Very sad, but this happens to all of us. Here’s a general method to work out this situation.

email-sent-forgot-password1. If you have a current email address, type that email address into the log in page at If you see a green box that says “email sent”, check your inbox and spam folder. If you find an email with password recovery directions, follow the directions. If you see a red  box that says “email not found”, you know you didn’t use that email address for your magicJack account.

2. Try another email address where you can still check your mail. Keep trying different previous email addresses you’ve used until you get the green box that says “email sent”. Check you inbox and follow the directions.

3. If you no longer have access to the email address with which you signed up for your account, your only recourse is to try and remember the email address and password you used. Look for where you might have written it down. I use a free open-source piece of software called Keepass 2. It keeps all my passwords in a protected file to which only I have access. So even if I don’t still have that email address, I can still log in and change my email address to a new email address and password.

4. If you don’t remember or don’t have access to your old email account and you cannot find a written record of you magicJack password anywhere, you may still be able to chat with magicJack chat support and ask them to confirm who you are using your telephone number, physical address and other items about your account and about the device that only you will know. Once they can validate you are who you are, they may be able to help you create a new password so you can log in and make changes to your account.

email-sent-forgot-password-email-not-recognizedI chatted with support to make sure whether this might be possible. Your mileage may vary, but if you know enough about your account, your chat support agent may be able to convince upper management to help you change your information.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Meravel’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530154049038X

Meravel: Hello, how may I help you?

Chris: Greetings. I have a friend who lost her magicJack password and no longer has access to her old email account. She moved and no longer has the same email address. How can she retrieve her password so she can log in and change the information to reflect her current address, etc.?

Meravel: I apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. Let me assist you with that.


Meravel: May I have the complete name of your friend, email address and physical address registered to the account for verification purposes?

Chris: I don’t have that information. I’m asking because she can’t log into live chat. I just want to pass along the information she needs so she can contact you to get help. Is it possible for her to do this?

Meravel: The only way we can send the log in reminder is through the email address registered on account he/she needs to retrieve the information through the email.

Chris: So if she loses access to her email account, she will never be able to retrieve her account?

Meravel: My apology but yes, it’s true.

Chris: So for instance, if my ISP provides me with as an email address, and I move to New York, where there is no “Wingo” ISP, but maybe “RoadRunner” is my ISP. I no longer have access to the charter account, so if I have a credit card that automatically renews, I cannot change that information if I forgot my password?

Meravel: We need to get the internal serial number of the device so that we can report it to our upper management.

Chris: So there may be a way to do this. Is this correct?

Meravel: Our upper management will just update the account of the customer as long as we can verify the information needed.

Chris: Okay, that’s good to know. I’ll pass that information on to her. Thank you.

Meravel: You’re welcome.

Meravel: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Chris: That’s it. Thank you.

Meravel: Thank you for chatting with magicJack! Please find the “Click Here to Rate Your Chat Experience” button at the upper right corner of the chat window to rate your experience with magicJack Customer Care.

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  1. I no longer have access to my email address, so I cant access my magicjack account. Please I need your help

  2. Chris, had you see my newest Q on your Top-10 blog? I’m scared to proceed until I know what to expect.

    1. Minni,
      I think your best option is to get a techy friend who lives near you to make an assessment of your situation, give you a list of options, and maybe fulfill one or more of those options for you so you don’t have to worry about them. As I said before, you’re concerned about a number of health issues, you have very low bandwidth internet connection, unreliable high-REN phones and now want to rely on a magicJack. It’s like riding a bicycle backward on a tight rope in the dark in blustery weather. 911 might not be there just when you need it. There are too many fail-points for this to be a reliable system of communication. Obviously, I cannot be there in your home to give you expert advice. I’d be more comfortable if you got a local friend to help you make decisions based on on-the-ground knowledge of what you need, what you can afford and what is most user-friendly. If funds are challenging, you may need to buy a pay-as-you-go emergency-use-only cell phone just for 911 and other emergency purposes.

      Best of luck,


      1. Are you sure you used the same email address? You may have to use one of the other options for retrieving your password.

        1. I don’t work for magicJack. If you don’t remember your password, you’ll need create a new one at following the directions in this post. If that’s not enough, you could probably contact chat support. Best of luck!

