What comes in the box looks unsurprisingly similar to what we saw in previous incarnations of magicJack: Ethernet cord, AC adapter, six inch USB extension cord and device. The device is smaller. Check out the video below for more information.

magicJack GO - unboxingSustainability of Packaging

I look at packaging as much as I look at the package’s contents. To me, environmentally conscious packaging is a sign that the company is thinking about more than its bottom line. If environmental impact is important to the company, than client satisfaction is less likely to be too far removed from primary company goals.

Packaging is yet again quite minimal, using some recyclable plastic and some recyclable paper. That said, nowhere on the packaging does it say it’s made with recycled content. I’m also not fond of Velcro fasteners on paper products, as they are difficult to remove during the recycling process.

As packaging goes, it is designed to be substantial enough that it can’t be simply shoved down a shirt in a retail store, nor is it that easy to open without destroying the packaging.

The Contents

  • 1 Installation help sheet. There are installation directions written on the package – even on the device itself in very small letters. This is the longer version of the installation directions in case you need a very specific recipe, like many of us.
  • 1 Bumper Sticker – the magicJack logo – white letters on a blue field – different from previous versions of the logo usually appearing white or silver on a black field. I will probably never use this, but it’s cheap advertisement for any kid who puts it on their school notebook, etc.
  • 1 Plastic transparent slide cover – its actually part of the packaging. The cut-through from the Velcro flap lets you see the device through this slide cover before you actually open the package.
  • 1 Plastic blister-form container for the device and its accessories. This is marked recyclable with a number 3. Just because it has a 3 with chasing arrows doesn’t mean it’s recyclable in your area. Number-3 plastics are PVC, still not the most user-friendly plastic for packaging. magicJack could have done this in molded board as cheaply – with the container being totally recyclable.
  • 1 Ethernet cord – flat cable – replace this at your earliest convenience. Flat cables are garbage.
  • 1 AC Adapter – just like the one that came with magicJack plus 2014. It comes across as substantial, dense and durable.
  • 1 six-inch USB extension cable for use with your computer or the AC adapter. You’ll likely need to use this to keep your magicJack from heating up. The AC Adapter and the magicJack both get warm. Without the extension between the AC adapter and the device, heat dissipation is reduced.
  • 1 magicJack GO device. We’ll cover the lights, voltage and audio in a future video about this device.

This device is about the size of the magicJack Plus 2012 – and comes across as a repackaged version of that device. except with better lights. The magicJack Plus 2014 is bigger and has to USB ports and a microSDIO port labeled “WiFi” that never achieved their purposes.

The magicJack GO looks relatively substantial, but thankfully smaller than the 2014.

I look forward to putting it through its paces!

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  1. We’re new to magicJack and have the mjGO. We get caller ID but it is only the phone number weithout the name of the person/business calling like we used to get with AT&T is this normal with magicJack???

    1. I hope you were able to get help! ^_^ If you’re talking about the packaging, I suspect it’s gotten better since this posting.

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