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I’ve set up two google groups. You cannot post in the groups, but will only be notified automatically when the magicJack file has been updated for your operating system.

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Unfortunately, there is not yet a linux version of the updater. Please keep posted!

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    1. Perhaps you could go to, log in and either renew, if it’s not too late or apply for a new telephone number.

        1. Help, my MJ talk only if I CALL. Dont receive Calls. RAMON A. MART√ćNEZ I HAVE 3 YEARS W/ MY MJ. NEVER PROBLEMS BEFORE. HELP ME. THANK YOU. CALL 305 xxx-yyyy cellular. 786 xxx-yyyy MJ.

          1. I can listen very good if i took with sombady. But my opponent doesnot listen correctly my word – its listen with interruption. I need help. Respect, Yakov.

          2. Yakov,
            Not sure why you would have latency problems in Missassauga. You shouldn’t be having any trouble in that part of Toronto. Try a different phone with the magicJack. Try a friend’s internet service. Plug in your magicJack at a different outlet. Do these things make any difference? Good luck!


    1. Olanzia,
      Sorry – I don’t know. You may want to chat with support about that, though I suspect you’ve already tried. Please visit my post on contacting magicJack support, or perhaps peruse other pages on this site in case you find your answer.

      Your original post was in all capital letters. People on the web often consider this to be the equivalent of electronic ‘shouting’, in terms of etiquette. Please consider stepping back, taking a deep breath, and looking at the possibility that others have been in your exact same situation. You’ll garner more favorable responses with honey instead of vinegar.

      Please have a pleasant day.

  1. I just got a new magic jack plus yesterday and the tel. area code I got is 813, can I change that to Florida area code to 352 or 407

    1. Victor, when I logged in at, I pulled down from the ‘Phone Numbers’ tab to “Available Area Codes”. I then clicked “Filter By State” for the “United States” in the two top pulldown fields. In the search field on the right, I typed 352 and 407. A number of exchanges got listed for these area codes, so that means the answer is “Yes.” However, since you’ve already acquired a phone number for the device and you want to change it, there is a one-time $10 charge for the change. If you opt for a vanity number, there is also a yearly $10 charge.

  2. when i talk to people,I can hear them fine.Most of the time they cannot hear me well because it is all broken speech-they hear bits and pieces of the conversation.It is very annoying being unable to use Magic Jack and frustrating .Please get back to me so we can solve this problem……Paul Vecchione……ps>Is there a phone number to speak to Magic Jack representative?

    1. There is no way to speak with someone on the phone from magicJack about the magicJack. The fact that you live in Tijuana may have something to do with the problem. Likely, magicJack’s SIP servers are far from your location, and you may also have latency problems, depending on your ISP. I wish there were something I could suggest, but I’m unfamiliar with the reliability and general latency of internet performance in Mexico. Please consider doing a speed test on If your latency is about 30ms and your bandwidth is low (1.5Mbps down or lower, 128Kbps up or lower) there may not be very much that can be done for your situation. Best of luck.

      1. I noticed that when my son used his MJ to call me he would breakup a lot with echols etc. I learned he was surfing the net while talking to me. When he stopped the sound was fine. Apparently you need either a lot of band width to talk and surf or if you have DSL or a slow computer processor and marginal computer memory you may be only able to talk with all your other computer windows closed. I suspect that it may be true with MJ + also. To add to your misery I leaned that the cable company splits its lines to each house. When peak hours hit and all you neighbors are signing on, your internet load and down load will slow to crawl. The cable company is sharing your band with with others on your street.

        1. Tennessee Flash,
          Modern cable internet connections are fairly fast — even the slowest of them, even with multiple neighbors downloading or viewing videos, thanks to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard. It seems more likely that your son is on an older, slower DSL connection, that typically has lower bandwidth than 1.5Mbps down, 128Kbps up. That means he’s either way out in the sticks, or he’s using very old equipment, or he’s got a grandfathered data plan that he doesn’t want to upgrade. The only other thing I can suspect is that your son is in a dorm at a small college where they govern bandwidth so students don’t stream netflix and amazon prime on university bandwidth. If you have fiscal means and your son is deserving, perhaps you could spring for a faster plan? Good luck!

  3. I am trying to install a new magic jack plus i have had one before but no longer have that device when i plug the device in it will not bring up the registration screen so i can register the device it keeps telling me to wait but never comes up ihave retried this several times and can’t access the website for help it says website is unavailable

    1. Marsha, It sounds like a USB power issue. Just to be sure: Make sure you’re using Windows or Mac. Make sure it’s a desktop or a laptop. Some desktop machines (even some laptops) have unpowered USB ports. Try using a USB port on the back of your computer instead of one on the front. For a laptop, try using a different USB port. Check out this post and its accompanying video for more information about registering and activating the magicJack for new users.
      Good luck!

