We’ve been through the order process, and seen it unboxed. Now it’s time to register the device. Watch as I show how to maximize options that will allow you to try out the new device without entirely dropping the service with your old magicJack device. This registration process is geared toward the person who already owns a magicJack device and has an active magicJack account.* Nevertheless, it may help to look at what you’ll be seeing during registration even if you are a new magicJack owner before you are confronted with the same screens so you can be somewhat prepared, so please read on!

When I attempted to register with the device connected directly to the router via ethernet, I was unable to make my computer’s browser see the fact that the magicJack plus 2014 was connected. I made changes to my router, including checking firewall settings, and removing magicJack-approved port forwards. A number of other early adopters have had similar experiences. This looks like a case of magicJack’s geeks testing out device registration from inside the factory complex, but not really testing it out in enough people’s homes.

So I took the standard route and plugged the device into the USB port instead. The magicJack dialpad came up, upgraded for the 2014 device and just stood there. I figured, why not try mjreg.com again, even though I knew the device would not have an exposed MAC ID. Of course I got the same screen telling me the device could not be found. It was only then that I looked closer at the advertisement on the left side of the dialpad.

I’m so used to seeing an advertisement or coupon or upsell attempt in that space that my brain seems to have filtered it out for the first couple minutes. Frankly, the directions look like an ad, so it’s easy to scan right past it. Once I realized I actually needed to click that ad to get the process started, it went pretty smoothly.

Here’s a flowchart of the method I used. If javascript is enabled, a much larger image will appear on your screen in a frame when you click the image below. Click the X at the bottom of the image frame or outside the frame to make it disappear again.

Registration Flow Chart for the magicJack Plus 2014

While registration wasn’t really painful, it was a bit tedious trying to figure out exactly how to get it to work. Hopefully my pain will be your gain. Let me know in the comments below how your experience fared.

At some point before mid November, I have to decide whether to decommission one of the devices by clicking “off’ in the “AutoRenew” column when I’m logged in to the magicJack website. Right now, both the old and new devices sound about the same. Perhaps call quality is better for those with low-bandwidth DSL connections, but I hear no additional quality in the newer device. If anything it seems lower in volume. Stay tuned for the audio smackdown coming soon!

*If you do not already have a magicJack and you are tempted to transfer your existing non-magicJack number, please note that it’s a toss-up as to whether it’s worth transferring your current home or cell number. It costs extra on a yearly basis. You could use a number assigned to you by magicJack for the area code and exchange you select at no additional cost, instead of transferring your number.

Consider: instead of transferring immediately, use an assigned number at no additional cost for now. Get used to the device. Forward your regular home number to the device for a while. If your experience with the magicJack is okay, you can still transfer your land-line or cell number to magicJack after-the-fact. It will cost you as much to transfer after registration as it does to transfer during. It’s better to test the waters first, eh?

For myself, I transferred my home number from AT&T to Google Voice and then used GV’s call-forward feature to forward to both magicJack and skype. There was only a one-time transfer fee to GV. Not so with magicJack. Plus, if Skype is down, magicJack is working and vice versa. If neither is working, GV picks up the voice message, and I can get it later.

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    1. If your current home phone number is already a magicJack number, than it should appear. If your current phone number is not a magicJack number and you have no magicJack devices nor a magicJack account, then you will have to add a new number or transfer your existing home phone number. I would suggest using the method I used in this post. In short, I use Google Voice as my main number and have any calls to that number call-forwarded (free) to the magicJack plus. Nobody has to remember the magicJack number—only the GV number. That way if the magicJack fails, I still have phone messages on GV.

    2. I am a new customer to Magic Jack 2014. Please give me some simple, direct instructions on how to register and activate my new kit and account. New customers should deserve more consideration and patience than old ones. Your registration instruction are not clear enough for me. Sincerely,

      1. John,
        I’m working on it. :D I would like to point out that I don’t work for magicJack, so your patience is appreciated.

