Your magicJack… Sometimes it won’t ring. Sometimes you can’t call out. Since magicJack does not have 24-hour live chat support, you end up figuring it out for yourself. Check out the top 10 most frustrating reasons why your device isn’t connecting. Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. Then we’ll head for the more obscure.Top Ten

  1. Your device registration has lapsed. If you didn’t set it to autorenew, you may or may not be able to renew manually. It can’t hurt to try. Go to Log in and attempt to renew.
  2. Your internet service is temporarily out. This one’s easy — Reboot your modem, router and phone, maybe even your computer.
  3. Your phone may be incompatible with the magicJack. It may be a very old AT&T corded phone with real bells, jerry-rigged to work with RJ-11 jacks. Apparently some Uniden phones are also incompatible. Try Panasonic. In any case, try a different corded or cordless phone.
  4. The TalkFree app by magicJack may be incompatible with your android phone. Yes, some android configurations are not as friendly with magicJack as others. Your only options are to get a new android device or remove the app from your phone.
  5. Device is not set to send or receive calls properly. While logged into, pull down from “Call Features” to advanced. For the device in question, choose “I elect to accept outgoing and incoming service” from the “Select Service” area. Make sure “Use DHCP” is checked.
  6. Bandwidth is too low. If you’re on a DSL line with 1.5Mbps down and 128Kbps up, your connection speed is just at the limit of what’s reasonable with magicJack, so long as nobody else on your network is attempting to stream video or upload anything. If you share your internet with other people in the same house, or you’re letting a neighbor leech your wifi, it’s possible that your calls will be not only choppy, but less likely to actually connect.
  7. Multiple devices with the same number on the same network. For unknown reasons, if you have two or more magicJack devices or apps set to the same phone number on the same home or office network, it confuses both magicJacks. More often than not, magicJack will ring once, then go straight to voice mail. Use unique numbers for each device if you are using them all on the same network or turn off all but one device.
  8. Voicemail delay is set too short. Go to From the “Call Features” tab, pull down to “Voicemail On/Off/Delay”. Make sure the device in question is at least 45 seconds long. Try calling from another phone to see if the longer voicemail delay is enough. If not, make it a mintue or longer.
  9. Your cordless or corded phone is set to the wrong ringer mode. Most phones are set default to ringer mode “B”. The ringer mode tells the phone how much power is available to ring the phone. Older phones used power from the phone line to ring. The magicJack doesn’t supply nearly the same amount of power land line phones used to. Newer phones use power from a battery or power cord to ring and generally take less power to ring. If your phone doesn’t have a ringer mode setting, it’s likely ringer-mode “A”. Modern phones will have a way to set the ringer mode somewhere in the bowels of its digital settings. If yours was set to “A” by mistake, it’s best to set it to “B”.
  10. REN – Ringer Equivalence Number – Every US and Canadian phone has this number on the back. Add up the total REN for all phones connected to your magicJack plus. If it’s more than about 2 to 2.5, your phone won’t ring. It will probably go to voicemail instead if voicemail is set. The REN on the back of your phone will often end with “B”, as in “0.1B”, or “1.0B”. The “B” refers to the ringer mode from reason 9.

That’s a wrap on the 10 most frustrating reasons why your magicJack won’t connect.

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    1. I hope this page will help. If not, please read some of the other pages on this site or perhaps you can relate some more particulars. so you can get it working. Good luck.

    2. my magicjack plus only works in my computer I think it did some type of update I didn’t have a problem until now I want it to plug into wall

        1. can magicjack be used wirelessly without plugging into the router since you are using wireless internet?

          1. Nope. It must be connected either to the USB port on your mac or windows computer, or it must be connected via Ethernet to your router. Best of luck!

        2. Why must it be plugged directly into the router?
          It just stop working when i updated the router firmware.
          Before the update it worked off and on.

          1. If it works when you’re connected to the computer, it should also work when it’s connected to the router. It may be time to chat with magicJack support.

  1. Once you register your MJ plus on your computer, you will then be able to plug it into the wall and begin using it, but you must register on the computer first, once you reach the end of the initial set up, it will prompt you to choose if you want to use it from the plug in wall or your computer. Hope this is helpful. Just tried it and it worked fine.

  2. Error 3002 using Century Link C1000Z router.

    Is there any way to configure the silly Magjcjack+ network settings? My router is at the default with DHCP enabled ( through, appropriate DNS servers etc. Have tried many cables and ports. No go.

    MJ support is pretty much useless resolving this issue. Device works perfectly plugged into USB port of computer on same network

    1. You are not the first person to have problems with Century Link C1000Z routers. They seem flakey to me. If I were you, I’d ditch it and get a better one. There may be newer and better models, but I’m very happy with the TomatoUSB firmware on the ASUS RT-N16. If you’re not in a place to do that, try these considerations.

      If your router is distributing DHCP, make sure your modem is not on the same IP range. For instance, if your modem is also in the range of 192.168.0.x, make your router’s DHCP range 192.168.1.x.

      Set your modem’s DHCP range from 100 to 149, a range of 50 IP’s in the center of the available IP’s. Assign the mac address of your magicJack to a static IP below or above the DHCP range.

      Turn off your modem, router, magicJack and computers for five minutes. Cold boot everything. Your magicJack should now have a static IP outside the DHCP range, making IP assignment less confusing for a wonky router.

      Good luck!

  3. I am unable to see the yellow and green lights on my magic jack plus. I went on the site and it still says my subscription is up, but yet someone emailed me that i do not need to register and i was charged as stated by my bank when i tried to re-subscribe. When i tried making calls it kept saying that i need to renew then it starts to ring, now im not getting any lights and no dial tone and no one has responded to my emails about it. What should i do?

    1. Hossein,
      I’m not really sure what you can do, since you live in Jamaica. You’ll have to activate and register your device when your are in the United States or Canada. It cannot be registered or activated outside these two countries. They’re pretty clear about it on their site. You may have bought it from a third party who already registered it for you in the US. I’m not sure how legal that is, but if that’s the case, you’ll need to take it up with them. Best of luck.

  4. Ok well i got my cousin to register it and he added his card there but now im here waiting to get service and still nothing and im getting frustrated. It now says im renewed and im not hearing any dial tone

    1. Let me make sure I understand. Your cousin lives in the US. He registered the magicJack in the U.S. using his credit card. He gave you the username and password he used to register the device via email. The device still has not been activated. It cannot be activated in Jamaica. The device must be physically in the United States for it to be activated.

