Your geek-chic in-laws just bought you a magicJack plus as a stocking stuffer. Of course, they suspected your luddite tendencies, and hoped to give you something you couldn’t possibly hope to master, but you intend to thwart their low expectations of you. Learn from this post what you need and how to set up your unexpected fortune – a magicJack plus.

magicJack Holiday?

You should have received a small package containing the following:

  • magicJack plus device (black box)
  • 6″ USB extender
  • AC USB adapter
  • ethernet cable
  • NOTE: telephone cable is not included.

Short course:

  1. Don’t use the ethernet cable that came with the device. It’s cheap and easily gets stuck and can break the Ethernet port on your device or your router when you try to disconnect it later. Use any other inexpensive commercially-available Ethernet cable.
  2. The packaging touts two methods for activation and registration: via computer and via router. Use the “computer” method for registration and activation. Plug the device into a USB port on your computer. Most people have trouble activating using the “router” method.
  3. If you weren’t given a phone with your device, you’ll need a phone (cordless or corded) that connects using a phone jack.
  4. Follow this post and video to register and activate your phone.
  5. If you live outside the US or Canada, you will not be able to register or activate the magicJack if it is not already activated and registered by the gift giver, so don’t even try. It is appropriate to thank them for the gift and tell them that since you cannot activate it overseas, you’ve sent it to your nephew in the States who can use it for college. Mischief managed.┬áIf it is already activated, your relatives really love you and want to keep in touch. Calls to and from the US and Canada made on the magicJack will be free from this device. Good fortune!
  6. magicJack doesn’t work to call some area codes, even in the United States. If you find yourself unable to call all your neighbors, and most of your calls are local, it is perfectly acceptable to once again, give your magicJack to another family member how might actually be able to use it.

Assuming you live in the US or Canada, once you’ve registered and activated your device, unplug it from your computer. Connect as shown in the above post and video to power, router and phone. Now you can use it without any computer on.

Now you know a little more about the magicJack. Please feel free to explore this site for more information, tips and ideas about how to use your magicJack.

Happiest of Holidays!

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