    1. Gary,

      Sorry, I don’t work for magicJack. They don’t have a telephone support number — only chat support. You can reach them at Click the “Live Help” tab in the white and gray tabs at the top of the page. Please be patient with them. Remember, they have your account in their hands. Respect will go a long way.

      Best of luck,


  4. I am in a brand new office that has WIRELESS enternet. To avoid additional phone fees I purchased the Majic Jack To Go. I registered it at home & brought it to my office the next day. NOTHING WORKS. I purchased a Net a Gear a Router, it still does not work, I get Error 23 each time. Can you please help me

    1. Jay,

      Check first to see whether your mJGo will work when connected via USB directly to your computer at work. Make sure your computer is wirelessly connected. If you’re able to make and take calls, the problem is with your router. Maybe you could set the NetGear router as a range extender and connect the mJGo directly to the back of the router via Ethernet — not USB. Best of luck!


  5. Chris,
    Thank you for your video and tips in the thread; they have been very useful.
    This is a headsup to any and all wanting a Canadian no. especially if you bought/buy your magicJack device in Canada.

    FROM THE EDITOR: This was important enough that I thought Katee’s comments deserved their own post along with my comments.

    To see Katie’s comments in their entirety, please go here.

  6. I am having similar issue! Renewed this month for 1 year renewal. I only see “check telephone line” and I can’t make any calls out and only receive call information on computer. What shall I do??
    We have had magicjack plus for 2 years now. So frustrating!!

    1. Heidi,

      Go to and log in. See if your phone number is properly assigned. If your account is in good standing and everythign looks correct there, plug your magicJack into the router instead of your computer. See if it works this way. If it doesn’t, you may have to talk with chat support.

      Best of luck!


  7. I want to know as to when should I reactivate my device. Please advise the contacts and your e-mail address.

    1. ajaz farooqi,

      I don’t work for magicJack, but I’ll try to help if I can. You will need to log in with your user name and password at Then click on the “Phone Numbers” tab. I the “Device Status” column, you’ll see your renewal date and a link that will allow you to add months.



  8. Hi we are a Retailer who give Magic Jack for low prices ,,,,,,who ever is interested in buying please feel free to call me on 215-###-### or else mail me :

    1. Sorry – if I allowed others to randomly post their businesses, then this would become a spam site. MagicJack has pretty-much set prices for every distributor. I don’t know you and can’t validate your business from a phone nubmer. If it’s being sold at a discount, I need to protect me readers from possible fraud. May harmony find you.

  9. I am trying to install MagicJack, but my computer keep giving an error message, saying “An error has occurred in the script on this page. Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Yes No” I clicked Yes and No and nothing seem to work. What do I do to install MagicJack on my computer?

    1. Try a different browser.
      Also, set your browser so that javascript is enabled for the various things that the magicJack domain needs.
      Best of luck.

  10. This afternoon we discovered that our new (guessing about 6 months old) Magic Jack Go will not ring with incoming calls. It allows dialing out fine. I’ve reset the modem and router and no change. I noticed it when the app on my iPhone was ringing but the home phone isn’t. I’ve also plugged it into the laptop to see if there are any firmware updates. Any ideas to try? I’ll try contacting MagicJack but, the last time was such a nightmare dealing with them. That’s when they finally sent me this MJ Go when we could never figure the issue out.

    Thanks much,

    1. Have you tried ringing the phone while connected via USB to your computer? If it rings there, the problem may be with your electric line. Plug your magicJack into a wall socket that is not on the same fuse as the previous wall socket, or better, try it at a friend’s house.

  11. i use a mac laptop running macOS 10.12.1 aka sierra and ‘magicjack go’ is working – i get the odd time i need to restatrt my mac and un/plug my mj device into my laptop, but all seems ok

  12. I cannot sign in on my account. My Email is Lucie-Patrick and the telephone number in Montreal Quebec is ##########. I am receiving a telephone message about my renewal. Since I cannot sign in to your system, would you be so kind as to send me the dollar charge for this year. I seem to recall that last year I had paid two subscriptions and that the next payment would be in 2022. Can you verify that and advise me of your findings.

    I thank you for your collaboration and comprehension in the matter.

    1. Hi Lucie!

      In the footer at the bottom of every page on this website, you’ll notice it says I’m not in any way affiliated with magicJack. In this instance you’ll need to contact them directly — most likely through their chat support system on the magicJack website.

      They should be able to help you figure out what your password is and how to get into the account.

      Best of luck!


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