1. How often does the update file change?
    • Not very often. If you look on the right sidebar, you can see the last time each windows and mac file changed. As of the writing of this faq, the Mac update file has not changed since August of 2011. The Windows update file hasn’t changed since July, 2014 February of 2012.
  2. How often does this website check to see if the update file has changed?
    • This website checks automatically every day at 12:17 eastern to see if the files have changed.
  3. What happens if the file I’m interested in changes?
    • An email is sent out to any and all people who are subscribed to the notify groups. The email will be marked as high priority.
  4. How often will I receive emails if I sign up to be notified?
    • The email only goes out when and if the file changes. As indicated by this website, that doesn’t happen very often. If the file doesn’t change, you won’t get any notification. If the file does change, you will only get a single email on any given day.
  5. Will I receive any other email if I sign up?
    • No. Nor will your email address be sold to others. Your address is as secure as google groups allows it to be for an announcement group. The intent of this list is for announcement of magicJack update file changes. Right now, it only changes once or twice a year. If it changes twice in a day, then you’ll only receive one email for that day. You may receive an email the next day if the second change happened after 12:17 pm eastern.
    • Caveat: If magicJack changes its update methods, notification frequency could change or become unnecessary. Should that happen, when it does happen, the list will be taken off line until such time as the new method can be determined. If the list becomes unnecessary, it will be entirely disbanded and all email addresses will be removed from the list.
  6. Why didn’t I receive the latest update?
    • Check your spam folder. Be sure to white-list all email coming from the two google groups in question.
    • Make sure your inbox is not full.
    • Check your Google Group settings online. Make sure you have selected “All Email: send each message as it arrives” in the email delivery type on google groups. If you have selected “No Email”, obviously it will not send you anything.
  7. Will you help me with my magicJack?
    • No… Unless you’re going to pay me by the hour, this is unlikely to happen. Even then, I could not offer any guarantees that your magicJack would function properly – and I would expect nonrefundable payment prior to attempting to help you, regardless. Truly, you are better off asking magicJack chat support for help.

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  1. Please help me as we installed the new 2014 model majic jack , we are currently going through the computer . Why when i call my number ,i hear the phone ringing and hear person at other end ,BUT THEY CANT HEAR ME?

    1. You’ll need to change the volume setting on the mic. Follow these directions found here. Although the directions were created for the magicJack plus original version, they are still appropriate for the new 2014 device as well.

  2. I’m transferring my current phone # and was told I have to wait 5-10 business days before I can receive
    incoming phone calls….my question is do I have to wait this period of time until I can cancel my land line account with ATT ? Please respond….Thank you…

    1. Hi Rik,
      First, keep in mind that I don’t work for magicJack. Instead, I transferred my home phone number to Google voice instead of transferring to magicJack. This may seem odd at first, but there is only a one-time surcharge to do this with Google voice. magicJack will charge you $10 per year for the rest of the time you own a magicJack device. I felt I was better off choosing an assigned number with my mJ+ and letting GV forward all my calls to the mJ+. That way, I’m not spending an extra $10 a year for the privilege of having a preferred number with magicJack. If you don’t expect to need the number very long, it’s just cheaper to use the number magicJack assigns.

      Check out this post and video for additional information on how to transfer from an AT&T go phone. For my own instance, the entire process took a couple of days, and I had use of the go phone number during that time. Your mileage may vary. Best of luck with whatever method you use for your magicJack setup.

    1. Margaret,
      If I remember correctly, you get an hour or so of call time from the first time you try calling someone if you do so before registering. It gives you a change to check out call quality before registering. It also gives you a chance to return the product more easily if you bought it locally, since you didn’t register.

  3. Is there anyway to receive calls while waiting the five to ten days for number to be ported. Any way voice mail or email notification? Tough to go ten days without incoming phone

    1. Yikes. It’s been that long? Mine took a couple days, and I had use of the mobile phone I transferred from right up until they did the transfer. Check out my cutting the cord series for more information on how to minimize transfer wait time.

