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  1. How often does the update file change?
    • Not very often. If you look on the right sidebar, you can see the last time each windows and mac file changed. As of the writing of this faq, the Mac update file has not changed since August of 2011. The Windows update file hasn’t changed since July, 2014 February of 2012.
  2. How often does this website check to see if the update file has changed?
    • This website checks automatically every day at 12:17 eastern to see if the files have changed.
  3. What happens if the file I’m interested in changes?
    • An email is sent out to any and all people who are subscribed to the notify groups. The email will be marked as high priority.
  4. How often will I receive emails if I sign up to be notified?
    • The email only goes out when and if the file changes. As indicated by this website, that doesn’t happen very often. If the file doesn’t change, you won’t get any notification. If the file does change, you will only get a single email on any given day.
  5. Will I receive any other email if I sign up?
    • No. Nor will your email address be sold to others. Your address is as secure as google groups allows it to be for an announcement group. The intent of this list is for announcement of magicJack update file changes. Right now, it only changes once or twice a year. If it changes twice in a day, then you’ll only receive one email for that day. You may receive an email the next day if the second change happened after 12:17 pm eastern.
    • Caveat: If magicJack changes its update methods, notification frequency could change or become unnecessary. Should that happen, when it does happen, the list will be taken off line until such time as the new method can be determined. If the list becomes unnecessary, it will be entirely disbanded and all email addresses will be removed from the list.
  6. Why didn’t I receive the latest update?
    • Check your spam folder. Be sure to white-list all email coming from the two google groups in question.
    • Make sure your inbox is not full.
    • Check your Google Group settings online. Make sure you have selected “All Email: send each message as it arrives” in the email delivery type on google groups. If you have selected “No Email”, obviously it will not send you anything.
  7. Will you help me with my magicJack?
    • No… Unless you’re going to pay me by the hour, this is unlikely to happen. Even then, I could not offer any guarantees that your magicJack would function properly – and I would expect nonrefundable payment prior to attempting to help you, regardless. Truly, you are better off asking magicJack chat support for help.

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