In the past, the magicJack plus was installed by inserting it first into your computer’s USB port and following the install directions. This apparently is no longer the case with the mJ+ 2014.

According to Ayesha from magicJack chat support:

Plug in the new 2014 mj plus in the wall outlet and router and then visit and let the video finish for the registration to appear.

There’s a movie that shows you how to do it.

Update 2014.09.19: magicJack GO? Try the USB method first, as shown in this post and video. The router or network method still seems not to work for most people.

Update 2013.12.19: If you are registering a new magicJack and have never owned one previously, please try the USB method first, as shown in this post and video. The router method seems not to work for most people.

Update 2013.08.25: I (and a number of others) have not been able to use this new update method where the device starts plugged directly into the router. I had to use the old USB port method. Check out this post and video to see my experience.

Once you’ve followed the directions on the movie, the device becomes available to the internet through your router. The video is replaced by a big blue button that says “To Complete Registration Click Here Now”. You can wait until the movie ends, or you can press the orange “I’m ready Let’s Go!” button on the right side if your device is already connected.


magicJack servers will automatically find your device on your router and you will be asked to fill out all the particulars for your device and your service from within your open browser. That’s as far as I got because I haven’t bought the mJ+ 2014.

I’ll be curious to find out whether the directions in the mJ+ 2014 package still say to plug it into the computer via USBĀ  in order to register the device.


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  1. MagicJack also requires that your new magicJack 2014 and the computer you use to register it must be on the same network.

    Sounds easy enough, but like yourself, I haven’t purchased a new magicJack 2014. Given that I already have an original magicJack and a magicJack Plus, the new model doesn’t really offer any additional functionality. Perhaps in another year??

    1. These are my thoughts exactly, Dennis. I like the idea of better sound and fewer dropouts, but I’m okay with the quality of sound I’ve got now. I certainly plan to buy a 2014, but not until the firmware becomes worth it.

    2. I have tried to install a replacement mj for two days with no success and this in my second replacement.One of the online chat people cut me off while I was trying to accomplish what he ask me to do.the pig cut me off before I finished typing in my findings.

      1. ralph,

        Chat tech support supposedly lives in the Philippines. The Philippines just went through Typhoon Haiyan (a category-5 super-typhoon – one of the strongest ever recorded, apparently soon to be followed by another almost as drastic. 6000 people lost their lives, and the country is in disarray. That you could get someone to help you at all seems incredible. In light of this, I hope you will be charitable and patient. (I don’t work for magicJack, but over 14 million people were affected by that storm. It’s amazing that horizons can be so wide on such a small world.)

        I find it helps to write down what I want to say first, then get on chat support and copy and paste my pre-assembled questions, text, whatever. It also helps to firm in my mind exactly what I want to say. If you get a clever chat support person, it makes things go smoother. If you feel your chat support person is not understanding you, you can say “I sense we are not understanding each other well. Could I speak with another chat support technician?” They’ll transfer you.

        And consider carefully — these people have your technical information at their finger tips. With a few key strokes, they can make your life miserable, and you’ll never know why. As with any chat support system, a healthy dose of compassion and respect will get you far more sympathy and aid from the technician.

        Best of Luck


  2. Purchased Majicjack 2014 and am using it but it is not registered, how do I register and keep my old number, this is important. The old number will cause me too many problems.


    1. If it’s not registered, you’re only able to call out. (That’s the skinny from others, anyway.) Your best bet is to log in to magicJack and assign it your existing magicJack number. If you got this as part of the “Free with six months” upgrade deal for an existing magicJack plus, please read here for caveats. When you transfer to the new magicJack plus 2014, your old device will no longer work, and you lose the six months of existing service on your old magicJack plus.

    2. I am very disappointed with MJ, I purchased a MJ 2 years & it stopped being able to call out, it was impossible to reach MJ to solve the problem, all I could do was talk to people who wanted to sell a
      MJ.I was forced to put my cell on roving to contact people, I have talked to other people who have the same problem. I unfortunate purchased another MJ and unable to register it with old number is
      this going be the history of MJ if it is Mj is the < explicit word >

      1. The only way to reach magicJack support is through chat. It helps to be patient with them. If you can’t do it, perhaps a geek friend could figure it out for you. In the end, remember, there is no harm in recognizing that this is not your kind of phone system. If you would rather someone be able to talk you through phone connection problems, you probably should go with something more expensive like vonage or a landline service like AT&T. If this doesn’t work out for you, remember the investment was small. Consider giving your magicJack to someone you think might make use of it.
        Best of luck.