  4. Is there an affordable tablet that I can plug my mjplus into so I don’t have to use my computer?
    Yes I know I can do it without the computer but I do like the visual I get on my computer and hoping that
    I would see the same on a tablet. Without the computer don’t you lose the mj window and cannot see calls etc?

    1. Vince,
      “Affordable” means different things to different people. Tablets tend to be thin and light, but since you’re looking for a Windows-8-based tablet with a USB standard connection, the floor on pricing automatically becomes higher than the price of most tablets. The lowest price I’ve seen as of this post is about $400 for a windows 8 tablet with USB. However, you live in California, the home of Silicon Valley, NewEgg, Frys, and lots of other tech outlets. I’m guessing this Black Friday, you’ll find all sorts of incredible deals on tablets.

      Keep in mind that “affordable” also means it’s going to have less memory and be a lot slower. I can’t imagine what it might be like trying to type an email on a tablet that’s connected via USB to the 2014 magicJack dongle and a telephone. It sort of defeats the purpose of a tablet–mobility. If you want something cheap and dedicated, why not just buy a pre-configured thin client computer with Windows XPe (“e” for “embedded”) for under $100 from ebay or another source? You can hook up an inexpensive small-screen monitor or one you’ve already got lying around. Do a little research to make sure your thin client has enough power for your needs. Once you’ve decided, put the thin client, magicJack and wires all on a shelf. Put the monitor, mouse, keyboard and phone on your desk. You now have a low-cost, electrically-efficient system that will give you the magicJack on-screen experience you crave. No, it’s not windows 8, but it’s the same magicJack interface. Take the money you saved and buy yourself an “affordable” android tablet with KitKat 4.4.

    1. Yes, when you get a magicJack device, you are automatically allowed to receive a free telephone number. You should theoretically be able to log in at my.magicjack.com, pulldown from “Phone Numbers” to “Transfer Number”. Then click “Transfer My Number”. Follow the prompts. You’ll be charged $20 the first year and then $10 every year thereafter. However I suggest that it might be better to transfer your preferred number to Google Voice and have GV forward all your calls to your magicJack. The transfer to GV is likewise $20 the first year, but nothing for any year after that. Call forwarding is what GV excels at. That way, if something odd happens to your magicJack, or they get your billing messed up, you still have your original phone number via GV. You can also forward your GV number to any other of your phones, including your cell phone or skype-in number. And it’s easy to change these settings in GV on the fly. Good luck!

    1. Hi Libertad,
      Using the phone connected to your magicJack device, call your magicJack phone number. You are now in your magicJack voice mailbox. Press Zero for mailbox options. Follow the prompts as appropriate to personalize your voice mail. Happy New Year. Good luck!

  5. HEllo I have majicjack oin my phone and I try to install on some body else the majicjack and at the time to introduce the E mail and the pasworld I introduce the same one that I have in Mine so every thing work OK but when some body call her my phone ring too and all my contacts been copy on her phone,also if i call some body else her phone ring too and so on. I try to install it again but it does not work with a different e mail ( it does not accept it).Please what can I do to fix this?

    1. Pedro,
      Just to clarify:

      1. You live in Kingston, Jamaica, so I’m not sure how easy it is going to be for you to make changes to your account.
      2. You generally have to be in the United States or Canada to register or activate a device or get a new number.
      3. You have an account with two devices both using the same phone number.
      4. Your friend thus hears whenever your phone rings and you hear hers.
      5. Your account contacts are mixed together for you and your friend.