  5. Magic jack plus model 2012 wont work at all. At first it was connected to the outlet as usual but then i removed it and placed it back awhile after but the power adapter burnt.So i replaced it with a new adapter.The green light for the internet comes on but the orange light doesnt for the phone and thus no dial tone.The plus sign lights up blue as well.And also, i tried connected it to the pc but it recognizes it as some sort of device like a phone or camera.It does not auto run.I tried reinstalling the software still doesnt work.

    1. rohie,
      The fact that you’re not getting an orange light on the ethernet port of your mJ+ 2012 suggests that the problem may be solved with a new Ethernet cable. If, after replacing the Ethernet cable you still get a bad connection, there is a possibility that the Ethernet port or some microscopic part of the mJ+ 2012’s circuitry has been fried. Don’t lose hope though. Try connecting a different device, like a laptop, to the same Ethernet port on your router that you usually use for your magicJack. If your laptop can’t use that router’s port either, it may be that that this Ethernet port on your router have fried, possibly during an electrical storm. (This has happened to me before.) You may have to replace the router. Try connecting your mJ+ 2012 at someone else’s home or at the office. If it works there, you know the problem is either with your Ethernet cable or your router.

      When you reinstalled the new software, did you try making or receiving a call with the magicJack plugged into your computer’s USB port?

      1. When i reinstall the software, nothing happens, the magic jack appears as a Usb flash drive like nothing is on it or lets say like a cell phone with a memory card when connected to the computer.There’s no autorun or anything.I’ve tried it on several computers and it still appears as a Usb flash drive.And my router works fine with my computer so i think the magic jack is fried possibly. I tried it with another router. The samething no orange light. Just the green light for the internet.And I tried replacing the ethernet cable but it still does the same thing. So yeah.

        1. rohie,
          It sounds like you’re right. The magicJack is likely fried. If you contact magicJack chat support, you might be able to ask them to send you a new device, though they’ll probably ask you to pay $10 US plus postage to Kingstown. It helps to have patience. They’re going to make you go through a bunch of diagnostics first. Compare that cost with what it would cost to buy locally if you have a local store that sells magicJack Go devices, and decide which is the cheaper way to go. Sorry to have to confirm your original suspicions. Please let me know how it goes.

          Best of luck, rohie.


      2. Hello. I am getting thinking my ethernet cord needs to be replaced on my magicjack plus but I looked al day and cannot find one on internet.Do you know where I can get one. Hope you find your solution.

  6. Hi, I last saw your post on my thread months ago. Kudo’s to you for your wonderful help to all who need it! The Laughter On Water is “quenchingly” cheery too.

    I finally got around to ordering MJ plus (I believe its 2012 edition, since it does not state 2014 on the front). It’s due to arrive soon.

    What happened, was that my POTS phone service became very poor quality, and at this time its dead despite repeated hassle contacting the company.

    So that motivated me to try MJ.

    I guess I should transfer my POTS number to the MJ Plus prior to cancelling the POTS “zero-service”.

    Thing is, I only have 1.0mbs DSL speed (via DSLxtreme) and not sure they’d agree to upgrade me to 1.5mbs for the same $27.83 (incl.surcharge) per month.

    So I may be stuck with 1.0mbs, despite that 1.5mbs is optimal proportional to my distance from their C.O. HQ. (the DSLxtreme rep. had ascertained that 1.5 is best for me, based on my locale.
    He said that 3.0 is worse for me than 1.5mbs.

    I also need to use corded phones due to EMFs.
    I have good Panasonic phones, 1980s style. Here’s their model:

    I’m wondering how well the KX-TS105 phones – REN 1.0B – would work with 1.0mbs DSL speed??


    1. Hi Minni,
      It looks like you’ve done some research. Here are my concerns:

      1. You have a very low-speed connection as it is. DSLExtreme doesn’t even list a 1.0 Mbps plan on their site anymore. You must have been grandfathered in at this very slow pace, or gotten a separate unlisted deal. So while it’s listed on your bill as 1.0Mbps down, you probably aren’t getting even that. Upload speeds tend to be even worse, the further you get from the CLEC. If the rep was not confident enough to give you at least 1.5 Mbps, how can you be sure you’re getting the speed you’re even rated for? Check out your speed on as part of your research.
      2. Panasonic makes good phones. I’m not sure this is the right phone for this situation. First, it doesn’t plug into the wall electrically, so it relies on power from the magicJack to amplify the sound coming through the handset. You couldn’t reliably have more than one phone connected to your magicJack in order for this to work for several reasons. mJ+ will only give you a total REN of about 2.0. Your phone is already REN 1.0. Now your phone also uses hard-of-hearing amplification services. At least the model you suggest has that feature. It’s a lot to expect this five volt device to power not only the device itself but also a phone and its amplification system. You could burn up the magicJack. If you try to connect more than two KX-TS105’s to your magicJack, your phones won’t ring and again you’ll increase the risk of burning out your device.

      You made these comments from somewhere in New York city – where speeds are certainly much faster, so I’m guessing you’re visiting with friends or family and that your current situation is such that you don’t have a reasonable connection way out where you live, somewhere like the Maine wilderness.
      If this is your only choice, then you may have to go with it. But it’s a little like a riding a bicycle on a taut line backwards. There are too many fail points along the way to make this a safe, reliable day-to-day method of communication with the world outside your relatively remote home. For you to rely on it in emergencies becomes out of the question. Low speed connection, unreliable DSL lines that would have to be serviced by your local phone company, phones that are solid but may be too much of a drain on your magicJack… It might be too much to expect all of this to yield reasonable results. My next suggestion would have been to buy an emergency cell phone, but I surmise that you live outside the range of just about any cell tower.

      I wish I had a better answer for you. I’m just not sure this will give you what you want.

      1. Chris, thank you!

        Actually re: one of your points, no I’m far from the sticks, rather I’m in the NYC burbs, and located at the halfway point from the C.O. to its farthest reaches. That much i’ve researched in the past, after acting sorta like a detective – since info is near-inaccessible and shrouded in secrecy. (Actually I consider everything to be monopolistic due to suppression of ZPE but that’s another story.)

        Your next point was re: 1.0mbs speed & checking out speedtest.

        Yes, I’ve long been aware of speedtest, and indeed, every time I run, it checks out OK for 1.0 speed.

        So its beyond me, why sites often download extremely slow, as if paralyzed. Very odd. I didn’t used to have that when I signed on with them at 1.5mbs in 2010. At that time, for an entire year, the speed was perfect. Then it went downhill from there on.


        (1) I’m still using outdated XP, on 1.7ghz system – due to wanting low frequencies (for health issues).
        But I just ordered a Win-7 system with 1.7ghz that’s refurbished, and due to arrive soon.

