netTALK duo wifi – how do I register and activate?

Today we’re going to register and activate the netTALK duo wifi.

You’ll need everything that came in the box. If you can’t find your user name and password, it’s on the label inside the front cover of the box.

First we’ll register, and then we’ll activate the device. Register by navigating to Once you’re on the page, click “Start Activation” Type in the user name and password from the box top. The provided user name and password are temporary. You will be asked to provide new ones later. Click the “login” button.

Type in your real first and last name. Type in your email address twice. Create a new user name. And type in a new password twice. After reading them, check the box next to the netTALK terms of service.

Now that your login credentials are updated, we need to register e911 service. This is all the information your local emergency services use to get to you in an emergency. Type in your real name and address information to insure that you get prompt e911 service should you ever need it. Be sure to read the e911 terms of service. Check the box next to “I understand the e911 terms of service.  Then click “Save”.

After e911 credentials have been saved, it’s time to select a telephone number.  If you bought the device in Canada, you’ll see “Canada” instead of “United States” for Country. Nevertheless, select your country. Then select your state or province. Next, select the city in which you live, or the one closest-by.

You may see more than one exchange available. My city only had one. The exchange is the set of three digits after the area code. The extension is the four digits after the exchange. A random extension will be selected for you from a limited selection when you click “Assign Phone Number”. After a minute or so, you will get a notification that your phone number has been assigned, along with the actual number in bold dark green. You can write it down now, or wait until later.

The next step is the credit card information so your netTALK duo wifi contract will auto renew. Of course fill in the fields with your valid credit card information.  Once again, be sure to read the netTALK terms of service. Of course check the box saying that you have read and understood the terms. Then click “Sign Up”.

You’ll receive a notification that you have successfully completed registration. Click “Enter Account Manager”. You’ll receive another notification that you have successfully enrolled in Auto-Renew.

We’ve finished the first part – registering the device online with netTalk. The second part is the physical activation of the device. We could do this by connecting the device to the computer or directly to the router. I’m going to do it using the router.

Connect the Ethernet jack from the netTALK duo wifi to your router. Connect the phone jack from your netTALK duo wifi to your phone. Plug in the netTALK duo wifi to AC power using the USB AC Adapter. The device will blink red a number of times, then green.

Every time the netTALK duo wifi is powered on, it will emit a diagnostic ring to let you know it’s working. Your phone’s rigntone may vary depending on brand and settings. I made a successful diagnostic call to a theater show-time line to test the phone.

I was able to easily register and activate my netTALK duo wifi using these directions.  There was less upsell than magicJack and a more professional feel to the transaction.

In the next episode I will attempt to connect the device via wifi. This is something magicJack can’t do, but the netTalk duo wifi should do right out of the box.  Future episodes will include audio comparison with magicJack plus 2014 and various other product comparisions. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Please subscribe to my youtube channel.

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    1. Both magicJack and netTALK duo wifi allow you to port your preferred telephone number to the device. I always suggest instead porting the number to Google Voice and forwarding all calls to the device. Good luck!

  1. I bought the nettalk duo off a buy and sell web site and once I got it home and went to register it I realized that I don’t have the user name and password. I emailed the guy I got it from who told me to message support to get it. I need the temp user and password in order to get going. The unit works and theres a dial tone but says insufficient funds when I go to make a call. Thanks

    1. All nettalk duo wifi machines come with the user name and password posted on a tiny label on the inside top cover of the box. You see it immediately when you open the box. The user name is a very long string of nonsense letters/numbers. The password is shorter. (See the video.) If yours didn’t come in its original box, you have a problem. It means someone may have already registered and activated the device and that now the device is lapsed. The user name and password will then have been given to you by whomever previously owned the device. If the guy you bought it from doesn’t know the user/pass combo and didn’t supply it with the device, get your money back. One of three things has happened:
      1. The seller registered and activated the device a while ago, forgot about it and let it lapse. Now he’s lazy and wants to sell it to anyone gullible enough to buy the used device without a user/pass combo.
      2. The seller inherited the device from someone who died, moved or broke up with him. He doesn’t know the user/pass combo and so is once again selling it to anyone gullible enough to buy.
      3. The seller stole the device and… well you know the drill.
      I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you can’t get the user/pass combo from him, try to get your money back and return it to the original seller. Good luck.

  2. I plan on buying a Nettalk that will include 12 months of basic service. Must one enter their credit card number to activate when I am paid up for a year of basic service? I do not want any of the extra plans. If I want to renew a year later can I not use the credit card then. I do not see any need for them to have my credit card info until then.

    1. This video may be out of date. I have not continued to use mine, so your mileage may vary.
      Best of luck.

  3. having a big problem with mine .does not accept the mac no. to register it .cannot get them on the phone and left my no –disgusted!!

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