Unboxing – netTALK duo wifi

Follow along with me as I unbox the netTALK duo wifi and compare it with the magicJack plus 2014.

The box contains instructions, 911 registration information, an actual too-free phone number to call if you have connection or billing problems. It also touts WiFi connectivity, 12 months of service included, live US-based customer support and the ability to choose or port a telephone number.

Inside the box are the device, a 3-foot USB cord, an ethernet cord and an AC adapter. The contents exactly mirror what was found during the unboxing of the magicJack plus 2014.  However, I prefer the packaging of the netTALK duo wifi for its environmentally-friendly packaging.

The device is not a typical right-angled box shape. The closest I can come to describing it is a box with some off-kilter champfered corners, a streamlined nod to aesthetics in modern production. There are no peripheral ports on the netTALK duo wifi as there are on the magicJack. There is a tiny reset button in the netTALK duo wifi that I only saw on closer inspection after making the video.

Overall, the device is a little less expensive and seems to come with more options out of the box, including WiFi, but we’ll have to wait until a future video to determine the functionality of WiFi on this machine.

I’m also looking forward to doing an audio comparison and several other videos about the netTALK duo wifi and comparing it value-for-value to the magicJack plus.


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  1. How can i re-register Majic Jack on my Ipod again ? I’ve been using it before but i mistakenly deleted it including my email and password i can’t remember anything about that again……I’ve downloaded it several times but it’s bringing sign in page instead of registration page

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