        Should I wait for the Win-7 Refurb. laptop – to try installing MJ-plus via that?
        Or would it make no difference to install it via one of my well-used XP laptops?

        (2) Assume I only connect one of my KXTS105 phones to the MJ-plus.
        Would the phone then be at risk of burning out?
        I don’t want to ruin any of those phones. They’re too good.
        As for 2 phones – would that be skimming danger?
        I really can use 2. One in computer room & another in bedroom.
        I’d forgo the kitchen, but the others are a toss-up.

        (3) I just contaced DSLX support via IM, to question why the billing girl just emailed me that there’s no availability of 1.5mbs for my distance from the C.O.

        I questioned that via IM, given that in 2010 I had been signed up with 1.5mbs – upon the suggestion of the Verizon tech, who advised 1.5 as my ideal speed based on my distance from the C.O. In other words, he said 1.0 & 3.0 are not ideal, but 1.5 is ideal.

        (4) My ComTrend modem has been programmed as a Router by the DSLxtreme personnel. But can that work as well with Magic Jack? There’s a good-quality blue Ethernet cable connecting it to my laptop.

        Could someone like yourself – in my place – tweak things to get past the hurdles? Or would it take a miracle? Hey, miracles do happen, but usually only in matters of life & death [wink].

        1. KXTS105


          Computer speed in GHz is not an EMF. It’s the speed at which the Central Processing Unit (CPU) processes commands. Faster speeds just means faster computing. The CPU isn’t designed to emit EMF, so exposure, regardless of speed is minimal. Top that off with the fact that most CPU’s are housed in metal or plastic casings designed to shield the user from EMF. It’s like the computer is in its own Faraday cage – totally isolating it from the surrounding environment anyway. The only EMF you will be able to detect is WiFi and Bluetooth. You’re more likely to see EMF problems in the electrical wiring in your home than you are from a modern computer (anything over 1.0 GHz). If you don’t like WiFi or Bluetooth, as you know they are easily disabled. Again – computer speed is not a measure of EMF. You could have an octa core 4.0GHz machine or a dual core 1.7GHz machine. I doubt you could measure it either way.

          Answering you other questions:
          1. It doesn’t matter what version of windows you use to register and activate a magicJack Go. It sounds like you’re upgrading, so good for you. If you are itching to do it now, nothing should be stopping you, other than that your WinXP machine will become more prone to outside attack, the longer you use it.

          2. The KXTS105 is a durable phone and unlikely itself to burn out. It’s more likely to draw too much power from the magicJack, causing the magicJack to run hot and burn out. And that’s most likely if you have two people listening/talking on your end of the call at the same time. If you try to connect three, none of them will likely ring. If you really like your KXTS105, keep one in your bedroom and buy two newer corded phones with their own electrical plugs so they don’t draw energy from the magicJack. Check to make sure the REN on each phone is “0.0” or “0.0B”. You can have as many phones as you want with a REN of “0.0” or “0.0B” connected to your magicJack. If you add up all the phones and they’re total REN is over 2, you could burn out your magicJack. Plus, phones won’t ring.

          3. I’m not seeing a question here.

          4. Speeds are set by your ISP. If shows you’re getting your rated speed, there’s no magic bullet that will make things faster. Typical youtube pranksters suggest all kinds of whackadoodle things like wrapping extra wire around part of your modem or wiring, but it’s bogus. Frankly, if you live in a suburb of NYC, I’m surprised you’re not using cable. It’s much faster, and again coaxial cables are shielded from EMF.

      2. Chris, I didn’t see an acknowledgement message upon posting my Nov.16 reply.
        For example:

        your comment/reply is awaiting moderation prior to posting.

  7. Chris, In response to #1 – I guess I should have asked whether its transferable.
    Lets say I program it on one of my old XP laptops, is it then transferable to other later laptops, and/or phone jacks? My mind is murky on all the info., having not yet actually gone thru the process.

    Response to #2 – I guess I’m OK with what I have, then, because its only me myself and I – so only one phone would ever be picked up (usually – unless I’d pick up the other phone while getting something in the other room. Would that be problematic?
    But your info is handy to have – so if I happen to be in a store which happens to still stock “ancient” phones, I will be sure to AVIDLY inspect its underside for the REN. And if it “happens” to be zero and the price is right, that oughta be incentive enough!
    I don’t currently own a car, so don’t get around too much except to nearby stores I walk to, and occasionally bus – via horrible local bus system.

    Regarding #3 – I guess I was just explaining where I’m at, FYI, in case it helps me or you or neither, for that matter…

    Responding to #4 – I was actually asking if I can use the Comtrend modem which has been programmed as a router?
    OR: Would Magic Jack work better with my LinkSys router which I bought quite awhile ago thinking I’d try it with MagicJack – except I had not wound up getting MJ until now.
    As for the rest:
    Cable costs way more – at least the was the case when I last researched years ago.
    I’m currently @ under $30 and it was pretty much OK during 2012 & 2013 at 1.0mbs
    But just recently it has become horrendous (also coinciding with my POTS going dead).
    I’m wondering if there’s a connection between these simultaneous issues.
    There’s been construction 2 houses down the block.

    By the way, its a bit faster now, probably due to the graveyard hours.

    1. Minni
      #1: The device automatically reinstalls the software on any windows or mac computer into which you insert the magicJack.
      #2: Register and activate your device using the USB port on your computer. Then unplug it from your computer and plug it in directly to the Ethernet. If your modem has several Ethernet ports on the back, just choose one of then open ports (not the WAN port) and connect your magicJack to the modem. Connect the USB plug to your magicJack’s AC adapter and six-inch extension cable. That way your phone will be avaiable all the time, even when your computer is off.
      #4: Functionally speaking, it doesn’t matter whether the magicJack is connected directly to the modem or behind your router. It’s a matter of preference. While modem as modem-router-combo is a working solution (like your current setup), I don’t like using the modem also as the router. Your ISP sees all of your devices. When you have everything behind your own router (with its own firewall), it’s that much harder for your ISP to detect exactly what devices you have on your modem — it sees mostly just the router. Knowing that you value privacy, you might want to revisit your Intranet setup. Briefly, if your modem is set as gateway, your router needs to be set to — or vice versa. Then assign your magicJack a static IP outside the DHCP range or your router so it’s always the same intranet IP. If this is not your forte, you might want to get someone to help you with it.

      I get the budget thing, and with a budget it’s hard to expect miracles. If you’re searching the web at the same time that you’re talking on the magicJack, you may hear audio artifacts (dropping words/phrases, audio posterization, dead air, etc.)