        1. I have a new magic jack 2014, I went completed the registration process for more than 4 times, but my magic Jack won’t work. Every-time I complete the registration process, I get a local Canadian number, but when I am trying to make a call it says the MJ i am using is not registered. It’s really frustrating as I have this Magic Jack for about a month now and I have not been able to use it.

          1. Emma, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. Perhaps we can figure it out. You should only have had to register and activate once. I’ll wait for your reply to the below questions. In lieu of that, you could contact magicJack chat support.

            Are you able to log in at magicJack.com? If so, are you able to see the phone number assigned to your device in the “Phone Numbers” tab under the “Numbers” column? Is it possible you have a free “magicNumber” instead of a real phone number assigned to the device?

            Plug the mJ+ 2014 device into a USB port on your Windows or Mac computer. When the dialpad comes up, pull down from “Menu” in the top left corner to “My magicJack Number”. Does the same number appear in your device as the one when you log in on magicJack.com?

            Can you make a call when the device is plugged into your computer, but not when plugged into an ethernet connector?

          2. I am a new customer I was given option to select a ph no so I did but received an email that we cannot give you the no u have selected & click to the top right for new no but it didn’t work. Now I am being advised to register the Majickjack I am inserting my Majickjack into USB slot of my laptop & following the instructions but always it says that your Majickjack device is not detected. Kindly advise me what to do?

          3. Wow. That sounds unusual about being told you can’t have a number you selected via their interface. Weird.

            Try putting the device into a different USB port. Some USB ports are not powered, and the magicJack requires a powered USB port.

            Good luck.

        1. Hi max,
          I don’t work for magicJack.
          If you haven’t seen an email in your inbox, check your spam folder.
          Best of luck.

        1. Max,
          I assume you found the activation code. Good for you!

          If you have already registered and activated, log in at my.magicJack.com.
          Click the phone numbers tab.
          You’ll find your number in the “number” column for your device.

          Please remember — I don’t work for magicJack.



        2. getting nowhere. Chat broken off prematurely. Still no Email. What do I have to do to get a phone number? If this keeps up I will ask for money back from Amazon

          1. Max,

            That is unfortunately typical. It may take you a few attempts to finally get a chat support specialist who is actually knowledgeable. This post has a much more updated version of how registration and activation are supposed to happen. It’s entirely possible that your confirmation email with the activation code is somewhere in your gmail. In gmail, do a search on anything from noreply @ magicjack.com. Check your gmail spam box. Consider whitelisting noreply @ magicjack.com in your gmail account. You may as well also whitelist magicjackconfirm @ magicjack.com. Last, if none of this still works, try a different email account, perhaps with your Internet Service Provider or where you work. Once you’ve got your account, just log in and change the email address to your gmail account.

            As I’ve said elsewhere, magicJack isn’t for everyone. There is no defeat in recognizing when it’s time to find something more suitable to your needs.



    3. I´m in Colombia. Mi brother in law purchased and gave me a MJ, number 305 ### ####. I don´t want to use it with my computer. I tried to register it though mjreg.com but what I get is a lot of garbage, I mean ads, and a voice on the phone telling me that I got error 3002. ¿Please, let me know how to solve this problem.

      ¿Why don´t you give us the registration instructions in writing?. The video is so quick tha one need to watch it many times to understand the whole thing.

      1. Jaime,
        Thank you for visiting mJCheck website! Just so we’re clear — I don’t work for magicJack. I’ve removed most of your telephone number from your comment to afford you some privacy.

        Registration and Activation: If you already have an assigned US telephone number, then the magicJack was registered and activated by your brother before he sent it to you. You could not already have a number if your magicJack were not already registered and activated. That means you don’t have to register anything. Be glad if this is the case, because if your brother had not registered and activated it for you, you would have had to send the device back to the US for your brother to register and activate it there. Your magicJack can only be registered and activated from within the US.

        Connection Problems: There are two general kinds of magicJack. The oldest, original kind is USB-only. If your magicJack has no ethernet port on it, you have this one, and you’re stuck using your computer to connect your phone. The second kind has an Ethernet port on it. If you see an Ethernet port, you should be able to plug it in directly to your router via Ethernet cable. Connect the phone jack to your phone with a phone cable. Plug the USB port into the AC adapter and plug that into your wall socket or surge protector. You should hear a dial tone in just a few seconds.

