address!! Please help me!!!

  32. I’m trying to register and activate my majicjack. I have windows 10. My computer is not detecting my majicjack and I hooked it up on wifi and my phone is not detecting it either. Any suggestions or help is appreciated

    1. Some USB ports don’t supply power. Try a powered USB port. If none of your USB ports work, exchange your magicJack at the store. It’s probably broken.

    1. Try logging in directly on If you can log in there, you should not have trouble registering with your existing magicJack account. If you do, it may be time to chat with magicJack support.

      Good luck!



    1. Hoa Quach, what account did you use to activate your magicApp? Is it visible when you log in to

  34. you need to make a better way to register a new magic jack because this one stinks. Gerri Wilson Del City Ok

    1. Hi Gerri, I don’t work for magicJack, but hopefully they’ll watch this comment and take what you say under advisement. I hope you were able to get someone to help locally!

    1. You may be recieving. It may just be that your phone isn’t ringing. Try changing to a different wall socket on a fuse line that’s different from the one your current magicJack is connected to. Do the same for your phone. If your phone has a REN larger than 2.1, you may also have trouble with the phone ringing.

      Good luck!


  35. I just bought a new magicjack Go. I set it up and it works. I used it to call my friend and I was able to talk to him. He tried to call me after 30 minutes, but my magicjack Go did not ring. He tried again several times, still did not ring. What did I do wrong, if any?

  36. Is very hard to hit up the people understand they don’t help you at all it’s very confusing I had paid $60 and it was good I bought a new one and it was $40 and I can’t get it hooked up nobody won’t help me. Don’t want to help me

    1. Hi John,

      I don’t work for magicJack. Sometimes it helps to have a local friend sort things. I hope you’ve gotten it sorted.



  37. Je veux enregistrer mon nouveau magicjack et transférer mon numéro 418 ### #### sur ce magicjack go ainsi que le temps qui est payé pour 5ans

    1. When activating and registering your new magicJack, follow the prompts to transfer your old magicJack device and its hours to the new device. Best of luck!

  38. I have a old magic jack Fc #A921 but I have no idea what email was can you help

    1. You’ll need to follow the directions here. Chat with magicJack. If you’re still at the same physical address and you have the device in hand, they’ll be able to help.

      Best of luck.


    1. Nope. I don’t work for magicJack, and they don’t provide phone support for anything other than billing questions. If you see a phone number that says it’s magicJack technical support, they’re lying. They’ll probably either ask for money or try to scam you. Chat support is the only current option.



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