  3. I just received my mj+2014. I hooked it up and registered it. It works but sometimes when you answer a call one of the parties can’t hear the other for awhile or the voice is choppy. after awhile it seems to clear up. Sometimes it works fine. Also I don’t see any extra ports just the phone jack and ISBN jack. Well this device not work right till the new firmware comes out. Any info you have well be helpful.

    1. It may be using different STUN settings than the magicJack plus original version. Try putting your mj+ 2014 into the USB slot on your computer to see if it will update. If you see the “Lucky You” symbol, it probably means you needed an update. Also, in your router setup, change the MAC ID for your permanent IP from your old mj+ to the MAC ID for your new mJ+. Then your existing port forwards will forward correctly to the new mJ+ with its new MAC ID.

  4. I have purchased a 2014 Magic Jack and it is not registered as yet. It has a Florida Phone number that will probably be long distance for calls to my M.J. If any one has a phone number for Magic Jack, please e mail it to me or put it into a reply Thx.

    1. Not exactly sure why you would need someone else’s magicJack number… You’ll be able to call most people in the US, except some rural area codes.

    1. You should be able to start using it immediately. It’s charged on a per-minute basis, with a different rate for each country. When you’re out of funds, you’ll need to recharge. Log in to the magicJack website and add additional calling funds to a specific device. Funds cannot be transferred between devices. If you only have one device, it’s easy. If you have more than one device, you’ll need to specify which device you’re buying international minutes for. (That includes apps.)

  5. this is my third magicjack. no problems with the first 2. been trying to register this one for a week. but you made it to hard to hard this time. now i am sick of magicjack

    1. Hi burleybaker, I don’t work for magicJack. You are certainly not alone. There are others who feel much as you do about the new registration method. Things change.

      Your best bet is to go to, and follow the directions there. Make sure your magicJack plus 2014 is behind the same router as your computer in order to register. I’m going to be posting a video of the registration process for people like us who already have one or more devices. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

  6. Submitted on 2013/08/09 at 2:03 pm
    after reading all the replys –i’ll wait to hook up the 2014. i own 4 majic jacks –i remember when i received my first–the head aches i had. no one and i repete no one new how to answer my questions
    i say this the money i spent is a joke now and i’ll check back in a few months.
    if you have and/or thinking about getting the 2013 plus go for it
    also remember mj gaves all information to the gov. i believe this gov. has invested alot of money
    in mj.
    saying all that have a good day

    Submitted on 2013/08/09 at 2:35 pm
    i just reply and after ==i question myself==”was i to hard on majic jack technical support”
    well then i open a link ==top right==right above “HELPFUL LINKS”
    do you want a good laugh and i might add now i have a head ache
    click on it ==what a joke.
    have a great weekend

    Submitted on 2013/08/09 at 2:44 pm
    sorry i forgot to gave the link
    the link is

    1. It looks like you’re saying you’ll be waiting before you attempt to buy the magicJack 2014 for yourself. Good for you! I’ve condensed all your comments into one comment for ease of reference. Sorry, the link didn’t come through.

  7. I cnnect my new 2014 majicjack into router but can not reg it said I was not connect. i can call with it and have dail pass word with old m g is ###### my phone no. is 70# 4## 1###.i would like to keep my old no.

    1. Buren,
      I’ve removed your registration information from the comment. I don’t work for magicJack. However, if you would like to follow some simple directions on how to do exactly what you’re asking, go to this page. There’s also a youtube video that clarifies everything. Good luck!

    1. Rahul, you’re in Bangalore, India. Sorry. You’ll have to be in the United States or Canada in order to register any magicJack device. Next time you’re in the US, register while you’re visiting family or friends. You might also be able to register at a cafe or hotspot in the US, but it may not be very secure. Good luck!