      Regarding your POTS not working right now, you may have too many phones connected to your POTS. Typically, POTS lines allow a total REM of about 5.0, but they can be significantly less for houses in older neighborhoods further from the home office. Remove all but one phone and see if you can make calls from your POTS. If you can make a call, you know you had too many phones on your POTS. Add phones until you’re unable to make calls.

      Alternatively, if POTS isn’t working because of recent move-ins/phone-service changes on your street, it’s possible your POTS line from the street to the house is the problem. You might want to get a tech to check it out.

      Unplug one of your phones. Open the NID (the side you’re allowed to open) and plug your phone directly into the NID jack. Try to make a call. If you can make a call directly from the NID but not from inside your home, you may have faulty phone wiring inside your home.

      If you still cannot call out or receive calls when your phone is connected directly to the NID, the problem is between the pole and your home or the pole and some other connector to the telephone home office. The phone company is obligated to fix any problems between your NID and their home office. If you don’t have inside wiring service and you have faulty wiring inside your home, you’re sort of out of luck, and the problem will continue even if you go with naked DSL.

      When you discontinue your POTS service, some phone companies (like AT&T) will force you to close your existing account and start a new account just for the naked DSL. That could mean a credit check and a more expensive service, since you won’t be grandfathered in on your existing account. Before you drop any POTS service, you may want to get someone from your phone company to confirm what is possible, what is likely, and perhaps hand-hold the transfer from phone-service-with-DSL to DSL-only-service, if possible, to prevent this kind of problem.

      Good luck!

      1. Again thanks!

        If your modem has several Ethernet ports on the back, just choose one of then open ports (not the WAN port) and connect your magicJack to the modem. Connect the USB plug to your magicJack’s AC adapter and six-inch extension cable. That way your phone will be avaiable all the time, even when your computer is off.

        My Comtrend modem only has one Ethernet receptacle and that’s it. Would that be a problem? I didn’t quite grasp about the plug, adapter, cable etc. But I have a printout of your registration+activation instructions. (Actually, mine may be the 2012 or 2013 version of MJ).
        I’m about to look thru your registration instructions again – I’m very nervous since I’m not tech savvy.

        The rest of what you stated about setting up a separate router is over my head, so again, can I just use my current router-modem with its one Ethernet receptacle?

        The disconnection of all but one of my phone jacks did not reinstate my dial tone.

        Re: what you said about the NIDS, remember my old phone line is separate from my DSL line. I’m not sure how easy it is to test my 1950s POTS line, or what I’d find inside that old-fashioned box (that’s if its even openable AND the weather is freezing). Its not as if there’s pictorial instructions on the Net indicating where to detach the jack on an older phone box. I spent quite awhile just before, trying to find such a pic. No dice.

        I do agree though, that its a sound idea – to test the outside phone box connection. If I can figure out how.

        Insofar as not dropping my POTS prior to having dry-loop DSL, I’m typing this right now using dry-loop DSL.
        Not sure how you got the impression that I use one service combining phone & DSL. That’s not the case. Rather, the phone service has been one company, and the DSL another company (both companies under the thumb of Verizon, more or less)

  8. OK, now I went thru your video, but became totally confused at the part where you’re showing the red phone and stating about connecting to router, AC adapter & phone connector.

    Does this mean that EVERY time I need to use the phone (outgoing or incoming) I need to pull out the blue Ethernet from my laptop & plug it into the MJplus??

    In other words:

    If I want to access Internet, I need to pull out the Ethernet from MJ & hook it to my laptop, and then if I later want to use the phone, I need to plug it back into the MJ?

    I’d appreciate clarification of the video/instructions.

  9. We just purchased the MJgo and have it installed and registered. I have been reading the above comments about the lights (orange and green). Our orange light is cycling on and off, this happens to correspond with the signal on our computers. So I don’t think this is a MJ problem. We have always noticed out computers doing this but they cycle every 20-30 seconds, so our computers actually stay working. We did have an AT&T microcell hooked up before we got the MJGO and it would stay connected and then disconnect and we believed it was our internet provider, so we switched providers. Its still happening, any ideas?

    1. Alicia,

      The lights on the Ethernet port of the mJ Go are green and orange. Normally, the green light will seem to blink chaotically with no discernible pattern. When functioning normally, the green light should blink on for a second, off for a second in a stabile pattern. The indicator lights on the front of the device are white and blue. The white light should blink on and off opposite the orange light. The blue light should be continuous.
      HughesNet is your current provider, so I’m guessing where you live in south Georgia is not even close to any cable company. Likewise, DSL is probably dreadfully slow if even available.

      HughesNet is a satellite service and has too much lag for it to work as a reasonable internet service provider for any form of VoIP. The microcell modem you bought to work over HughesNet won’t work with your AT&T cell phones for the same reason. You’re trying to use AT&T over VoIP, and HughesNet is not ideal for VoIP.

      Check out your PING time on It’s likely around 700ms. Your ping test needs to be below about 50ms for a reasonable phone conversation, and below about 100ms in order for you to use the ham-radio technique, where you say “over” after you’re finished speaking in order to compensate for gross lag. The problem is also known as ‘latency’, or response time. It’s the time it takes for your voice to reach the other person when streaming. It’s why sometimes in a conversation on the phone people seem to talk over each other. So while you may be able to stream netflix or youtube, attempting to do anything other than email or text chat is going to be next to impossible. Some people claim to have few problems with satellite for VoIP, but so far, these claims are very few.

      Your problem is not with the magicJack or the AT&T microcell. It’s with your ISP, HughesNet, and that’s not something they can change. If you do happen to have access to cable internet, I would suggest taking advantage of that instead. If not, you’re likely better off relying on your local land line company, at least for home telephone and HughesNet for your internet video or music streaming needs.

      Best of luck,


  10. I’m hoping this is the right area to ask a question regarding Magicjack?
    I just got a new cell tracfone LG530G and added minutes and service to it. When I call from the new cell phone to magicjack home number, get a fast busy signal and when I call from home magicjack number to the new cell phone, also get a fast busy signal. Any ideas on how to fix this? I haven’t gotten anywhere with Magicjack online chat service except they are going to have their engineers look into it. It’s been a couple days and so far haven’t heard anything and it’s still not working.

    1. Yikes – so first I know the LG530 G is not android or iOS, so it only barely qualifies as a smart phone. Your problem is that your tracfone probably won’t allow you to call magicJack devices. It is unfortunate that this phone only barely qualifies as a smart phone, so you won’t be able to add alternative calling methods like google hangouts with dialer. One alternative would be to get a google voice number, attach it to your magicJack device phone and then forward all calls from your google voice to your magicJack. That way, you’ll be able to receive calls to your magicJack even when the device disallows calls to magicJack. (Sorry for the delayed response. As with several others, your comment got caught by the wordpress spam box.) Best of luck!


