Since I ordered the magicJack plus 2014 and still have the magicJack plus original, it makes sense to compare the two in as many ways as possible. We already know the 2014 is bigger and has three new as-of-yet-unexplained ports on it, but how does it sound? In the below video, I compare audio samples using a pre-recorded quote from Albert Einstein.

They both have reasonable sound quality, though the magicJack plus 2014 has less sound volume. The volume controls on the magicJack interface are already fairly dodgy in that they only work when the magicJack is connected via USB to your computer. This is true of both old and new devices. I should be able to set volume for handset mic and speaker via USB while connected to may computer and have those settings remain after the device is unplugged so it stays that way while plugged into the router directly. But neither device does this… Fix this magicJack!

If you don’t need a new magicJack plus, there’s really no reason to upgrade. If you have a magicJack USB version and you want to upgrade, there shouldn’t be anything hindering you. Go for it. If you have never tried a magicJack plus before, the new version shouldn’t stop you from trying it out.

I always get frustrated at the end of a review on CNET or some of the other review sites, because they often end with no real conclusion. Sorry. Same here. There is no clear winner. I’m not just saying that because I’m afraid to put magicJack’s knickers in a twist. Most people can’t tell any difference when I’m talking to them from one device or the other. Until more information becomes available about the usefulness of the USB ports and the SDIO, we really have no way of knowing how these ports will affect possible future audio for the new magicJack plus 2014.


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