    2. Have had org MJ for several yrs and is OK–just bought PLUS w/5yr plan and I can’t get it to work now what?

      If I disconnect the computer from my router I lose the connection to the internet. Pluging the MJ plus into the router leaves no connection to the internet ??? MY router only has one ( 1 ) plug-In….my puter only has (1) 8-pin plug. now what???.

      1. Owen,
        I’ve combined both your comments into one comment. It sounds to me like you are connecting your computer directly to your modem without a router. magicJack assumes you’ve already got a router with more than one open and available port. If your modem is a combined modem/router with one LAN port and a WIFI antenna (rare), you could probably get a way with a switch to add ports, but it’s not very secure. You’re much better off disabling your modem’s wifi and getting a router. If your modem has no wifi, it is strictly a modem, like this one and you’ll need to pony up for a router anyway, along with extra ethernet cords. Connect your only ethernet port on the modem to the WAN port on the router. Connect all your other wired devices to the router (desktop computer, magicJack plus, print-server, laptop, etc.) Set up wireless using WPA2 security for your iOS and android devices. You should be good to go. Here’s a post and video about strategy and setup for magicJack.

        If you actually have a rare combo modem/router with wifi and a single lan port, you should know this is not a really secure system. AT&T/SBCGlobal can see all devices behind your modem in this configuration. If you buy your own router, it’s much more difficult for your ISP to profile you, since all your devices are behind your router. Privacy is a major concern on the internet. Just a thought…

  8. Will MJ assign a number I can use during the trial period so that I do not lose my phone number in case it is not a good fit for my business? If it works well for me, can I then assume my existing number for Majicc Jack prior to cancelling my AT&T service?

    1. In short yes. Choose the free phone number option as shown in this post and the accompanying video. If you really want to transfer your number later, you can do it afterward. There shouldn’t be any difference in cost if you transfer your phone number now or later. I would strongly suggest not transferring your preferred phone number to magicJack. There is a yearly $10 surcharge and a transfer fee the first year. Taking an assigned number from magicJack costs nothing extra. If you prefer to keep your current AT&T number and expect to stay with it for years afterward, it may be cheaper to transfer your AT&T number to Google Voice (GV) and then forward all your calls to the magicJack free with GV. GV does not charge any yearly fee after the initial $20 transfer charge. AT&T can be sticky about transferring land lines to GV in some areas, though.

      When you cancel your AT&T service, that’s it. Your contract for all services is done, so if you have your internet through AT&T, you’ll also lose internet! Talk to AT&T for specifics about this before you proceed. If you’re using cable, as I suspect you are, then you needn’t worry.

  9. i ordered the 5 years plus when i ordered the magic jack. i hope your not going to double bill my account.

    1. I don’t work for magicJack. Since I’ve billed you nothing, I could double or triple your bill from me, and you could still be thankful that it would be zero.

  10. We have a second home in Michigan. A year ago I tried to install a MJ using my I Pad in Mich. I didn”t have a computer with me. I was unable to register the MJ and returned it. I recently purchased a new MJ in Texas where my permanent residence is. I’m trying to Register but your system won’t accept my E Mail address because it says I already have an account. with that E Mail. I don”t have an account. What should I do?

    1. Hi Vernon. I don’t work for magicJack. Feel free to send me pots of money with no strings attached, if you like! But on a more serious note: since you already have an account from your previous attempts at logging in, all you need to do is ask for a password. Go to This leads to a log-in page. Type in your email address in the “Email or Phone Number” field. Click “Forgot Password?”. You should receive an email that will help you retrieve or create a new password. From there, you’ll be able to register using an existing account. Check out this post to learn more about registering with an existing account. Good luck!

  11. I am Janet Capers I just installed the mj plus with router I would like to port my 843 XXX XXXX number
    what do I need to do The phone # that appears on my caller Id is XXXXXXX
    Janet Capers

    1. Assuming you have a land line number you want ported to magicJack: If you really want to keep your number, I suspect you would be better off porting it to google voice and forwarding your calls from google voice.