  3. My magic jack telephone # is 757-XXX-XXXX. I have purchased a magic jack plus and I want to install it and keep the same number.

    I have forgotten my user name and password, I have not used it for years.

    Please help.

    Ken Strickland

    1. Ken,

      I’ve removed your number from your comment so that random people won’t call you.

      First, try calling your old number. If someone answers or you’re asked to leave a message by a voice you don’t recognize, your number has been reassigned. You’ll have to choose a new number. You’ve got the new magicJack. Just use these lastest install instructions. If your phone number is “out of service” or still has your original phone message, carry on below.

      Recovering your password should not be difficult, though it may be tedious. Patience will be an asset. First, locate your old magicJack. Second, if you still use the same email address you used to create your existing magicJack account, you’ll have no trouble retrieving the password. I’m tempted to rewrite all the directions again, but I’m certain that if you follow the directions as laid out in this post, you’ll successfully retrieve your password so you can log in with your existing account.

      Once you’ve logged in at, click the “Phone Numbers” tab. You should see your inactive magicJack device listed. If the phone number is still there, you’ll be allowed to share that number with any new device you add to your account. In the “Status” column, you should see “Reactivate” for that device. (Don’t reactivate your old device.) The phone number for that deactivated device may appear in the “Number” column. If the phone number doesn’t appear, you may not be able to retrieve the number. I am assured by magicJack chat support that the number from your old device does not get reassigned to someone else, but I’ve never had to reactivate a magicJack device, so I cannot be certain. If you cannot see a number in the “Numbers” column, you could always chat with chat support to find out if they can see whether the number is still connected to your account. Not all magicJack chat support techs are equally savvy.

      Start with these directions for installing the magicJack. Almost immediately at the beginning of the video, where it says to create an account or log in, instead of creating a new account, log in with your existing account. You’ll go through a similar set of options to what you see in the video. When you get to the part where you select a phone number, you should be offered the choice to use your existing phone number with your new magicJack device. This should not cost anything extra. If you are not offered that choice, it may mean you no longer have that phone number and that it has been reassigned to someone else. If you are not offered the choice to use an existing number, you’ll likely have to choose a new number. Again, since you have a new device, if you have to choose a new number, that’s what you’ll do next. Once you’ve finished the activation and registration of the device, log back into in a browser. Go to the “Phone Numbers” tab again. As a last check, see if your old phone number is available from the pull-down menu in the “Numbers” column. If it is, select that phone number for your new magicJack device.

      I can’t guarantee that this recipe will ensure your old number gets transferred to your new device. I can tell you that it will give you optimal results if the phone number still exists on your account.

      Best of luck!


    1. Carrie,

      You’re on the right page — how to retrieve your account access can be found here. If all you have is a magicJack you’ve been gifted, or you don’t remember any of the particulars for your account, you’re going to have a tough time convincing the folks at magicJack that the device was not stolen. If someone bought the device for you as a gift, and they registered it for you, you’ll have to ask your friend to give you the user name and password. Chat support can’t help you if you are unable to confirm some relatively reasonable evidence that you did in fact register the device. You may have to start over with a new account and a new device. If you do decide to buy another magicJack, be sure to put the user name and password in a safe place, like KeePass2 – a secure password storage app. If nothing else, write it down and put it in a password notebook you keep securely stored somewhere you’ll remember for that purpose. I wish I could be more helpful, but there it is.

      Best of Luck,


  4. I cant access my magicjack account. I have forgotten my password and link “Forgot Password?” don’t work.
    I don’t recive the e-mail with instructions. I’ve checked spam box, and nothing.
    Please I need your help

    1. Paulo, have you tried a different browser or a different computer? Some browsers disable javascript. For instance, if you use Firefox with NoScript, you may not be able to use the Forgot Passwork link until a few javascripts are approved through NoScript. Find a computer where javascript is not disabled for your best results.

      Good luck,


    1. The form on their site is not very intuitive. I’ve entered your email address and asked them to send you an email to reset your password. Please check your spam folder on your computer, and if you have one, your online spam folder as well.

      Good Luck!

  5. Chris i need ur help
    i can’t access magicjack .. i do remember the email address but i forgot the password ..
    i have tried many times requesting for password recovery email NOTHING IS SENT!!
    although the green box saying (email sent) is shown everytime
    please help.

