Voice mail can be accessed a couple different ways. You can have magicJack send you an email every time you get a voice message. You can also access your magicJack voice messages via the phone. This post shows how.

Set up Voicemail on MagicJack

First, we need to make sure we have the correct settings at my.magicjack.com. Log in!

Pull down from “Call Features” to “On/Off/Delay”. Make sure your selected device is set correctly for the following columns: Voicemail is: ON, Delay Before Voicemail: 45 seconds. Delay needs to be at least 30 seconds because voicemail takes just over 30 seconds to ring your phone four times. I chose “2 Minutes” for my own phone because I prefer my home answering machine to get it. If the home machine doesn’t get it, magicJack’s voice mail serves as backup.


You’ll see a green box like the one shown above confirming that your setting has been saved.

Voicemail via Email

Next, pull down from “Call Features” to “Voicemail via Email”.

Confirm that for the phone number in question, the following columns are correctly selected: Send voice message e-mails: ON, E-mail to receive recordings at:  [ your.preferred@email.address.here ]


Now, when you get a voice mail, you’ll receive an email with an attached voice mail that you can replay on your computer. When you dial your magicJack number from the phone connected to the same magicJack device, you will immediately be brought into the voicemail box.

Voice mail via Phone

Call yourself from the magicJack-enabled phone. You should automatically be brought into voice mail on magicJack’s servers.

Lastly if you’re on vacation, and if you don’t have an answering machine connected to your phone and you want to check your voice mail from the magicJack servers from a different phone, dial your magicJack number. When you get the answering machine, touch “*” and type in your four-digit pin. If you don’t know your four-digit pin, it’s possible you haven’t changed it yet, meaning that it’s at the default “1234”. If this is the case, you really should change it to make it more secure.

Changing your password

Call your magicJack phone number from your magicJack device. Press “0” for advanced options. Press “5” to change your four-digit password. Once you’ve changed the password, test it. Make sure it’s not the same digits as the first or last consecutive four digits of your magicJack phone number. That would be the first thing a phone hacker would try.

That’s all there is to making sure you have secure, accessible magicJack voice mail. If you are having trouble accessing voice mail because your magicJack won’t recognize touch tones or some other reason, try using a different phone. Also, try rebooting your router and your magicJack. If these don’t work contact magicJack chat support at my.magicjack.com, click the “Live Help” tab and tell them that your magicJack isn’t recognizing touch tones.


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  1. How can I get pin number to check my magicjack voice mail via android? I don’t remember the pin number and it is not 1234. I would like to check my voice mail while I am away from home.

    1. Directions for that are in the second-to-last paragraph of this post. Follow the voice prompts. You don’t have to already know your password if you’re doing it from your magicJack. Good luck!

      1. It will help if you could clarify. Are you talking about the app, or are you just having trouble accessing magicJack voice mail from your cell plan?

      2. how do I check my magicjackgo messages from my free cell phone? and also the instructions for changing my passwork don’t work on my mj phone, there is no option on my mj phone when I dial 0 and then 5

      1. The default voicemail box code is 1234. Simply dial your number from the magicJack and navigate to the area that will allow you to change your passcode.

        Good luck!

    1. JohnK,
      The magicJack administrative interface only allows one email address per account. I assume you mean you want to get email alerts at two different addresses every time mJ+ voicemail delivers an alert. I set up my magicJack account using a forwarding email address that sends a copy of the voicemail to my personal email account and my wife’s email account. magicJack will never know the difference. Mischief managed.


        1. bernard,
          The easiest way is to log in at my.magicJack.com. Then go to the International/Prepaid tab. Just follow the directions to add five, ten, twenty or forty dollars to that device. You can also add a mobile or cell phone number as a secondary phone from which you may use your international/prepaid minutes. You cannot share money spent on one device to another device on the same account. If you have only one device, it’s moot. If you have more than one device, you have to decide how you want to add your prepaid minutes.

          Best of luck!


    1. The directions here are pretty clear. It may be time to ask a friend in your neighborhood to read these directions and perhaps show you how. If that still doens’t help, it may be time to contact chat support. Best of luck!

  2. I put some voice mails in the work, friends, and family folders and cannot get them out. Every time I go to voicemail it only tells me I have no new or saved messages. How do I access these folders to get teh voice mail I have saved in them?

    1. Press 2 to change folders.
      Press the correct number your desired folder. (0 = new messages, 1 = old messages, 2 = work folder, etc.)
      Press 4 to listen to what’s in that folder.
      You probably have a good idea where to go from there.