  12. i was told my magicjack would work with out a computer .all you had to do was to plug it to a wall s and the phone would work dosnotwork help

    1. Samuel,
      They lied. Well, technically, they didn’t lie so much as bend the truth. You have to have either a computer, a smart phone with a browser or a tablet with a browser to activate the magicJack plus device. It’s easiest to do this from a computer, since you can plug it into a usb port. If you can’t do it from your own computer, try to do it from a friends. At the very least, you may be able to try it at your local library, but ask first, since you would be installing software on their computer.

    1. Zahir, you’ll need to buy extra minutes if you plan to use your magicJack in Toronto to call people in other countries. If you activate your magicJack and send it to someone who lives in another country and they have a very good broadband connection, you’ll be able to call them at a local number and talk to them for the price of the magicJack and shipping of the device to the other country. You’ll have to decide which strategy is most cost-effective. Good luck!

  13. question – I had my printer/fax machine hooked up to the phone line. With the new MJ2014, does this mean I can’t use my printer to fax stuff now?

    1. Carol,
      I have not tried it, but others have. It’s possible you might be able to do a few pages through at a time, but from what I have heard, it ends up going very slowly because the baud rate is ridiculously reduced. You may want to try one of the free internet fax services that are out there. Good luck!

  14. Bought Magic Jack Plus from Wal-mart took days to register device while trying to register MJ plus was navigated to a sales site and was asked to pay an extra 19.95 tried to port old phone # was told it would cost $10.00 one time fee while trying to port old # was asked to pay another 19.95 a total of about $30.00 to port old phone # can anyone tell me whats going on? I feel like I am being scamed what do you think? especially after being asked for credit card information.

    1. It sounds to me like you may have been a victim of one or more of the many upsells that magicJack registration tries to compel you to buy. Since I wasn’t there to watch, I’m not likely to be much help. Your best bet is to try contact magicJack chat support.

  15. I bought a Magic Jack 2014 today to reduce my bills and to avoid all the frustration of phone services, I have an old account with the old Magic Jack and transferred the existing number to the new MJ. Could not set it up independent of the computer, Had to plug into the computer receive updates, It said “lucky you” your device is ready for use, I removed it from the computer plugged it back into the phone and the router and nothing, all I get is a dial tone but no ring when I dial a number, I’m exhausted Chris, I know you don’t work for Magic Jack but something tells me you have the answer, Can you help me out?

    1. Wunzola,
      What number is your new magicJack set for? Phone numbers tab –> Numbers Column –> ??? If this is set to something like *012345689* change it to your preferred telephone number. Perhaps that’s a place to start.

  16. I’ve bought the Magic plus to use in England. Will I have any problems setting it up, or do I have to set it up when I’m in the states?

    1. While the device can be bought outside Canada and the US, it’s supposed to be used by people who live in the US or Canada, perhaps temporarily while abroad. I suggest next time you’re on this side of the pond, hit a cafe, plug it into your USB port and register and activate there. Of course, you could always try registering using a trusted US web proxy (sort of how some people watch BBC with iPlayer outside of the UK), but I understand that’s not terribly legal, so it seems reasonably likely that magicJack would frown upon this too, even though they would get money out of you. (Who knows?) These are not things I do, but I’ve heard that others do it. Your mileage may vary.

  17. If I transfer my current phone number to magic jack will I be able to use my phone number

    1. While I was waiting for my phone number to transfer from AT&T to google voice, I waited several days, but I was able to use the cell phone right up until the minute they did the transfer. The lady from AT&T actually helped do the transfer while I was on the phone, and then called me on the number again so I could be sure that google voice was picking it up correctly. The same should be true with your transfer, but you may want to talk with your cell or land-line provider to get a better estimate of the time during which you may not be able to use your phone number. Good luck!

  18. magicjack everybody cannot register the page is closet ,how magicjack sale this adapter that do not work can someone tell mi. thank

    1. Since you live in Miami, there shouldn’t be any problems. If you’re trying to install using the network method shown in this post, please note that most of us have had trouble using that method. You’ll have much better success if you plug your device into the USB port on your computer and let it install and guide you through the activation process. Network install is still buggy.