  11. My majicjack keeps saying error 23. What does error 23 mean anyway? And also says when working that it is is no longer in service on my end. My bill has been pd and want some answers. Please e-mail me soon, getting very frutrating.

    1. Elaine,
      First, I don’t work for magicJack.
      Second, your comment got stuck in wordpress spam, so I only just now saw this.
      Third, Let’s see if we can get you sorted.

      Try connecting your magicJack to the USB port on your computer. Try making and receiving calls that way. If it works, then the problem may be port forwarding. Most newer models don’t require this, but it can help. Also in the directions in the prior link is the assigning a static IP to your magicJack device. Every router is a little different, so you may find the settings in slightly different places on your router. Best of luck!


    2. I’m not completely tech illiterate so I tried this but I couldn’t figure it out on my ATT U-verse Motorola NVG510 router. In desperation I chatted with Vera on Magic Jack’s tech support page. Everything she wanted me to check and try I had already done and then she suggested I change the USP power adapter plugged into the wall. This worked and got me back a dial tone but I’m not sure why. I used the old adapter to charge my phone and it worked just fine for that. Go figure.

      1. magicJack devices are picky when it comes to UPS devices. Some UPS’s have really crummy shielding for electrical noise.

  12. I bought magic jack go about 5 days ago. I can dial out fine on my landline but I’m only receiving calls if they are from a cell phone. I am not getting any calls from another landline. They receive a message like sorry you call cannot be completed try again later or contact an operator. I did live chat with magic jack but no with no solution. They were going to send my information higher up and would get back to me through my email. I still haven’t heard from them

    1. David,
      Please note that magicJack is not a landline phone. It’s a Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone. It’s just using old land line phones as part of its technology because people are familiar with it and it’s very convenient. Additionally, since you live in a relatively rural part of North Carolina, it’s likely that your local telephone company is in a list of blocked exchanges. You may have to pay a long-distance charge in order to connect to actual land line phones in your neighborhood. It is an unfortunate development that magicJack does not advertise, but is part of the problem of having a magicJack phone. Try calling your magicJack phone number from a neighbor’s land line phone. If you get a message saying your phone number cannot be reached, it’s been blocked. If you don’t get a message, it may not be blocked, and you may have a STUN server problem. If this is the case, you may unfortunately have to chat with magicJack chat support. Best of luck!

  13. can not get the majic jack to register to this computer, It is on 8.00 and is fine , I am over 70yrs old
    and it woked fine untill I registerd for another year, plus lost my Wife who knew all the things to do .
    send help ?????

    1. curtis,

      My condolences regarding your wife. The magicJack should already be registered and activated. If you need to renew because it’s lapsed, go to, select the phone number you need to renew, and follow the prompts for renewal. If you’re having trouble, consider asking chat support to guide you through the renewal process. They’ll try to upsell you on a bunch of stuff. Don’t let them befuddle you! Best of luck,


  14. I have Magic Jack Plus and it works great. I have an old Magic Jack , can my daughter use it on her PC at her house?

    1. If it is still connected to a number other than the one you’re using for your magicJack, why not?

  15. My MJ+ will not work when connected to the power outlet. chat support agents at are of no use trying to help. changed Ethernet cables, changed power adaptor, upgraded , rebooted, but still MJ+ says no internet connection. When I connect the MJ+ to the computer, it works. But i want to have it on the power outlet not on my laptop. it was working well before but i don’t know what caused it not to stop working on the power outlet. My guess is (only a guess) that this happen after a power outage. When I connect my MJ+ to the modem with the ethernet cable, the modem does not indicate that a port is in use. Either my MJ+ cannot detect the modem or the modem cannot detect the MJ+. My modem is Hiton technologies is the thrid one i have changed since I have this problem. I thought the modem ports had a problem, but seem not to be the case. Can you help me with how to fix this?

    1. Felix,

      Bring your magicJack to a friend’s house and use an Ethernet connecter there. If it works, the problem is with your home’s electrical wiring or your network settings. If it doesn’t, then your device is likely fried. You may need to purchase a replacement. They usually cost about $10 if you get on chat support and ask for a replacement device.

      Best of luck,


  16. I haven’t been able to use my Roku player since I installed my MJ plus (which works great, by the way). I get the message “unable to locate device”. Any ideas on how to fix this? I called my ISP, but they could not help.

    1. I have a Roku Player. I have a magicJack Plus. Both work fine. I suspect the problem with your Roku does not involve your magicJack plus. The fact that you’re talking about “unable to locate device” seems to suggest you’re talking about apps on your phone and not the physical roku device. Is the roku working with its included remote or are you simply not able to connect your roku phone app to your roku device? If so, you may have some sort of app conflict. You might want to contact the makers of the Roku app on your app store.

  17. Chris in my attached link are the experiences which I had posted on DSLreports awhile back.
    It may interest.

    To date:
    I have even made a successful international phone call with Magic Jack.

    Some ongoing issues:

    (1) Every so often my phone stops working (static instead). At which point I unplug & re-plug the MJ dongle to Reset.

    (2) Call Waiting interruptions sound like a horn, rather than the subtle clicks I was used to previously with the exorbitant POTS service.

    (3) If I speak too long, my calls get cut off mid-sentence. Many people complained about this.

    (4) A couple weeks ago the cheap-junk MJ adapter conked out and luckily I had a 2 amp replacement one which I’m now using.

    (5) I’m very old fashioned in that I never did have caller ID on my phones. I do have one phone (in the kitchen) with a Caller-ID panel, but I couldnt get it to work with MJ. So I asked the MJ chat girl why a caller-ID log is not available among the DropDown menu’s in My Account. She responded that they can email me a monthly log. I told her NO because I use yahoomail and gmail which I don’t trust insofar as privacy. My ISP is DSLextreme which does not offer their own private email svc. but rather expect clients to use google’s. That I did NOT want. And so I have no caller ID, all because they don’t enable people the option to access a Caller ID Log in their accounts.

    1. Hi Minni,
      Thanks for the added suggestions. Of course, I could not allow the URL to a zipped file that I haven’t vetted, so I’ve disabled that link. If you have a link to a specific URL on DSLReports, that might be different.

  18. My mother gave me her magic jack plus that she isn’t using any longer & i can get it to work on the computer bit when plugged into the wall I only get a dial tone that will not make or receive calls…we have tried several ethernet cables & still no change

    1. Get your Mom’s magicJack user name and password. If the device is no longer active, you’ll need to reactivate the device by paying for at least another year of service. If that doesn’t work, come back and we can try some other ideas.