      Best of luck!


  3. How do I retrieve voicemail received in 2013? The site does not show any, but I have had magic jack since 2011 so I know that there were messages left during the year 2013. I am not sure of the exact date that I am looking for, so I need the whole year.
    Thank you

    1. Barbara, I’m not sure the magicJack voicemail retrieval system is that intricate. As far as I know, you can go through old messages. There’s apparently “Work” and “Friends” messages folder too, but I’ve never used those options. I suspect you’re going to simply have to plod through your old messages until you get to 2013 messages — if messages are even kept that long on the system. If others know better, please enlighten us!


  4. We couldn’t access the voice mail message from our magic jack phone. When we dial our own number and follow the prompts, i.e. press 1 for new message, it doesn’t work, nothing happen. I tried to press 1,2,..5..even * for help, but none works. Please help!

    1. Go to my.magicJack.com.
      In the “Call Features” tab, make sure your voicemail is set to “On”.
      Good luck!

  5. I’m trying to help out one of our churches that has Magic Jack. You have to call the number twice before it gets to their unavailable message. The first time I call their number it rings 4 times and then goes to a generic message that says “Hello, Please leave a message after the tone.” If I hang up right away and call immediate, it then goes to our unavailable message. I can then leave a message and it will be emailed to the church. Any thoughts as to why it doesn’t let me leave a message the first time?

    1. Go to my.magicJack.com and sign in.
      Click the “Call Features” tab.
      Make sure the voicemail toggle is set to “On” and that your delay is set to “30 seconds”.
      It sounds like you’ve already set it to send emails with the voice message.
      If your phone also has a voicemail system, turn it off. It’s probably going there.
      You should now receive an email for any attempt to call your church phone.
      Good luck!

  6. I have two magic jacks numbers on one phone, the voice mails are working fine till I’m on the phone and someone is calling me. If I’m on the line then it do not turn my voicemail but magic jack , how can I change that?

    1. I’m unaware of a magicJack device that allows you to have two phone numbers. Perhaps you’re using a two-line phone that has two magicJacks connected to it. In this case, it sounds like you’re relying on the phone’s answering machine. If so, the problem lies with your phone’s physical answering machine. You could try enabling voicemail on the magicJacks and disabling voicemail on the phone.

  7. some one change my voicemail on my voicemail box i cant accese message now what to do now i try everything to let they give me the password because the phone is last

    1. From your magicJack, call your magicJack number. Press “0”. Follow the prompts to change your password. Follow the prompts again to change your voicemail message. Mischief managed. Best of luck!

  8. I just downloaded mj app on iPhone. How do I call my home that has mj without voice mail automatically coming on. I want the home phone to ring so I can call my husband.

    1. They have to be two different magicJack numbers. You can’t call yourself, eh?
      Upgrade the app so that it has its own number.
      Best of luck,


  9. Once I listened to the voicemails on my MagicJack they turned to “old messages” and then I no longer had access to them an hour later. I wanted to go back and save them. The email address I have on file was not accessible at the time and the emails for the voicemails were not there. Is there any way for me to get these voicemails back?

    1. I don’t know of a way. If they weren’t saved via email to your computer, then it may be they’re gone. Have you tried checking the old messages box?


  10. I click on “voicemail” to retrieve my messages. In the past week, after doing this, I have pressed “1” to retrieve my messages, but the recording continues with the numbers to press for various results. It does not stop and give me my messages. What should I do?

  11. Voicemail messages have dissapeared ever since starting the account.
    now i cant even access voicemail. It just says i have elected to receieve inbound calls only. This isnt true. Changing the settings doesnt do anything.

    1. It’s time to chat with magicJack support. Tell them what’s happening. They’ll drag you through the process, step by step. When it still doesn’t work, they’ll be able to give it to someone with a higher level of technical skill. The key is to have patience while they diagnose what you have already found.

      Good luck!

    1. It might take a little doing, but sure. With the right tools and a little knowledge, anyone can spoof someone else’s number. I’m just not sure how legal that is.

    1. There are probably skatey-eight spam messages on your voice mail. You can delete them by following directions here.

  12. Years ago, I canceled my MJ account. Recently, I am receiving voicemail messages in my email account. Am thinking this may be due to my cell phone being spoofed, the spoof turds obtained my email account in the contacts and continued on to locate more info? How can I find who is sending them without opening the attachments?