        3002 Error: If you hear the 3002 error, unplug your modem’s and your router’s power cord. Wait two minutes. Then replug your modem’s and your router’s power cord. This clears the error for many people, so it might work for you. Also keep in mind that living in Medellin, Columbia, there may be some latency (slowness) in your connection and other issues that could be restricting your device’s ability to connect to magicJack’s STUN servers or function properly. Your device is over 2400 kilometers away from magicJack’s proprietary servers as the crow flies — probably much farther by network routing.

        It is unfortunate that the video speed does not suit your situation. I try to keep my videos as short as possible. That often means stripping out silence and speeding up or slowing down some of the video to match what I’m saying. I do this because most viewers don’t like to sit through a two-minute wait while a magicJack device is updating firmware or during other similar hurry-up-and-wait situations on the internet. Yes, the videos are dense with information, but as you say, you can repeat them or pause as necessary.

        Best of Luck!

      2. I can’t seems to log on the magic Jack website as well. It tells me the password is wrong, when i click on forgot password, I get a link, but that link is bringing me to the instruction video. My Magic Jack is 3 month now, and I have not been able to use it ever-since I bought it. I am really disappointed.

  1. Great video & instructions!

    I have used the MagicJack Plus for over a year and a half and it has worked flawlessly.

    I plan to replace my magicJack Plus with the MagicJack Plus 2014. I have the 5 year plan.

    Should I check the box by “I elect to accept free outgoing service (recommended)”?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Bill,
      I don’t remember seeing “I elect to accept free outgoing service (recommended)”, but it probably can’t hurt to do so. If the next prompt is “I elect to receive incoming calls (recommended)”, you know you’re on the right track.

      When you’re done, you can always log back in at my.magicjack.com, click the “Call Features” tab, go to “Advanced” and make sure under “select service” for your new device that it says “I elect to accept outgoing and incoming service.” That way you’ll be able to receive and make calls from your new device.

      Since you have many years already on your device, and it looks like you’ll want to transfer instead of having two devices, it looks like you’re interested in “Option 3” from the video, correct? If so, you’ll probably want to choose the option that looks something like: “Transfer the service under the Old device to the new one and the Old device will be deactivated.” This option appears along with a choice for a vanity number and a slew of other options. This only appears if you have more than six months left on your existing plan. Good luck!

  2. My mj 2014 plus is working and I have yet to get to registration. What now?? It has a phone no. how ???

    1. If you mean to say that you did not register your mJ+ 2014, but it already has a number, and you just received it from magicJack directly, is the number local to you in Arkansas? Is it possible someone in your family did the registration for you before they gave it to you? If you received it fresh in the packaging direct from magicJack, you need to tell them they sent you a used magicJack. Contact magicJack chat support. If you bought it from BestBuy or RadioShack, they may have attempted to resell a registered device without telling you that’s what they did. You’ll need to bring it back there. If you bought it from ebay, that’s between you and the ebay seller.

  3. I am a new MJ customer and at this point very frustrated! I purchased the MJ 2014 a week ago and tried to use it the way instructed thru the modem and plugged into power thru a wall outlet. I followed the
    instructions very carefully even making sure I did it in the correct sequence but by installing the MJ this way I was unable to receive calls I could call out but not receive. So I went out and bought a new whole phone system thinking that maybe mine was too old so yesterday I tried again and to no avail it still wasn’t working as it was supposed to.
    I now have it plugged directly to a USB port on my computer and I am up and working, but I would like it to work the way it is intended so I don’t have to keep my computer on all the time. One thing I notice when I plug it into power and using the Ethernet cord is that the lights on the top of the device blink on and off red and yellow (the blue stays on) and the device get very hot. Obviously something is wrong with the way I have it installed but I wish someone would tell me what!