  19. Hi, my magic jackgo is plugged into wall. The phone has no dial tone but I can make calls out. I hear the calls when they come in but when I answer I can’t hear the caller and they can’t hear me. I have checked the voice mail delay, so that is not it. I checked in the advanced options to make sure I am enabled to recieve and make calls. Please help if you can.


    1. First – probably already done, but just in case — be sure to register and activate your device. If that’s already done… Connect your device to your mac or windows computer via USB. Make and take a couple test calls. Are their still problems with the call? If so, try connecting your magicJack to a different AC wall socket, preferably on a different wiring circuit in the circuit panel for your house. If the device works from a different wall outlet, the problem may be with interference from your house wiring. If it still doesn’t work, try the device on a friends internet service. If works there, the problem may be with your router. Last step, try contacting chat support. I hope this helps.

  20. Any idea what’s going on with my Magic Jack each time I make a call after I am done using the phone I hang up like normal and instead of it saying “enter number to call here” in blue lettering it says “please connect to internet and double click here” in red lettering. although I had never disconnected from the internet I was using it on the same computer the magic jack is connected to before during and after the call everything was fine but after the call ends it acts like it’s no longer connected to the internet until I restart the Magic Jack from the advanced users tab accessed by right clicking the minimized tray icon…

    1. 1. Are you using XP or Vista? Time to upgrade. These operating systems are no longer supported and are a security risk.
      2. If you’re using win7, 8 or 10, the problem may be with your firewall, either on your computer or on your router.

  21. When I call from my MJ to my cell phone to check my cell phone messages I hear the ring tone and my cell phone rings like i have incoming call. Then MJ does not go to my cell phone voice message greeting its goes to dead air then a busy signal. I need to check messages from MJ home phones. Please help !!! Thank you

    1. ED,
      I have written two posts on how to retrieve magicJack phone messages:
      1. How to access voicemail
      2. How to remotely access voice mail
      In your case, you’re trying to access your cell voice mail from magicJack.

      First, try accessing your cell’s voice mail from a land line. (Use a friend’s home phone.) If you unable to retrieve your messages from there, the problem may be that your cell isn’t properly set up to check messages. You’ll need to contact your cell provider for that. If you are able to retrieve your cell messages from your friend’s phone, but not via magicJack, try calling your magicJack from your cell and vice versa with a friend helping. If you can’t even call your cell, or your cell can’t call your magicJack, then the problem may be that your cell is on a blocked exchange with magicJack. Except that’s not supposed to happen with cell phones. Contact magicJack chat support and tell them you can’t dial your cell, and give them the name of your cell provider. This would not be the first time this has happened. Sometimes calling chat support can clear it up. Sometimes not. You may have to call more than once until you can find someone knowledgeable enough to help.

      If you are able to call and receive calls with someone from your cell to your magicJack, then it becomes a puzzler. Likely your cell provider will say it’s magicJack’s problem if you ask them for support, and magicJack will say the reverse. Try connecting your magicJack directly to your computer at a hotspot – not at home and see if that works.

      Best of luck.


  22. The USB 1 AMP power supply has a limited life span. If you are getting extra static in your phone, or your phone features are not working smoothly, test a new power supply. Most 5 volt supplies from cell phones are iphones are compatible with the power needs of MagicJack.

    1. Excellent advice! This happened to me recently. If you own a magicJack and your USB AC power plug is bad, you can also request a new one from magicJack. They don’t technically charge for the adapter itself, but there is a $5 shipping cost and a $0.39 administrative fee for people in the US. If you buy an alternative power adapter, I’d suggest using one rated for a 1 amp phone or device. If you can, check to make sure the new adapter meets required specifications. Cheap power adapters often say they’re 1 amp, but could be over/under voltage. I used an alternative 2.1 amp adapter temporarily, and the magicJack heated up too much.

  23. Hey, Chris! I hope you have an answer for this problem! Haven’t seen this question on this site, yet, so, here goes…My MagicJack has to be restarted several times per day in order to hear and be heard by callers in less than 30 to 45 seconds of making or receiving calls. Sometimes the caller can hear me saying “Hello” several times before we connect. Also, when dialing out, there is a lag of 40 seconds to a minute before the number I’m dialing shows up on the dialpad and then another lag as it says “trying call” before it says “connecting call”. I had a MJ Plus for several months and, after contacting Chat many times, was advised that the device was no longer functioning properly and was sent a replacement of their newest device. I’ve had the new one for about a week. The same problems have been going on since I plugged this new device in. I got a different (used) computer just before the MJ Plus started acting up and I think there may be something on my computer that is causing this problem. Have been through the many steps the MJ advisors have suggested, several times and on many 3 hour chats (daily), to no avail. When I ask them if there could be something…a virus protection program, a firewall, etc., on my computer, causing the problem, they all tell me “No”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, run the upgrade several times, and restarted many, many times per day (pain in the ___!), but, to no avail. They ask me to make and receive a call…of course, it works fine at first, they say “Great, don’t forget to rate this chat!” and disconnect from the chat. I tell them it is going to work, at first, after following the steps they suggest, but that it won’t be working in half an hour or so and I will have to continue restarting again and again, throughout the day and night…no answers…just happy that they helped me get it working for now. This has become so frustrating! I don’t know how to find an answer for this problem. I missed the call from my brother, telling me that our Mom had passed away, because we could not connect! Had to find out in an instant message on facebook the following day! He had tried calling several times, but I couldn’t hear him and when I tried calling him back, each time, he couldn’t hear me. That is when I figured out I needed to restart every half hour or so. I sure hope you have an idea that may lead me to a fix with this issue…I’m about to lose my mind, I think! Thanks, in advance, for ANY suggestions you may have!

    1. Hi Kathi,

      First – magicJack isn’t ideal as an emergency phone. If your power goes out during a storm or home accident, you’re disconnected. If your ISP fails temporarily, you’re disconnected. There are so many reasons why magicJack should never be your only emergency backup phone.

      Second – Buy an emergency cell phone, something for which you can buy a cheap no-contract easy-renew plan. Give your brother and other important people your backup emergency number and always keep the phone charged. Use it occasionally to make sure it still is connected. Make sure those you give the number to know it’s only for emergencies. Keep it with you at all times. Many phones like this come with minutes and free roll-over, so you can spend a few minutes each month making sure your connection is still good and call someone once in a while so you don’t end up with a pile of minutes doing nothing. Do some research and find an emergency phone that works for you.