    1. If you have internet access through your Mac at home and you’re not leeching your neighbor’s WiFi, you likely have either a router with a modem or a combination router/modem in one device. If you don’t have your own router with modem or router/modem combo, you’re pretty much out of luck. The 2014 is currently unable to connect via WiFi, even though they advertise that it can. When I’ve talked with folks at chat support, they say it will happen later this year as a firmware update. That was in September, and it’s now December, so I’m not holding my breath. If you have a wired connection available somewhere, keep the device. If not, you have a holiday present perfect for someone who does have wired internet. Assuming you do have Ethernet wired access, use these directions to get started. Alternatively if you are leeching wifi and you are set on continuing the practice, you could just activate and run the device via USB on your Mac when your Mac is on. Of course you’ll have no phone when there’s no wireless and the Mac is off. I hope that covers it.

      Note: Connect an ethernet cord to the back of the router/modem combo (not the crummy one that comes with your magicJack – get a retail-grade cable or make your own).

  19. I just bought the 2014 Magicjack Plus, I have a old magicjack and I still have years on it, I have been told when I bought the new one that my money would be transferred over to the new one, does anyone know if this is true. I still have time to send it back if this is not true.

    1. Hi Verna,
      Gary — another person who got the cyber week deal — said he had no trouble adding the six months to his existing years in a comment on this article. So from what I understand, magicJack is actually allowing you to add the six months in addition to your existing years for this cyber week special. Please report back to confirm. Remember, when you transfer, the old device becomes a paperweight and the new device becomes your active registered device.
      Good luck!

    1. If the device gets warm to the touch, that’s pretty normal. If it is actually too hot to hold, unplug it and return it.

      All electronic devices emit heat as a byproduct of their using electricity. Computers have vents and fans to keep them cool. Think of the magicJack as a tiny ventless, fanless computer. Because its electrical use is so low, it only generates a small amount of heat. (The same can be said for your router, modem or switch.) However, in the wrong environment, that heat can build. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put this device between two fluffy pillows, because the heat would build with no place to escape, possibly damaging your device or worse. Because the device is so light, I allow it to dangle from its wires a little out into the air of the closet where it resides. The closet stays relatively cool, allowing the device to remain also relatively cool. Like your router, modem, laptop and other devices, just give it some room to breathe and everything should be fine.

      If your device is literally too hot to hold, you’ll need to contact magicJack chat support by logging in to and using the “Live Help” tab. Good luck!

  20. i need a refund because i cannot register and retain my current phone number. i searched and that is how i got here, but there is no way for me to register or keep my phone number

    1. Hi Thom,
      Keeping in mind that I don’t work for magicJack, your best bet is to either return it if you bought it from a local store like Best Buy or RadioShack. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact chat support.

      In my opinion, you’re better off not registering your current phone number with magicJack. Consider trying to transfer your current number to Google Voice. It will cost $20, but once it’s set up with GV, you can forward your calls to the magicJack. Forwarding doesn’t cost anything from Google Voice.

      Good luck!

    1. Stella,
      While I don’t work for magicJack, I did put together this post and video that shows the general registration process. Ince you live in the US, you should have little or no trouble registering and activating your new device. Good luck!

  21. I am having problems with majicjack and wondered if you have solution.cannot toggle between telephone and headphone on menu on has sent me to remote access and they disconnected me from internet
    Still not toggling.

    1. It sounds like you may need to reinstall the software. From the windows magicJack menu, try pulling down to “advanced users” and then to “Run magicFix”. Follow the prompts. If this doesn’t work, you may need to contact chat support.

  22. Hi, I was just reading your posts. I just bought a magicjack plus and plugged it in through my router. Everything works but I’m having trouble trying to find where to register. Do I sign up for the free trial if I’ve already purchased it? Also because it just assigned me a number I’m not sure if it’s an American or Canadian #. Could you possibly direct me as to where I should be looking to set up an account. Your help would most definitely be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Annette,

      First let’s get some business out of the way:

      The easiest way to find out what the area code is: google “XYZ Area Code” where “XYZ” is the area code.

      If someone sent you a magicJack as a gift, they may have activated it for you. You’ll need to talk to the gift giver about whether or not this is the case and how you can access the account on line.

      If you’re registering on a Mac, try registering via a Windows machine instead.

      If you bought this yourself, most people have trouble with the router method of registration. At the top of this post in the update area, you may have noticed that I show a link to the alternative method, plugging your magicJack into the USB port.