    1. Roselyn,
      I understand your frustration. As you can tell from the video in the post above, I too was unable to use their router method for getting the device registered and activated. Like you, I was able to register and activate using the USB method.

      It’s possible there are settings on your router that are conflicting with your magicJack device. If you have a modem/router combo, there are settings that could also be conflicting. Some Belkin routers ship with a default configuration that conflicts with the mJ+.

      You may want to try turning off MAC address filtering on your router if it’s on.

      As to the chasing lights, the normal order of things is shown in this post in the accompanying video. If you are seeing a yellow blinking light instead of green, and you have a regular phone plugged in, this doesn’t seem like normal behavior. Also, what different people call “hot” is flexible. If the device is sort of hot but not too hot to touch, this may be in the acceptable temperature range. In order to reduce the heat, try connecting the USB extension cable between the adapter and the AC adapter.

      If the device is too hot to touch, you need to talk to chat support and have them send you a new one.

    1. Since you live in a small city in NC, (Go Villains!) why not consider asking a computer-savvy friend to help you out? If that’s not an option, try chatting with magicJack chat support. Good luck!

  4. i just took plunge and purchased the new MJ 2014. I have been a satisfied customer for past 3 years. My question is about the ‘deactivated MJ device’. Can I give it to someone, who would then sign up for the service? Or will he just have to purchase new MJ?

    1. You can’t give the dead device to someone else for use with magicJack services. The device is dead to magicJack. You’ll have to buy your friend a new device with its own service. That is the one thing that magicJack really needs to fix. It is quite a waste of a perfectly good product. The only thing that you can do with it is use it as a USB-only device with google voice using the GVJack app from PCPhoneSoft. Of course now you have to leave your computer on in order to accept GV phone calls.

    1. You will likely have to log in to my.magicjack.com and check your current situation. If your device is lapsed and you have not renewed (or allowed it to auto-renew) it may be that your device is no longer functioning. Check your magicJack account on-line. If all looks well, then chat with chat support.

    1. Elsa, if you didn’t get it on a brightly-colored, bolded scrap of paper with your magicJack, you probably ordered your magicJack online, in which case it will be in an email you received from magicJack. Check your spam box if it’s not in your inbox. Good luck!

    1. Elsa,
      I can be more helpful if you tell me a few things: were you able to find the password in amongst the paperwork that came with the magicJack when you got it from Best Buy? Or, did you follow these directions and receive an email during the process of filling out the form as shown in the video? If not, have you tried chatting with magicJack chat support?

  5. Hola, tengo magicjack plus, casi un año, se rompio, me regalaron otro y quiero activarlo con el mismo numero, ya que tengo suficiente saldo, pero no lo puedo hacer, cuando lo active por 1 vez, tenia otro correo electronico, por favor necesito de su ayuda, me pueden escribir a [address-at-removed-dot-com ], se los agradezco, les saluda atentamente

    1. Dear Macarena,
      I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t work for magicJack. I receive too many requests to contact everyone by email. It is unfortunate your magicJack is broken. Since you live in Santiago, Chile, activating and registering your replacement magicJack in Chile is not possible. Registration and activation of the magicJack must occur inside the US or Canada. Next time you come to the US to visit relatives, please consider using their internet to register and activate your replacement device while you are here.
      Good luck.

    1. Some people have websites. When commenting, if you want others to know a little more about you, and my own research assures me your website is not harmful to others, you can put your website address in that field. If you don’t have a website, or would prefer to remain a little more anonymous, you can leave it blank.


    1. I prefer this one from Panasonic. It uses standard nickel metal hydride rechargeable AAA batteries so you aren’t stuck having to pay for terribly-expensive model-specific rechargeable phone batteries. It’s 1.9 GHz – outside both standard wifi ranges, so it won’t compete. We can use ours anywhere in the house and up to a third of a mile away. We live in densely wooded neighborhood. Your mileage may vary, but I’m very happy with Panasonic’s phones.

  7. Arguello, magicJack’s US headquarters are in the state of Florida. I’m constantly confounded as to why so many people from that state in particular seem to have trouble activating the device. It looks like you found the right post about how to register. I wish I could help you more, but without more details, it’s not likely to happen. Best of luck.