      Third – The problem is likely because you have your magicJack connected to an unpowered USB port on your computer. Manufacturers don’t always make that plain, and not many chat support techs are aware of the problem. Not all ports on your computer are powered. Try a different USB port on your computer. At least one of them should be powered. If none are, you’ve got a really old computer that probably should be recycled for parts. Try your device on a different computer with a powered USB port. Of course by now you know that magicJack will not work when plugged into the USB port on any Chrome OS or Linux OS computer.

      Fourth – The magicJack Go, and Plus models for that matter, are designed to work when plugged directly into the wall using a USB AC adapter and an Ethernet cable. It seems like you refuse to use this method. Have you tried it? If not, why not? Using the provided adapter should ensure your device is working properly. When using it this way, you can assign the MAC ID of your magicJack a permanent IP so that your router always knows where your magicJack is on the network.

      Fifth – If you are using the router and a USB AC adapter but you’re still having trouble, try connecting your magicJack without your surge protector to a different wall socket, preferably on a different circuit in your fuse box than the wall socket you were on. If the device works there, you’ve got AC current issues with either your surge protector, UPS, or house current on that circuit. Test lots of different configurations. I had to return two different UPS units until I found a model that wouldn’t interfere with the magicJack.

      Last – If you’re using an older machine, chances are you’re also using an older operating system. If you’re using Windows XP, Win2K or anything older than Win7, your OS is insecure, and you probably have a dysfunctional computer. Wipe that thing and put at least Win7 on it. If you’re already running Win7 or higher and the computer is laggy because it’s just barely meeting the OS’s requirements, that may also be part of why your device isn’t working properly. Try connecting your magicJack go to your laptop at a cafe hotspot. Make sure you’re accepted any browsing privileges on your browser so your computer is properly connected.

      Best of luck!


  24. having audio issues with my MJ+. The cordless connected to my DSL provider powered by the MJ AC unit/USB/ethernet & a corded phone connected directly to the MJ while it’s in my computer get the same result. The audio from a caller is faint. The caller hears an extreme echo. Contacted MJ support went thru the sound & Tigerdirect (Think that’s what it’s called) driver & deinstalled/intalled. Checked sound levels . After resetting computer all I get now is dial tone (either cordless or corded). When I dial nothing goes thru. Although from the computer MJ app I can dial & hear voice from the computer speaker. Any suggestions?

    1. This technically isn’t a connection issue, but rather an equally valid sound issue that many people are having. Try asking chat support to change your Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs (STUN) settings to something more local to you. This has helped some people. If this doesn’t help, and you’ve acquired the device locally within the last few days, return it to the store where you bought it and ask for a replacement. The product may be defective.

  25. My MJ cant open on my Nexus 5 in which the Android version was updated to Lollipop 6.0… How do i go about this please…

    1. Chris,
      I’ll leave this as an open question. I don’t have an answer because I don’t have Android 6. Hopefully someone will reply.

  26. Hi, My MJ sometimes stops voicemail. The device continues to let me place and receive calls, but if someone where to call the recorded message is no longer mine, it is a Magic Jack one that says the subscriber is not available and the MJ devices and apps are available to purchase at the web address. Then it hangs up, not letting anyone leave a message. I tried multiple time to go through the online help, who always reset my device and also ask me to disconnect and reconnect multiple times. In the end I fix the issue by simply re-recording my greetings. No one has been able to tell me why the VM functionality disappears. One agent said it was because of upgrades, another agent said that was not the case and it was because my apps with the same number as the device should all have their VMs activated. I never activated any other VM but for my device. Whenever VM disappears, I also have to reset through my account the notification that appears on my phone, but the email has only gone away once. I am very puzzled. Any clues?

    1. Call your magicJack telephone number from the actual magicJack device. Go through the phone prompts to re-add your voice message.
      I have no idea why your voice message settings should disappear, but it’s happened to me once before too, and not just with magicJack, but Skype. Welcome to the world of self-help phone support!

  27. My MJ was working well till yesterday, now the blue light is blinking and dont connecting to internet. But the MJ is working when I connecting it buy usb to my notebook. What can be the reason?

    1. Sometimes a powerstrip or UPS device will block the magicJack device from properly handshaking. I had to buy two different UPS devices before I could find one that would work with my magicJack. Try connecting your power wart into a different wall socket. If that works, there is some configuration of devices in your original setup that’s flaking out your magicJack.
      Best of luck,

  28. I am having an issue with the MJ app on my cell phone. Up until a week ago it working fine, however now anytime I open it the MJ app says its ‘connecting, registering with service’ and after a while it gives an error saying it can’t connect to internet. How can I fix this? I tried restarting my phone, and the MJ app

    1. You may have to log in at and try talking with the chat support.
      Tell them what you told us here.

  29. I am trying to call using the MJ app on my cell. It was working until last week. Now it keeps saying ‘connecting’ and then after a while gives an error message saying it couldn’t connect to internet. Please assist. Thank you.

  30. Hi Chris,
    My MagicJack Plus still works, I can make and recive calls, but there is no dial tone. Any suggestions.
    Thanks, Rob

    1. Wow. That’s a new one. No dialtone, but you can dial out and receive calls.
      I’m not sure what to think on that one. I’ll leave this as an open question. Perhaps someone else with similar experience can reply.

  31. I was having a problem calling a magic jack customer every time I call the recording says I need to dial the area code first, I do but still can’t get through but the person can call and get through to me, what can I do to get through to them. They have an area code which is 224

  32. All of a sudden my magic jack’s voices are distorted and i cannot understand anything on my voicemail.
    My phones are new and they’ve worked for a couple of months perfectly. This just seemed to happen for no reason. I tried unplugging and plugging back in, that didn’t work and now I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. Are you using a tape-recorder-style voicemail on your phone connected to the magicJack, or magicJack’s voicemail?
      I can’t think of anything that would actively distort an existing recording with magicJack’s voicemail.

  33. I’ve had my MagicJack for quite a while. Put the app on my Android tablet, and all was fabulous. Then the tablet died, so now I’m trying to put the app on my iPhone… but it won’t show the proper MJ number.
    Any clues?

    1. From what I understand, you’ll have to log in with your existing account when setting up your magicApp, request to use the same phone number as your dead tablet, and all should be well. If nothing else, you should at least be able to get the iPhone to work with the magicApp, then go to and tell the app on your iphone to use your preferred existing number. They’ve changed how this works recently, so you may have to use chat support to ask them to make your iphone magicApp use the number that was on your dead tablet.

      Best of luck!