      I’m concerned that you suggest you have not registered or activated your device, but that yet you already have a number. If this is the case, the magicJack may have already been activated. It might mean that you bought the magicJack second-hand, or that you bought it as an open-box item from your local BestBuy, Walmart or RadioShack. If this is the case, someone may have already activated the device. To find out if the device is activated, plug the magicJack into the USB port on your computer. The magicJack will ask to start its app. Allow it to do so. If you see the standard magicJack dialpad with a telephone number rather than a string of zeroes or the registration form, your device is already activated and registered. If you log into and you don’t see this phone number available in the phone numbers tab, then your device is not available to you and you did not activate the device. If you log in and you see the number then you somehow did register and activate the device yourself. If you don’t already have a magicJack account and you did not order this directly from magicJack, you probably should bring the device back to the store where you bought it and tell them they can’t resell opened magicJack devices, since there is no way to access the original activator’s magicJack account. Regardless, you should get your money back and ask for a fresh, unopened magicJack replacement. If magicJack sent you a device that is already registered and activated, you need to get on chat support with them and find out what to do.

      Good luck!

  23. I just bought a magic jack 2014. I followed the installation instructions. I wanted to get a vanity number to be consistent with my email address and my other business publications but the webpage said that number wasn’t available and to choose another. Another option was to use another number I already had…which happened to be my cell phone number. I typed it in. It recognized that it was a mobile device number. It asked me which carrier I was using I said Verizon. It said ok and that the number would be fully transferred to them in 5-10 days. It then proceeded me to check out to finalize and activate my new number and my Magic Jack device.
    As of this morning I have gotten into a huge fight with Verizon because you HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A NIGHTMARE THEY HAVE BEEN FOR ME THE LAST 1.5 YEARS. ( hence teh magic jack purchase) So Verizon is now working to get me out of my contract with them. whats going to happen to the number i used to sign up to Magic Jack with now?

    1. Sharon, just to be clear, you are trying to transfer an existing number from Verizon to magicJack, yes? I have a better idea. At least it worked better for me. If you haven’t already started the process, transfer your existing Verizon cell number to Google Voice. Then advertise your google voice number to friends, colleagues and family members. Forward all your google voice calls to whatever random magicJack phone number you can get for the Orlando area. That way, you won’t be tied to magicJack’s $10/year policy to renew the phone number and you’ll only have spent $20 to transfer the Verizon number to Google Voice. You’ll be able to keep the GV number as long as you need it. If you have already started the process with Verizon/magicJack, you’ll need to chat with magicJack chat support to find out your status. If there are other details that might make a difference, let me know. Good luck.

  24. I just received and register my MJ. but I was charged for a free service if I would retain my old phone number which I later read it is free. I would like to know how to request the charges made on mu Credit Card. C.Batista

    [Similar question transferred from pre-registration page.] I just received my mj order. I just register it. I read that I have free local and Long distance; Free voice mail; and FREE to retain my old phone number. However during the installation there were requiring that there was a charge for retaining my old phone number which I agree. But after reading that there is no cost charges for this I am requesting that I be granted this offer. C.Batista)

    1. Carlos, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

      Since you have already transferred the number, you will have to continue to pay $10 per year to keep that transferred number as a magicJack number. magicJack considers transferred numbers “vanity” numbers. magicJack is the only company I know of that creates this yearly charge for a transferred or vanity number. It’s outrageous and seems to be in a legally gray area. No other phone service provider does this. If there is a number you’re attached to, I have found that the best thing to do is transfer that number to Google Voice (GV). That will still cost you $20, but it’s a one time fee. All phone service providers (the provider you are porting your number to) do this. Then, give everyone your GV number and have GV forward all your calls to the free assigned magicJack number. GV does not charge you yearly after the initial phone number port cost – just like all other phone service providers. magicJack does not charge you extra if you just choose from among their free assigned numbers.

      To pour salt into in the wound, when you try to transfer the same preferred number to a new phone service provider, magicJack is going to try to charge you a $30 port-out fee. If you elect not to keep magicJack, you can ignore the port-out fee. There’s some question as to its legality, again since no other phone service provider is even allowed to do this.