  8. Hi,
    I purchased MagicJack Plus, I need to know if I can use it with Glo wireless router that is available in Nigeria.
    I also need to know if I can use my Samsung Nexus tablet to register and obtain my phone number, if so I need instructions please.
    Lastly, if I use a phone with an existing number to register, will it affect the phone by changing the number.
    Thanks a million.

    1. Greetings.
      You’ll have to be in the US to activate the device. Since you’re writing from California, I’m assuming you’re either here for a visit or you’re setting this up for a family member in Nigeria. You should be able to use a tablet to activate the device, but not everyone has had success activating via the router method of registration and activation. In order to use an existing phone number, you’ll have to do a phone port. That means whatever contract you had with your existing phone number will end. If your existing number is a cell number, and you have a contract, there may be end-of-contract fees from your cellular provider. It’s usually cheaper and more efficient just to choose a new number.

  9. i have a problem with my new magic jack plus cause i already registered it but it keeps telling me during my phone calls that it not registered. i’ve tried a couple of times but it still keeps saying the same thing. is my new magic jack plus defective?

    1. If you tried to register the device in Mandaluyong City in the Philippines, you should know that registration outside the United States or Canada is disallowed. If you did register your magicJack in the US and you are able to access your account at the my.magicjack.com and you can see your device listed with the same phone number as the device you own, then you will likely need to chat with chat support at magicJack.com. Good luck!

  10. My old Magic Jack device quit working. I purchased a new one, followed the instructions but when I tried to keep my existing number I was told it was nit available (naturally). Is there a telephone number where a MJ customer service person can be contacted?

    1. There is no magicJack phone number for support. You have to use chat support. It is part of the reason why they’re so inexpensive. During the activation process, log in with your existing magicJack account. Choose to use the number for the phone you already have. You can have two phones with the same number on the same account. You can always choose a new phone number later if you want the new device to have a different number. Good luck!

  11. Tengo un problema con mi MagicJack al registrarme coloque mi correo electrónico y el sistema me envió una clave para la activación, el problema se da que cuando ingreso el correo y la clave en la pantalla de registro, me dice que el correo no existe y no puedo regresar en la parte donde detallo el correo electrónico.

    Como puedo cambiar esos datos para poder activar mi magic Jack?

    1. Alejandro,
      Apologies. I don’t speak Spanish. You live in El Salvador, San Salvador. The magicJack device cannot be activated or registered from outside the United States or Canada. Next time you visit the US, please consider dropping into a cafe and take care of it there. Good luck!

    1. Bianca, I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t work for magicJack. I’ve hidden your number, since this is a public forum. Yes, you could probably port your existing number to magicJack. I’m not sure if that would be wise though. It’s cheaper just to pick an assigned number for the magicJack. If you’ve had your existing number of a long time and really don’t want to part with it, consider transferring it instead to Google Voice (GV) for a one-time fee of $20. Forward all calls from that number to your magicJack. That way you’ll always be able to keep a history of who called from your GV account. You can forward all of your calls from GV to any other preferred phone number. Good luck!

  12. I am trying to register my new MagicJackplus but I am not having success. The dial pad doesnt’ show on my screen so I cant’ click on the left of it to continue with the registration.

    1. Ald0, You’ll have to register and activate the magicJack from inside the US or Canada. It cannot be done from Mexico. Next time you come north of the US/Mexico Border, that might be a good time to register. Best of luck!

  13. Need the ph. No. For this new magicJack

    Pls. Let me have a respond

    I do need to proceed with my MagicJack

    Do not have a website

    I do to continued pls. What else can I do said?

    [combined several comments into one for Carmen Sastre]

    1. Carmen,
      Please be sure to look around on the pages of this blog and at my videos. I wish I could be more helpful, but I suspect we have different first languages.
      Good luck!