    1. Check out the email headers of each email when logged into a browser for checking email. You can check the path of your spoofer’s email journey. It may not have anything to do with magicJack.

      Also, you could try logging into magicJack and see if someone has appropriated your account. If you can’t log on, it’s not likely to do with magicJack. If you can log on and you see that the account is current, it’s possible you thought you closed the account, but in fact have been renewing automatically all along. In which case, you have been receiving legitimate spam.

      Wow, who would ever have guessed you could use the words legitimate and spam together? Ha ha!

      Good luck!


  13. Great website. Today is 3/24/17.
    I have a 2014 Magic Jack, works but had a major problem after adding a 5 year update recently.
    It was working fine but I think I accidentally messed it up by going it and recording
    Unavailable message, Busy Message, (I think that was all but maybe another one). I read
    somewhere that one of these messages (I believe it’s the unavailable) automatically takes
    precedent so you then may not get the busy message. By this I mean, when someone (either
    your self from another phone, or yourself from your magic jack connected phone, or someone
    from outside trying to call you) will not get any chance to leave any message. Instead, they just
    hear it ring and ring. I used to get email messages when people would leave a message. Now
    usually apparently it just rings and no one gets a chance to leave a message.

    Does anyone know how to erase all messages and reset it back to its default? I think it is
    something I inadvertendtly did when I went into my MJ answering feature, and recorded too
    many different messages. I believe this is the problem but am not sure.

    Magic Jack offered to “reset” it for me, but I only want to reset the Answering Machine option
    part, due to very serious problems even getting it to work at all when we put a 5.00 update
    on it a short time ago. We never had this problem before, it was either due to the Win 10 update, or more likely, just incompatibility issues with the older (2014) magic jack and the ongoing
    computer updates. We use a Win 7 machine. The techs were able (after prayers!) to get it
    to work, it worked fine. Occasionally a call will cut off if it’s just going too long. Otherwise
    answering machine, everything, worked fine.

    Then occasionally friends would say they tried to leave message but none available, just
    ringing. I am not sure that I caused this problem by going in and recording not only a
    busy message but another one for unavailable, but I think that is contributing to the problem.

    I can also go online to My Magic Jack.

    I wonder if changing my email, or something else can reset it the answering machine back
    to the original default? I do not know how to erase all the messages. I tried re recording or
    even just hanging up, but still the problem persists.

    I’m not sure if the problem is due to my internet, the way I set too many messages on the
    magic jack (busy and temporary greetings…never did both before), or a problem with my

    I don’t have any other answering machine set up and it’s set for a long ring (over 45 seconds).

    I have never had this particular glitch before, and it’s fine for making or receiving calls.

    I believe something is blocking the answering function. It still works occasionally but not
    very often and not regularly.

    I cannot get an option to leave a message when I call from my cell phone (which is not
    connected in any way to the MJ), and other people tell me they do not get the option to leave
    a message, it just rings until the caller hangs up. When I call from my Magic Jack, I can
    access all features…but I do not see a feature that will reset the Answering Machine back
    to the default. I have tried re recording messages but that hasn’t worked yet.

    MJ has offered to “reset” it for me, but it’s hard communicating with them sometimes and I
    only want the answering reset. If they reset the entire Magic Jack, I am concerned we could
    have a recurrence of the very severe problem when it would not work at all for quite a long

    I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

    I have never seen anywhere online or on Magic Jack where it tells you how to reset your
    answering machine back to the original default…I’m sure there is a simple answer.

    I could try changing my email to see if that works…. I know the answering machine function
    is turned on, and that it’s over 45 seconds.

    PS If you go online to My Magic Jack, they automatically keep a record of all your calls and
    contacts. I don’t know how far it goes back.

    Another question is I don’t know how to delete this information of the online My Magic
    Jack account? Does anyone know?

    Thanks for any help. Magic Jack has been a blessing……….the more we learn and share the
    easier for all of us.

    1. Sorry, I meant a five year update, not a 5.00 update.
      Sorry message is a bit rambling. Thanks.

    2. Wow… That’s a lot of questions. Many of the answers can be found elsewhere on this site and others.

  14. If the Magic Jack is connected to the router, is there a way to get phone detail information on my computer screen?

  15. How do I delete or clear all call history, and messages from my magic jack app on my iphone

    1. Hi Peter, This is a function of your phone. You’ll need to read the directions from your phone manufacturer’s directions.

      Best of luck!


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