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If you have ever had trouble with your magicJack, chances are you have used the chat support services. Invariably, if your trouble has to do with a questionable connection, you’ll be asked to download the latest version of the setup file, connect your magicJack to your computer and update the magicJack. After having done this a number of times, I realized I needed a way to find out whether I actually had the latest version of the MagicJack setup file. I mean, why download it again if you know you already have the latest version of the file and you’ve already installed that version of the firmware on your magicJack, right?

magicJack doesn’t really tell us when the updates have changed. I set up a script that notified me when magicJack’s update files are newly updated. Then I thought it might be nice to share that information.

This site is set up for three purposes:

  1. To allow viewers to be notified of the latest magicJack setup file.
  2. To allow viewers to see on this site what the latest version of the setup file is for your operating system.
  3. To provide some help content garnered from various chat support forays, from other sites and from my own experience.

There may be additional pages, links and items available as the site grows.

Keep tuned!

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