  14. Hi Chris, my old magic jack plus quits on me (got overheated) when I took it on my vacation. I have 2 1/2 year remaining from my 5 year contract. I bought a new Magic Jack plus and wanting to transfer my existing number to the new device. I know I can do that but would I be able to continue with my remaining contract without any additional cost? Would it be wise to register the device as new, with another 5 year contract instead? Or a yearly contract would be better? Kindly advise.

    1. Bernadette,
      If the old device is no longer functioning, I’d transfer the time from the old device to the new device and make a decision on an additional 5-year contract at a later time. I may be mistaken, but I suspect that magicJack has changed its policy so that when you buy a new device and transfer existing time from an old/broken device, you get to keep both the 2.5 years from your old device and the months that come with the new device, usually depending on the new package’s price-point. If you paid full price for a year-long package, that means you’ll likely have three and a half years on your new device. If you bought the lower-priced package mJ+ 2014 that includes three months, you’ll have almost three years on your new device.

      Because technologies seem to change so much over any given three-year period, for myself, I’d wait on the five year policy. But if you are happy with the new device and want to hedge your bets on inflation, you could add five years afterward, giving you seven or more years on the new device. But how likely is it your new device will last seven years? I don’t know.

      One last thing: If you haven’t been using the usb extension cable, use it. It will keep the heat from building up between your ac adapter and your device, and probably make the new device last longer.

      If nothing else, I hope this gives some perspective. I hope you’ll reply with how it went, and whether you were able to keep both the 2.5 existing years plus the time that came bundled with your new device.

      Good luck!


  15. Hi Chris, thank you very much for your quick response. I was able to register and replace my disabled device to the new MJ+ and continue with the remainder of my contract with an additional 6 months at no additional cost. I seek the assistance of MJ chat support from start to finish. They did not leave me until the device was tested off and running.

    Your prompt response is truly appreciated.

    Best regards,


    1. Bernadette,
      It’s fantastic that you got it figured out just the way you want it.
      A little patience with the chat support goes a long way.
      Thanks for letting us all know how it turned out!

  16. Just wanted to say thanks!
    I read through all the threads before installing the new Magic Jack go.
    My original silver unit was having so many issues with the Upgraded Firmware that it was inoperable and after many HOURS with support only to have them tell me to reboot my system and it would all be fine (which would end their session of live chat) and there was no improvement I purchased a MJ Go.
    Although the new unit upgraded the firmware also so a few options have since changed with your video . It gave me the basics on what to look. Your explanation of option 1,2, and 3 were very helpful!
    You made installing this very quick and easy, I’d been putting it off for over a month and glad it’s done now.
    Thanks again!

  17. why cant I get a ph#, or call out??????? its reg. it show it on bar??????maybe I should return it!!!!!!!

  18. Hi, I need to replace my old silver mj, can the new mjGo be installed using a wxp laptop? Will it work if I have to use the usb port instead of the router?…If I get a new number can I still use both to make and take calls?… I will be doing all this when in SF, thanks for your help

    1. Domingo,
      Yes, you can still use WinXP to register the system. You probably know, however, that WinXP is no longer supported by MicroSoft. You should upgrade your hardware to a newer version of Windows. Can you keep both devices to make calls? Short answer is yes.

      Long answer: When you buy a new device, you can optionally transfer time left on your old device to your new device. At that point your old device is dead and your new device assumes the telephone number of the old device.

      Alternatively, you can register the new device as a second device. Then you will be paying about $70 per year to renew two devices. You can opt to get a new phone number at the time of registration for your second device or wait until any time later to get the new number since your second device seems to come with the implied guarantee that it may have its own number at some time in the future.

      Lastly, recently magicJack has changed its registration method. Apparently you may register any magicJack anywhere in the world. You don’t have to do it in the US or Canada any longer. So unless your country’s rules prohibit it, you should be able to do this from Peru.

      Good luck!

  19. Hi, I need to replace my old silver mj, can the new mjGo be installed using a wxp laptop? Will it work if I have to use the usb port instead of the router?…If I get a new number can I still use both to make and take calls?…
    I will be doing all this when in SF, thanks for your help

    1. Hi again Domingo,

      Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner. You should see my previous response in your email. If your old magicJack worked, the new one should too. Please do upgrade your WinXP as soon as possible!
      Best of luck,


  20. I just renewed my MJ class B Jan. 1 2015, do I have to pay more for the new MJ if I just substitute one for the other?

