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Update 2013.12.10: This offer is now expired. Bummer. If anyone finds a similar offer, please let us know!

This is pretty-much the same offer that was given to magicJack owners earlier this year who were early adopters. Keep in mind that if you transfer your existing service, from your old magicJack to your old magicJack becomes a brick. If you’re getting the device for the first time, I’m not sure if this upgrade price will be available to you. If it is, post and let us know! You get six month of service with the device, at which point you’ll need to renew for a year.

Link to the cyber week special.

2013 Cyber Week Sale 40% Off!

Caveat: If you’re buying a replacement device for yourself, and you have the extra cash, it’s a safe bet, but remember, if you’re doing a transfer, you’re basically paying $30 for the privilege of upgrading to a new device and bagging your old device. The new device still doesn’t have optional wifi, still doesn’t have SMS and is still unable to use the two USB ports as advertised, although of course the original magicJack 2012 capabilities are still there in the 2014 device too. If you have less than six months left on the old device, consider using this strategy for getting the new device. You can then compare both devices side-by-side and decide which one you’ll end up keeping before your service runs out on the old device.

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