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“Lucky You” upgrade… RIP

This portion of the site is dedicated to upgrading your existing mJ+ 2012, mJ+ 2014 or mJ Go to any new firmware. It’s a recipe for what used to be called the “Lucky You” upgrade. If you are trying to register, you probably need to visit these pages:

Otherwise, here is the recipe for the Lucky You upgrade for the magicJack 2012:

  1. Download the most recent copy of the magicJackSetup.exe (or .dmg) file.
  2. Rename the file magicJackSetup.<modification date>.exe (or .dmg as appropriate.
  3. For instance if you see that the windows file says 2012-02-13 on the sidebar to the right, label the file ‘magicJackSetup.2012-02-13.exe’. This will not change what the file does, nor will it change its md5 sum.
  4. Now that you have a copy of the most recent version, make sure your magicJack is installed and connected to your computer and run the setup file. You’ll see the ‘Lucky You’ firmware upgrade cue. Once that’s done, the software will reboot. Note the firmware version. In the case of the 2012-02-13 version, it should be ‘2.0.13’.
  5. Sign up for either the Windows or Mac update list. This list automatically sends out a new post telling subscribers whether a newer version of the update file has been created. Don’t worry – you’ll only get a notification if a new version is detected.
  6. Update 2014.07.22: Note that the “Lucky You” update is now simply the “magicJack” update. They’ve streamlined the interface and removed the cheesy slogans, but it still updates your device, none-the-less.


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