      1. Many thanks, Chris!

        It took half a dozen emails and some resetting of the app, but it’s working now. My takeaway on this:
        It appears MagicJack only allows the main line, then one app. So my dead tablet, which I could not clear, was stuck on the “one app” – once the service folks cleared that, I was able to redownload and start the app – perfect.

        Some of the recommendations were not working because that dead tablet still held pride of place in my account.

        All fixed now! Thanks!

  34. I have been using magicjack for a few years w/o much problem until recently. I can’t hear the other end on either out going call or in coming call. please help.

    1. 1. Try a different phone.
      2. Try a different USB power adapter for your magicJack device.

    1. In this post, you should see a link to the post about Ringer Equivalency. Check that out.
      Good luck!

  35. Hello to everyone,
    I just scrolled and read almost all of the Q&A’s on the previous write ups. Some of them were similar to my problem. Here is my problem. After several years to satisfactory MJ service, I ran into connection problems with my MJ. When placing a call, I could hear one hello from the person on the other end.
    But that was the end of my connection. The MJ tech person said that my upload speed was too low so
    I upgraded my ATT service to elite but it did not help. I had good MJ phone service up to that point.
    Then all of a sudden I could no longer use my MJ phone on the same computer. I miss making the
    international phone calls I used to be able to make on MJ.
    I had talked to the MJ tech people several times, but each time the problem was seen an upload speed problem (i.e. I needed at least 1.00, and my upload speed test stopped at .50)
    My question is: How could my MJ need higher speed even though it worked ok before on the same

    1. It’s less about your computer’s speed and more about your internet provider’s connection bandwidth. If you’re on DSL, there’s a chance that the lower bandwidth is going to slow you down. When I was on DSL, I had to stop watching youtube if I wanted to talk to anyone on magicJack, even though we were paying for 3mpbs down, 128kbps up. And we didn’t always get the promised bandwidth, so that may come in to the picture as well.

  36. Hi Chris
    The magic jack is working perfectly with the computer.
    It has problem when plug into wall power.
    I did make sure: the internet connection ( led flashing ), the telephone line connection ( amber led falshing ) and also the power of majic jack is ok.
    When I make a phone call, the operator local message said the phone number does not exist. Pls, advice.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. If this happens with all numbers, it’s possible you need to chat with magicJack support and ask them to check your settings.

      Good luck!


  37. My cable modem/router is being overwhelmed with contacts using the MagicJack’s entrance when we have no calls. in 3 days we have over 197 hits from various ip addresses on port 5060 and on twice on 5070.

    Does anyone know what is going on?

    Here are the originating ports
    [… edit … long diagnostic data deleted ]

    1. I’m not savvy enough to be able to diagnose whether you’re being hacked from the diagnostics you presented. If you are concerned that someone is attempting to hack you, there are options. It may be time to review your firewall policies on the router to make sure they’re secure.

      Best of luck!


  38. Is in Ontario Canada, had a V tech phone worked fine, year ago got new Panasonic cordless ones and I could no longer ” press 1 for english” ect in any tone prompts areas, drug store, bank, damn near anywhere. Finally just got a new system of phone they have same issue. Is it the phones or am I missing a setting that may have gotten changed on the Magic Jack. Any help would be apperciated.

    1. I’ve never heard of this happening before. I suspect it must be a problem with the phone, since magicJack shouldn’t interfere with communication via tones from your phone.

  39. My Magicjack stopped working for reasons unknown. I called the help service line and the online help..neither knew what the problem is. Here is what I did…from MJ

    1.) Turned off all devices connected to MJ, then unplugged them, and disconnected from each other. So at this point, I had no internet connected, No power connected and each device…(modem, router, computer and MJ device all disconnected with no power. Waited 3 minutes, connected the power to the modem…waited 3 minutes then connected the power to the router…waited 3 minutes then connected the MJ. Result…nothing. Talked on the phone with a person from MJ…no idea what to do. Asked me to repeat the process above. (So I did.) Not registering. It was quitting time by now…he left. I tried online a few days later and was asked to repeat the process…so I did. No registering…Tried some other website techniques of his/hers to no avail.

    I looked online and saw McAfee was not compatible with MJ, so I totally uninstalled the protection and retried the process above…and still nothing.
    Am at wits end…anyone with ideas!

    I’m ready to just call old faithful Bell telephone back after 11 years of MJ.

    1. After 11 years, it’s likely the magicJack card itself has died. It might have been fried in an electrical surge or a storm. It could be that your power adapter isn’t putting out enough power any longer. At this point, there are a lot of alternative plans out there. It might be time for me to put a few more to the test. You could either buy a new adapter and ask tech chat support to help you switch your old plan to the new magicJack, or you could try something else like vonage…

      Best of luck!


  40. recently after u years of no problem calls are always cut off at 5:15 sec, why?, nothing changed at my end

    1. Hi Andrew,

      This is a new one on me. It might be a power problem. Have you tried connecting to a different usb power supply, like maybe from your tablet or cell phone? If it works without problems there, you may need to be an alternative power supply. magicJack will sell you an exact replacement, but if you have an old usb supply for an old phone or tablet that works well with the magicJack, why not try that?

      Best of luck!


  41. Magicjack Plus stopped working through router. Works fine when connected to computer via USB. Lite next to ethernet jack on MJ is lit, but light for port on router does not light. Tried several diff ethernet cables, different power supplies, and connected to different router, same condition “Error 4998 check internet connection” . I suspect the ethernet port is bad, any one else experience this?

    1. In your case, it sounds like your ethernet connector on your magicJack may be fried. You may need to purchase a new device and have magicJack transfer your existing service to the new magicJack. Best of luck!

  42. Hello,

    I can call out from my home phone directly connected to the USB port but no one can call me. Also, I cannot make or receive calls when connected to the router. What am I doing wrong. I get an error message saying

    INSERT YOUR MAGICJACK TO MAKE CALLS. I have tried different ports on the router as well. I also rebooted.

    1. Try the magicJack at a friend’s house on their router. If it works there, the problem is with the wiring in your home. Try connecting your magicJack and your router to an alternative socket that’s connected to a different fuse in your home.

      Best of luck!


  43. Any one has used MagicJack with remote desktop computer with Remote Audio?

    I am getting error No Audio.

    In my scenario, I have a common computer for my home where we all connect for multiple shared applications. I have put MagicJack to same computer but it is not showing any audio device is detecting.. whereas all other application are detecting audio devices.

    Please let me know?

    1. Not sure, but the magicJack is supposed to only have audio on the phone connected to the device. I am unfamiliar with any method for remoting into the desktop from another computer to hear a magicJack dialtone or conversation.

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