      Here is my understanding of what your options are:

      • You can only activate and register a device once. It can never be activated again.
      • You can’t split your magicJack account into two separate new magicJack accounts, even if you have two magicJack devices.
      • There is nothing that can be done about sharing contacts lists if both devices are using the same phone number.
      • There may be a way to add a new phone number to your account, since it doesn’t seem like you’ve already done so.
      • When logged in at the magicJack website, go to the phone numbers tab.
      • Determine which device is yours, and which is your friend’s.
      • In the “Number” column for your friend’s device, pull down until you see “SHOP”.
      • If you see “US Number – FREE” as an option, you should be able to acquire a new US telephone number for free.
      • Select that option and follow the prompts until you’ve acquired a new telephone number for your friend’s device.
      • If you are unable to get a new free phone number, you may still be able to get a new paid number.
      • If you are still unable to acquire any new phone number for your friend, it’s probably because you live outside the United States or Canada.
      • Assuming you are able, your account now has two phone numbers and two devices. You may assign either phone number to either device at any time after registration and activation, so long as your registration is current and paid for.
      • You can even set both phones to one number for a while and then set both phones to the other number for a while, though I can’t think of a good reason for doing this. Re-assigning one of your numbers to another device can be handy if you ever break or lose a device and need to replace it with a new one, but don’t want a new number. It’s up to you. It’s probably best to set each phone to its own number and keep it that way.

      Good luck!

  6. Thanks for your help , i will try to do so but I really want to have then completly apart from the other one.I did so by mistake and I can not go back to get her phone work as any one else but not linket to mine.


  7. I think That I forgot to tell you that I am using the free account of magicjack on my android telephone. In mine everything is OK but I try to set up hers but when I did it I use my E Mail and the problem came.

    1. Pedro,
      Whoops. I thought you were registering a device – not an app. As you have found, there are additional hoops for the app. I’m not sure if I can be of any more assistance. I’ve found that I can only register one app per phone or tablet. If I upgrade from Android Gingerbread to Kitkat, suddenly I can’t use the app. It’s a bit wonkier than magicJack’s physical device. Please let us all know if you come up with a solution!



  8. How can I set MagicJack to ring my main number and cell phone at the same time without using the “Forward” option. If I’m not in my office to answer the phone, I would like the option to pick up the call from my cell. I have the MagicJack App on my cell but not certain how to work this feature. Thank you.

    1. John,
      Set up a Google Voice number so that it forwards to the magicJack and your cell. Give everyone your Google Voice number and request that when they call, they use that number.

  9. magic jack keep saying insert your magic jack although it is plugged, magic jack plus, any ideas?

    1. Zizo,

      Not all USB Ports on some computers are powered ports. That’s okay for a keyboard or a mouse, but not so much for a hard drive, a powered mic or a magicJack, which both require additional power. Try a different USB port. The port must be properly powered. There should be at least one powered port on your computer. Check your computer’s specs to determine which USB ports are powered.
      Best of luck!


  10. When I hook my MJ up to my computer (with out a telephone) and have someone call, I can see the incoming call on the MJ pad (blinking) but it will not ring the speakers on the computer. I can answer the call on the pad and talk OK. How can I get the computers speakers to ring?

    1. There should be a setting on the magicJack application on your screen that will allow you to tell it where to ring when the device is connected via USB to your computer. Good luck!

  11. The call I receive at Majic jack is directed to voice mail.
    How do I get the bell to ring before it being directed to voice mail?

    1. Log in at my.magicJack.com.
      Pull down from “Call Features” to “Voice Mail On/Off/Delay”.
      Set “Voicemail is” to “On”.
      Set “Delay Before Voicemail” to at least 30 seconds, maybe longer if you still don’t have enough time to pick up.

      Best of luck!


  12. I just downloaded the MagicApp but I didn’t get an option to create an account. What should I do ?

  13. Has anyone had success using magicjack to send and receive faxes on 3.0 USB port?
    I can send and receive on the 2.0 USB port at 9600 but when I plug into the 3.0 USB port at 9600 it fails.

    1. Looking forward to hearing other people’s results. But FAX? Why not email a scanned pdf? It’s better.

  14. i have just activated my magicjack and asked to have my number ported. our phone was disconnected before i asked for the porting of our number. i am now trying to locate somone at magicjack to just give me a phone number but have had no success in contacting customer service. anyone have a number for me?

    1. They don’t have a support telephone number. Go to my.magicJack.com. Log in. Click the “Live Help” tab. Follow the prompts to get chat support for your magicJack.

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