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Voice mail can be accessed a couple different ways. You can have magicJack send you an email every time you get a voice message. You can also access your magicJack voice messages via the phone. This post shows how.

Set up Voicemail on MagicJack

First, we need to make sure we have the correct settings at Log in!

Pull down from “Call Features” to “On/Off/Delay”. Make sure your selected device is set correctly for the following columns: Voicemail is: ON, Delay Before Voicemail: 45 seconds. Delay needs to be at least 30 seconds because voicemail takes just over 30 seconds to ring your phone four times. I chose “2 Minutes” for my own phone because I prefer my home answering machine to get it. If the home machine doesn’t get it, magicJack’s voice mail serves as backup.


You’ll see a green box like the one shown above confirming that your setting has been saved.

Voicemail via Email

Next, pull down from “Call Features” to “Voicemail via Email”.

Confirm that for the phone number in question, the following columns are correctly selected: Send voice message e-mails: ON, E-mail to receive recordings at:  [ ]


Now, when you get a voice mail, you’ll receive an email with an attached voice mail that you can replay on your computer. When you dial your magicJack number from the phone connected to the same magicJack device, you will immediately be brought into the voicemail box.

Voice mail via Phone

Call yourself from the magicJack-enabled phone. You should automatically be brought into voice mail on magicJack’s servers.

Lastly if you’re on vacation, and if you don’t have an answering machine connected to your phone and you want to check your voice mail from the magicJack servers from a different phone, dial your magicJack number. When you get the answering machine, touch “*” and type in your four-digit pin. If you don’t know your four-digit pin, it’s possible you haven’t changed it yet, meaning that it’s at the default “1234”. If this is the case, you really should change it to make it more secure.

Changing your password

Call your magicJack phone number from your magicJack device. Press “0” for advanced options. Press “5” to change your four-digit password. Once you’ve changed the password, test it. Make sure it’s not the same digits as the first or last consecutive four digits of your magicJack phone number. That would be the first thing a phone hacker would try.

That’s all there is to making sure you have secure, accessible magicJack voice mail. If you are having trouble accessing voice mail because your magicJack won’t recognize touch tones or some other reason, try using a different phone. Also, try rebooting your router and your magicJack. If these don’t work contact magicJack chat support at, click the “Live Help” tab and tell them that your magicJack isn’t recognizing touch tones.


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