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In the past, the magicJack plus was installed by inserting it first into your computer’s USB port and following the install directions. This apparently is no longer the case with the mJ+ 2014.

According to Ayesha from magicJack chat support:

Plug in the new 2014 mj plus in the wall outlet and router and then visit and let the video finish for the registration to appear.

There’s a movie that shows you how to do it.

Update 2014.09.19: magicJack GO? Try the USB method first, as shown in this post and video. The router or network method still seems not to work for most people.

Update 2013.12.19: If you are registering a new magicJack and have never owned one previously, please try the USB method first, as shown in this post and video. The router method seems not to work for most people.

Update 2013.08.25: I (and a number of others) have not been able to use this new update method where the device starts plugged directly into the router. I had to use the old USB port method. Check out this post and video to see my experience.

Once you’ve followed the directions on the movie, the device becomes available to the internet through your router. The video is replaced by a big blue button that says “To Complete Registration Click Here Now”. You can wait until the movie ends, or you can press the orange “I’m ready Let’s Go!” button on the right side if your device is already connected.


magicJack servers will automatically find your device on your router and you will be asked to fill out all the particulars for your device and your service from within your open browser. That’s as far as I got because I haven’t bought the mJ+ 2014.

I’ll be curious to find out whether the directions in the mJ+ 2014 package still say to plug it into the computer via USB  in order to register the device.


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