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Very sad, but this happens to all of us. Here’s a general method to work out this situation.

email-sent-forgot-password1. If you have a current email address, type that email address into the log in page at If you see a green box that says “email sent”, check your inbox and spam folder. If you find an email with password recovery directions, follow the directions. If you see a red  box that says “email not found”, you know you didn’t use that email address for your magicJack account.

2. Try another email address where you can still check your mail. Keep trying different previous email addresses you’ve used until you get the green box that says “email sent”. Check you inbox and follow the directions.

3. If you no longer have access to the email address with which you signed up for your account, your only recourse is to try and remember the email address and password you used. Look for where you might have written it down. I use a free open-source piece of software called Keepass 2. It keeps all my passwords in a protected file to which only I have access. So even if I don’t still have that email address, I can still log in and change my email address to a new email address and password.

4. If you don’t remember or don’t have access to your old email account and you cannot find a written record of you magicJack password anywhere, you may still be able to chat with magicJack chat support and ask them to confirm who you are using your telephone number, physical address and other items about your account and about the device that only you will know. Once they can validate you are who you are, they may be able to help you create a new password so you can log in and make changes to your account.

email-sent-forgot-password-email-not-recognizedI chatted with support to make sure whether this might be possible. Your mileage may vary, but if you know enough about your account, your chat support agent may be able to convince upper management to help you change your information.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Meravel’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530154049038X

Meravel: Hello, how may I help you?

Chris: Greetings. I have a friend who lost her magicJack password and no longer has access to her old email account. She moved and no longer has the same email address. How can she retrieve her password so she can log in and change the information to reflect her current address, etc.?

Meravel: I apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. Let me assist you with that.


Meravel: May I have the complete name of your friend, email address and physical address registered to the account for verification purposes?

Chris: I don’t have that information. I’m asking because she can’t log into live chat. I just want to pass along the information she needs so she can contact you to get help. Is it possible for her to do this?

Meravel: The only way we can send the log in reminder is through the email address registered on account he/she needs to retrieve the information through the email.

Chris: So if she loses access to her email account, she will never be able to retrieve her account?

Meravel: My apology but yes, it’s true.

Chris: So for instance, if my ISP provides me with as an email address, and I move to New York, where there is no “Wingo” ISP, but maybe “RoadRunner” is my ISP. I no longer have access to the charter account, so if I have a credit card that automatically renews, I cannot change that information if I forgot my password?

Meravel: We need to get the internal serial number of the device so that we can report it to our upper management.

Chris: So there may be a way to do this. Is this correct?

Meravel: Our upper management will just update the account of the customer as long as we can verify the information needed.

Chris: Okay, that’s good to know. I’ll pass that information on to her. Thank you.

Meravel: You’re welcome.

Meravel: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Chris: That’s it. Thank you.

Meravel: Thank you for chatting with magicJack! Please find the “Click Here to Rate Your Chat Experience” button at the upper right corner of the chat window to rate your experience with magicJack Customer Care.

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