    1. This seems to be a recurring topping recently, so you are not alone in your frustration. Please consider using different browser or another computer altogether. Browsers that use plugins to selectively disable javascript are usually the culprit. It’s also possible that magicJack has a bug on its password reset page. If this continues even after trying it on a different browser or another computer, you may need to talk to magicJack chat support. Best of luck.


    1. Hi arnold,

      Unfortunately, the best I can offer is the suggestions shown here. There are many alternative ways listed here. If you are the original owner, magicJack has ways to help you prove it. You’ll still have to chat with magicJack chat support. If you are not the original owner of the device, you’re pretty much out of luck.

      I hope it works out for you.


    1. Signe,

      Well, then you’ve found the correct page to learn what to do.
      Enjoy the spring while it lasts in Atlanta.
      Best of luck!


    1. Hi Paulette.

      At the end of the video (and this page) there are directions for how to recover access to your device by chatting with chat support. If you didn’t originally own the device, you’re unfortunately out of luck. I’m hopeful that chat support will be able to help.


    1. Paulette,

      Really, my best response is to follow the directions in this post above. If you are still unable to make this happen, ask a local friend who is a computer nerd to help you using the directions here.



  6. Hey, I forget my Magi Jack password. . I also use forget my password but cannot received and password in my e-mail. .

    1. talha,
      Have you check your spam box? Do you have an online spam box?
      Best of luck,

  7. Hi Chris, I had MagicJack on two Android devices. I had to reset an Android tablet to Factory Settings and when I reinstalled MagicJack, I had to enter my password. I don’t know my password. The website does not send emails to my spam or inbox, even though the green box says it does, using the same email address I have used for this message.

    Getting any help on the MagicJack page involves entering the password so it’s a Catch-22. I also have my order # and reference ID for my MagicJack account. How can I get my password?


    1. Tim,

      You’ll have contact chat support. It can be done without logging in, but you have to navigate through a bunch of frustrating questions first. Tell them you have all your documents and the device and that you can’t log in on They’ll ask you some questions, and once you have proven you’re you, they should be able to fix it so you can access your account.

      Best of luck,


  8. created a account for my grandmother, but I can not remember what email address was used. how can I find what email address was used

    1. Jasper,

      Assuming you’ve tried all your known email addresses, from where your grandmother lives, get on chat support here. Click the orange “Click Here” button at the bottom. Type “password” in the field below the orange wording that shows up on the next page. If it’s banker’s hours, you’ll see a banner that says “I’m Online | Start Chat” with a smiling woman. Click that. A chat-support window will come up. Tell them you forgot your email and password. Supply them with things like your original receipt number and the MAC address on the back of your grandmother’s magicJack device. They’ll tell you what to do next.

      Best of luck!


  9. I have my magic devices ( 2) which I got them from Canada. Both were purchased by my brothers. Unfortunately, they have forgotten which email addresses were used. Is there any possibility where I can renew them both? I would really appreciate!!

    1. Ask your brother to try getting a new password for all of the email addresses he was likely to use to sign up with this account. If you can’t, then follow the direcions in this post on contacting magicJack chat support for the password. (Remember… I don’t work for magicJack.) Good luck!

    1. Once you’ve logged in at, there should be some method of notification suggesting how to renew. Best of luck.

  10. Hi good day im a magic jack go user for a few months. im using it to my laptop then i try to use it to other computer suddenly the computer hang , so i restart it. when i opened again the computer and start the magic jack go i can log in it. its says wrong email and password. How can i get it back and use again may magic jack go? please help me on this.

    1. First, make sure the alternate computer isn’t a chromebook or linux.
      Next, you’ll need a powered USB port. Try a different one on the other computer.
      Does it still work on your laptop?

  11. Hi im a magicjack go user. im using it few months already. Im using it on my laptop, I try to put it on my desktop then the computer hang so i need to restart the computer,when i start to open again the magic jack its says enter the email and password so i enter the email and password but its says wrong password , i click the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and send it to may email. I check my email then i use the password that they give but still i cant log in and use my magicjack go.Please help me on this one . please. Thank you.

    1. The directions on this page and in the video are the clearest I can be. I wish I could be plainer. Perhaps you can ask a local tech guru to give you some extra help.


