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Can’t dial some numbers on your magicJack? It could be that the number you’re trying to dial is on list of blocked area codes or exchanges. (See lists below.) The termination fees for these usually-rural areas cost more than magicJack is willing to pay, so we can’t call the people whose phones use these area codes and exchanges. The reason local rural telephone services sometimes do this is explained in this wikipedia page.

Here’s one block list. And another list.

Are you having trouble calling people in your local area? Comment about it here.

Here’s an example of what some people are hearing when they try to call certain area codes with magicJack:
Prepaid magicJack Announcement

Unfortunately, when I go to that link, it brings me to the main magicJack home page. I see nothing specific about prepaid minutes. So… What’s up with that?

Let me know in the comments section of other reliable updated lists that you know about. I’ll add them to this page.

Update July 2013: If you used to be able to call your neighbors from your magicJack and you suddenly can’t now, there is a way you can complain. Fill out the complaint form on the FCC website.

Here’s how to get there:

  • Under “Complaint Type” check “Broadband Service and VOIP”. Click Next.
  • Under “Category” check “Billing, Service, Availability…” etc. Click Next.
  • You’ll be filling out online form 2000B. Fill out all pertinent information.
  • Use your magicJack phone number as your account number.
  • For the phone company name, use “Vocaltec” or “MagicJack Vocaltec”.
  • Skip the billing complaints under question 4.
  • Write in your complaint in question 5, along the lines of:
    • “VocalTec’s magicJack service advertises that we can call anywhere in the US. I live in the US but when I call these numbers, I get a message saying I cannot complete my call. These numbers include: 888-555-1212, 888-555-1213, etc. They can call me, I just can’t call them. I’ve read that magicJack service is not completing calls to many rural areas. Please make them fix this. I want to be able to call my daughter/son/mother/father in this area code.”
    • Be courteous. Do not call names.

Also: Here is a link to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (equivalent to the US FCC).

You may not get immediate satisfaction but others have suggested that after a few days, service is restored to areas where they used to have no trouble.

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