    1. You don’t have to buy a new one if you don’t want to. If you’ve got a lot of months or years left on your existing magicJack, and you still want to buy a new one to replace your existing magicJack, you should be able to activate and register by logging in with your existing mJ account and selecting your existing number when you’re prompted to select a telephone number. If you transfer your existing months to your new device, the old one will stop working. As of last fall, all months on the old device roll over to the new device when you transfer.

      Good luck!

  21. I live in a high rise and need a phone to be connected to the intercom system. I don’t have a landline but use a cell phone. Problem is I have an area code from another province and my landlord obviously won’t let me use it. I’m not willing to change my cellphone number. So I have to consider a landline to receive deliveries Or guests. Magic Jack sounds ideal. I’ll have to buy a handset too but I have no other choice. All ready to order but am concerned about registering. I don’t have a desktop computer. I have a wireless router and only a tablet. Sounds like people are having problems registering with only a tablet. What can I do? Can I register on a friend’s computer? That doesn’t seem that it would work.

    1. Jacqueline,

      I’m unfamiliar with the need to connect a phone to an intercom, but if all it amounts to is having a local phone number, hopefully a magicJack will work for you. Yes, you can use a friends laptop or desktop to register and activate a magicJack go. Once it’s activated, you should be able to change settings at my.magicJack.com on a tablet. Once your magicJack go is connected to your internet, you should be able to make and receive calls. Just remember that some exchanges are blocked by magicJack so you may not be able to call some people. Since you live in Vancouver, that seems less likely since its a fairly large city. Consider going to GoodWill or another charity organization that sells second-hand goods for an inexpensive corded phone with Caller ID. Best of luck!


  22. i bought the majicjack plus since one year back and i tried many time to make a call and i failed to do so
    even a single call. i paid also $40 dollars one year back to activate and not been done . on 3rd feb 2015
    i paid $5.45 dollars to activate and still not done .
    so far I lost many money , can you advice me and explain what to do next
    akbar kimawi

    1. akbar kimawi,

      I don’t work for magicJack, so I can’t refund your money. My main suggestion would be this: Open up a browser in a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Make sure you’re on a laptop or a desktop with a USB port. Go to my.magicJack.com and sign in. Go to the “Live Help” tab in the white and gray tabs at the top of the page. Chat with a chat support person. Without knowing more, it’s nearly impossible to diagnose exactly what the problem might be. They’re not perfect, but they can navigate you through the process, and hopefully help you iron out the problems. They’ll ask you to first plug the device into your computer to see if it works there. If it does, your problem is with your networking. You might want to look around on this site to learn more about it. Otherwise, chat support really is your best bet.

      Best of luck,


  23. magic jack is very good service and i thankful to magic jack for connect my one and only son who is living in USA

  24. ihave purchased the newer mj i guess because it has 2 ways to connect. i connected it directly to my computor by usb port and then a ph to the other port on the magic jack. i am not useing the ethernet port . i have the mj directly into my computor usb port. My windows said it all loaded and was ready to use. My next step was to register it so i clicked on the video and after that finished i clicked on detect mj and nothing happens. so i cannot get it register. I have an icon on my desktop click it and it brings up a menu i do not know what to do. Is there a ph # i can call to get this up and running. i have dryed many different things. Please help

      1. I have purchased a MagicJack GO, followed all instructions, and received a Registration No.JSZPG.

        New unit does not operate. Your “Tech-Support” (in India…?) insist I pay ADDITIONAL FEES,
        which I refuse. If this is not rectified, I am returning the new unit for a Refund

        1. I bought my first magicJack at RadioShack (now gone). I was able to get it replaced right there in the store the day I purchased it. The second unit worked fine. Stuff happens. I’m glad you got your money back, though. Best,

  25. I have gone through the process of registration about 5 times and was assigned a number on each occasion. No message was emailed as expected. Attempts to use the jack has failed – I am asked to register on each occasion. the present number 301 #######

    1. Log in at my.magicJack.com. Make sure your phone number is properly assigned to your device. If this is not possible, it may be time for you to contact chat support. Good luck!

