If you have ever had trouble with your magicJack, chances are you have used the chat support services. Invariably, if your trouble has to do with a questionable connection, you’ll be asked to download the latest version of the setup file, connect your magicJack to your computer and update the magicJack. After having done this a number of times, I realized I needed a way to find out whether I actually had the latest version of the MagicJack setup file. I mean, why download it again if you know you already have the latest version of the file and you’ve already installed that version of the firmware on your magicJack, right?

magicJack doesn’t really tell us when the updates have changed. I set up a script that notified me when magicJack’s update files are newly updated. Then I thought it might be nice to share that information.

This site is set up for three purposes:

  1. To allow viewers to be notified of the latest magicJack setup file.
  2. To allow viewers to see on this site what the latest version of the setup file is for your operating system.
  3. To provide some help content garnered from various chat support forays, from other sites and from my own experience.

There may be additional pages, links and items available as the site grows.

Keep tuned!

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  1. Magic jack plus
    Can you make it work on 4.1 jelly bean tablet
    I have 2 new D2’s
    Tablet picked up numbers from Google voice by using groove IP app
    How can I get it to select my 2 mjplus numbers ——HELP
    Phones ring at homes but not on tablets
    I love my magic jack at home.

    1. Recently I updated my Android from 4.22 to 4.3 as updates were available, but you know what happened my magic jack application stopped working on my Android smart phone (LG Google Nexus). I tried to uninstall magic jack and re install it back but same.

    1. Gerald, next time you’re in the United States, please consider activating and registering your magicJack device while you’re here. Unfortunately, it cannot be registered outside the United States or Canada. Since you apparently live in the United Kingdom, you may have trouble registering it there.

  2. I had two magikJack then I purchase a third one in August 2013. I have not yet used it because I want to use my actuel Home telephone Number. Please tell me how to go about it
    Please send me the telephone Number I can call for help
    Thank You.
    Mohammed Benyoucef

    1. Mohammed,
      If you want to port your home phone number, it’s probably best not to port it to magicJack. It’s notoriously difficult to port your preferred number away from magicJack in the future. Also, it costs $20 the first-year cost for porting and $10 annually to keep your preferred ported number, the same as a “vanity” number. It’s much better to port your home phone number to Google Voice and forward all calls from GV to your magicJack plus. However, if you are determined: when registering, make sure to choose the transfer option. You can also choose to port your home number any time after registration and activation by going to my.magicjack.com, “phone numbers” tab, then click “Transfer my number” and follow the prompts.
      Good luck.

      There is no phone number for magicJack support. All of us only have access to chat support.

  3. Quick Question: I was wondering how to determine if I have the latest firmware on my MagicJacks? I have aon original MJ+, and a MJ+/2013, both plugged into my router. They are running fine, but I like to keep things up-to-date.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide, and also for a really interesting and cool website!!


    1. There is no current foolproof method provided by magicJack to update device owners personally that a new update is ready. Originally this site was set up to give people a heads up automatically because the setup file changed periodically. Except the setup files have not changed size or hash since this site was started. It appears that the setup file doesn’t change the way it used to, but instead downloads the latest drivers only when you’re connected via USB to the computer. Unless you take a moment once a month or so to connect via USB to your computer, it’s hard to know exactly when the latest drivers are available. Like you, I find that to be frustrating. Perhaps with the latest changes happening at magicJack, this will be addressed at some point in the near future. [EDIT: The setup file has been updated on 7/22/2014. This website automatically alerted us the day it happened and let hundreds of subscribers know. It was unfortunately also the same to the company’s original owner died.]

  4. Irecently registered and activated my magic jack after a few live chats.I can finally make calls but I cannot make out what the other person is saying because of a crackling noise on the line and they are breaking up although they are hearing me.How can hat be remedied

    1. This is assuming you’re talking about the device and not an app.
      Here are reasons why this may be happening.

      • Your service could be using the wrong SIP server settings.
      • You could have really slow DSL service.
      • You could have a crummy phone.
      • You could have a crummy surge protector or electrical socket.
      • You live in Trinidad, outside the US and Canada.
      • Your device could be defective.