  12. I have to use my wife’s e mail adresss it’s please help it’s almost Christmas I want to phone my kids

    1. Werner,
      I wish I could have helped. You may imagine I was rather busy myself at about the time you posted this. I hope you were able to pull a rabbit out of that hat before too late.

    1. I’ve tried to be as clear as possible in this post with various ways to make this happen. Please consider a password protection app. It will really make things easier.

  13. I no longer have the email account I signed up with and I cannot recall my username or password, what can I DO?

    1. Your username is your email address from before. If you know that, you have the original magicJack and other proof, like the address you set up for 911, you should be able to get them to help you reset your account with a new email address.

  14. My name is Angelo Taylor I used my magic jack during my last deployment and I just found it again and would like to continue usage of this device but the email to the device is no longer in service so I can’t look up a new password can you pls assist me with this issue

    1. As outlined in the article, you should be able to contact chat support and give them the particulars to change your email address. They’ll ask you some questions, like the original address you used to sign up, the MAC id on the device, etc. Once they’re convinced you’re you, it should be no problem to get them to change the email address to a current one so you can create a new password and reactivate your device.

      Best of luck!


    1. Michael,
      Hopefully, if you follow the directions here, you’ll be able to figure it out.
      Good luck!


    1. Unfortunately, outside this venue, I cannot assist. If the answers are not found on this page or in the video, I probably will be of little additional help.

  15. I need to reset my username and password but every time I put in pass code it say says wrong passcode. WHAT’S GOING ON????

  16. hi,
    i forgot my magicjack email passsword,i used magicjack b4 6 month.n now i wanna use it again, but i dont know the password,i have magicjack plus,do needful

    1. The directions on this page and in the video are everything I would tell you in person. It might be time to ask a local computer-savvy friend to help you through it. Best of luck!

    1. I’m leaving this up as an example comment. Some folks out there are pretending to be magicJack. They likely charge for their services. I would suggest caution when calling anyone who says they’re magicJack, because the only numbers magicJack has are billing support — not technical support.

  17. My password no longer works – so I clicked on forgot password, and received the email with the reset code – BUT MJ WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY new password – I’ve tried 11 times – new reset code via email, enter combinations of upper letter, lower letter, number, special symbol – you name it, and both New Password boxes give me a red dialog box with “invalid Password” – there is no guidelines posted, so I have no idea of what is a valid password –
    Is there a minimum of characters? Special characters that aren’t allowed?

    Is there a page with guidelines for us trying desperately to reset our passwords?

  18. OLD ADDRESS: [hidden]
    NEW ADDRESS IS: [hidden]
    :e mail [hidden] telephone 1 969 ### ####. 4 5 years ago I paid $100.00 for a 5 year period of usage.Was assigned to a [hidden] in Payson, Arizona area. Never got around to using it. At this I would like to try my hand at this service. Any assistance or directives will be graceously looked upon. Thank you.

    1. Probably not a good idea for me to allow your personal info to show up on a public website, so I’ve hidden all of it.
      Unfortunately, I can’t give you personal support any way other than on this website. Your best bet is to follow the directions here, and see if you can get an idea of whether your device is still active.

  19. a friend bought me #3395022009 magicjack but never used it before , its many years now how can i start using it coz i dont have logins stored any awhere no like 8 years or more

    1. If you still have the magicJack, and you never installed it or started it up, you could just register the device. If you registered but just stopped using it, you’ll need to contact magicJack and ask them to walk you through the device recovery process. You’ll have to have the device in hand, and hopefully the email account you used to register.

      Good luck!


  20. Hi,

    My email and the password for my Magic number have been changed by an unknown person and I am unable to use the number registered. How do I retrieve my account?

    1. If you have the original device you may be able to chat with magicJack tech support. My suggestion to you is to create a strong password using at least 20 random characters… More if possible. Then keep your password in a password app that you know is secure. You’ll need to have the physical device (the magicJack itself) so you can tell the chat support tech the MAC ID on your device. You’ll also need your original physical address and email account that you signed up with. Best of luck!


    1. I wish there were something new. It looks like their sole product has pretty much remained unchanged since about 2012. Even the concierge system is a bust, and now they’re also side-selling Norton. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with Norton 360. I just think this side-sales pitch is a little spendy and not entirely aligned with VoIP.

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