  26. Hi. Please advice how can I add new credit card when I click on add new payment method it is always frozen I tried many time it is always don’t act

    1. Nader Sherif,
      There are a couple ways to manage credit.
      First Way: Login at my.magicJack.com. Pull down from the “Account” tab to “Manage Payment Information”. Click the blue button: “Add a Credit Card”. Fill in the pertinent information. Things will automatically renew if you’ve set your device to autorenew.
      Second Way: Go to Walmart and buy magicJack 6 or 12 month subscription renewal code with cash or credit. Use the code emailed to your account email to renew.

  27. Listen to all the video instructions. Decide your plan of action. Go to nearest computer store. Be prepared to spend the money. If your ducks are in line you will be the winner. Remember Magicjack Company is the winner.

    1. As you suggest — magicJack is not for everyone. Thanks for hanging out and making so many comments on my site. Best of luck!


    1. It cannot be done from Chromebook or Linux. It has to be either Windows or Mac. Also, you need to put the magicJack into a powered USB port. Not all USB ports are powered.


  28. i got lots of help from MagicJack staff. i had lots of learning of of why? and how. The important knowhow of last learning from MJStasff. By taking a ball into my hand and running in my hands was really stupid. the reason is if you make a mistake it may be a silly mistake. for example, what is port a number? i was trying to reach no where. I did not know, is it neccessary to do thast?Well;, tnen i dropped the idea of porting. the second idea was reserve a magic number.which can remembered by every body. I gave it up that, too. The golden rulre of wisdom is when when you are set as new customer, do not try to show your ignorance by jumping out of window, because you can hurt yorself. Now i give up and wait for my turn like business. Hats off for Magic Jack staff.

    1. You’ll have to do this either through the app, or at my.magicJack.com.
      Best of luck!

  29. Hello Chris,
    I have read many posts but did not see a similar problem as I am experiencing with registering my replacement MJ+2014. I know you are doing this as a public service and that is really admirable.
    My existing MJ+ and its power supply went bad (yes both of them!). I bought a new MJ+2014. Followed the given steps in the package and even tried to follow the steps outline in your posts to no avail. I already have the software installed on my PC and an active account. When I plug the new MJ, the software starts and goes through a lengthy self-check, I suppose. The dial template displays and advises that my MJ+ needs to be registered before use and that a registration screen will open shortly but nothing happens. I left it for hours anticipating program or firmware upgrade and possibly the reg screen to open – nothing! The left pane is green on my template and has no active links (yours was blue and active). Tried different USB ports but the results were the same. I am growing frustrated with MJ because registering a product should not be this taxing! They do not have a good support system for all their products. Their chats did not help because they kept referring me to the same cookie-cutter answers! Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Some USB ports are powered. Others are not. magicJack requires a powered USB port.
      Also, try uninstalling the old magicJack software on your computer. Download the latest version of the software and install it. Once it’s installed, try plugging in your newer mJ+2014. Good luck!

  30. I’m living in Panama. Do I still (in 2016) have to register a MagicJack in the United States to use it here in Panama?

  31. please how can register magicjack on my andriod device, have tried it but it’s not working.

    1. I’ve never had success with the router method for activation. Find a friend who has a windows or mac computer and borrow it for this process. Good luck!

  32. hi, i got a magic jack go. did all that they said to do in the instalation.and still not able to do calls to u.s.a.and my kids could not be able either to call me, can you pleas let me know what to do. since i got it just to use from colombia s.a to call phone numbers in u.s.a.

    1. Make sure the phone is compatible with magicJack. Maybe try a different phone?
      Make sure the Ringer Equivalence on the phone is lower than 2.1
      Try plugging your magicJack into a wall socket on a different fuse line.
      Try your magicJack with a friend’s internet connection.

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