      Device Fix or Return: If the problem is the first or the last, you’ll need to contact magicJack chat support again. They can either change some settings on their side to fix it for the first problem, or they can send you out a new device for the second problem. If the device is defective, try very firmly but nicely to compel them to send you a free replacement. If you bought the device locally, you should be able to return it for an exchange at your local retailer. Be sure to tell them it was defective so they don’t try to resell it.

      Slow Service: For the second problem, you can check your network speed and latency using speedtest.net. If your service is very slow (3Mbps down, 128Kbps up) or less, the problem may be with your internet service provider. If you’re paying for a fast service, but only getting very slow service, it may be time to change ISP’s.

      Crummy Phone: Connect a different phone to your device, preferably a corded phone so problems aren’t compounded. If the corded phone clarifies the problem, it’s likely your phone. Get a new phone.

      Surge Protector or Electrical Line: Some surge protectors, UPS’s and even wall sockets can be noisy. Try a different wall socket, different surge protector and/or different UPS. If that clears it up, you know the problem is the line.

      Outside the US or Canada: Let’s face it, you’re connecting via internet 2600 kilometers by air from the US. How good is regular phone service from Trinidad to Florida? It may be that your ISP is using satellite between your location and the US. It doesn’t explain why your side would be crackling and they can hear you fine, but you might want to try talking on skype to compare if similar problems happen on other venues.

      Try the local troubleshooting suggestions first. That way, you’ll only have to chat with mJ chat support once these questions are ruled out.

      Good luck!

  5. I use MagicJack for 2 years for 5 days I get more call and my answering machine does not work, call me if anyone is headed directly answering MagikJack by cons I can make calls. There’s someone there who can help me?

    1. Gérald,
      I’m not sure exactly what your question is. I hope you’ll be able to clarify. This is what I understand so far. You’ve had a magicJack for two years. In the last five days your answering machine has stopped working. I’m not sure what you’re saying after that. Could you rephrase?



  6. I was on the phone from one of the technician from Magic Jack and he went to my computer to see why I couldn’t get connected to Magic Jack he said that have a virus and need to be removed from my computer, and it is $200 dollars for one year to use the service
    I have to only use Cisco Certificate Technician at “Cisco” Store!
    I ask him if he works for Magic Jack he said yes!
    His name is Steve Brown, Agent ID: 013455
    Please help me,

    1. Adriana,
      Please listen carefully. You’ve been duped by a bad guy. You need to talk with someone from FCC or the FBI, I’m not sure which. magicJack has no phone support technicians. magicJack uses a chat support system, and they aren’t allowed to do anything to your computer. They don’t offer a cisco service for $200. If someone did this to you, there’s a good chance the bad person you talked to has hijacked your computer, and possibly your router. If this is a work computer, alert your IT people immediately. If you work from home, or this is a personal computer, you need to find a tech guru whom you trust and have them check out your computer and your router. If you don’t know anyone, try going first to your internet service provider (in your case, Charter Communications) and tell them you think you may have been hijacked. They may be able to help. If not, get help from BestBuy’s Geek Squad. I wish I could tell you everything will be fine, but I can’t. Get help quickly. Don’t use this computer for bank transactions or email or anything remotely private until you are sure it’s back to the way it should be and secure. Best wishes.

  7. I purchased a magic jack go and I cannot use it. I can hear the called party but he cannot hear me. Chatted with the Majic Jack and the only result after the suggested steps was loosing the speaker function on my computer and hearing lots of hello from the telephone. Please, help…. I am 71 years old and need telephone that is not costly.

    1. Alena,
      Your best bet is to ask someone in your community — a loved one, friend or church member who is computer and telephone savvy — to come to your home and troubleshoot this for you. Until then, try connecting the magicJack to your Router, AC Adapter and Phone. Turn up the volume on the phone’s mic so others can hear you better. I wish I could be more helpful. Best of luck.

    1. If you only want the app, don’t install the .exe on your computer. It’s only for the physical device, while connected to your computer.

  8. Hi! I forgot my password and I can’t open my account. E-mail address what I registered doesn’t exist.
    What I have to do.

    1. Windows 10 won’t make any difference. The problem may be with your power. Try plugging your phone and your magicJack into a wall socket on a different fuse line.

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