      There is unfortunately no reprieve about getting your port-fee money back. You have signed up through their site using your credit card. You have ostensibly read the small print, and your magicJack is functioning correctly. If you are really peeved, you could try transferring your preferred number to another inexpensive voip provider, but I don’t know if the magicJack would work anymore. As an experiment, you could always try porting your preferred number to GV and then log into the magicJack account and assign your device a new free number. I don’t know if it would work, but if you’re upset enough to try it, I’d love to know how it turns out.

      Best of luck.

    1. Luis, I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t work for magicJack. If you have registered and activated the device and it functions, it is unlikely that you will get your money back. You will need to chat with chat support. If you have a relative who speaks English, you may want to ask that person to translate for you. Best of luck.

  25. My son Mr.Aditya Thota has bought Magicjack phone from Chicago, US and had sent to us (his parents) in India for regular day to day communication.
    Magicjack plus new 2014 was installed about four months back in India for US calls with number ###-###-#### . We are unable to speak over phone neither from India nor from US for last four weeks. Every time recorded message saying “System error, please try again later !!” is being played. How long this system error / failure continues ? System does not detect, verify and correct the system error ?
    Why Customer / Consumer should be penalised for system error and how long ?
    Please rectify system error on long distance call phone ###-###-#### with immediate effect and resume the functioning of said phone.
    With regards,

    1. Dear TRRao,
      Since I don’t work for magicJack, I’m uncomfortable calling numbers directly to diagnose anything. I’ve erased your number from your post so that others also don’t call you or put you on a spam calling list for products and services you won’t want, especially since you live in India.
      There are a number of possibilities why your magicJack is no longer working.

      • First, if it was sent to you four months ago, but your son activated it six months ago, it’s possible the device subscription has lapsed and that it was not set to auto-renew. Ask your son to renew the device, if possible, using the same credit card. Don’t try to use a credit card from India.
      • Second, try connecting the device to your windows or mac machine and see if it will dial out when connected via USB. If it works this way, you have a problem within your network. Hence it is a router situation. More often than not, most system errors can be corrected by making sure to assign your magicJack to a static IP outside the DHCP range. Don’t do it from Do it from your router’s admin interface.
      • Third, if the USB method doesn’t work and you still get the same system error, there may be a problem with terms of service. Perhaps you have been spending six or more hours a day every day on the phone. This seems unlikely as most of us have much more to do with our lives than chat on the phone.

      Good luck!

  26. Plugged Magic jack into the wall outlet. Connected to the router and phone. Went to the web site to finish the setup. It was easy and took less time than expected. No problem porting over my cell number.

  27. No problems with Magic Jack Plus 2014.

    New user. Purchased unit from Target, $49, 6 months included “free”. Comcast cable setup (MUCH faster than DSL, for all you non-techies out there). Performed setup through direct connect to router (not through computer). Then did the registration through The registration process was very painless and easy. I did not have to enter the unit’s code or anything! The registration detected my unit from within my home LAN. I also ported my number from AT&T, which raised my monthly rate in Jan 2014 to $32/month (BASIC package, no long distance, ridiculous….), and thus the need for Magic Jack.

    Pros: incredibly easy hardware setup, even easier registration.
    Cons: MJ website needs enhancements to be more user friendly.

    Overall: great product at very nice low price to get away from local expensive landlines. Pros greatly outweigh cons.

    1. Corey,
      You’re right about the dearth of friendly user-interface. magicJack has hired new leadership. I hope they’re about to make changes to the account-management part of the site to make it more user-friendly, just as they have to the main site. Try as I might, I could not get the method to work. I’m glad it worked for you.

  28. I’m trying not to get too frustrated before highly upset. I need more technical support to resolve issues with either of my 3 MJ. I currently have 1 of each model with technical issues with the original MJ and MJplus. Most of the time during ownership they’ve worked fine but eventually became an issue. What are we to do?

    I just bought the 2014 MJplus because my 2yr old MJplus stopped working and I haven’t found the problem yet. I haven’t registered the new 2014MJplus yet, is it so that if I do and keep old number that it’ll cancel out the original MJplus and I loose my remaining subscription months? What can be done about the original MJplus that stopped working in less then 2yrs?

    1. Horace,
      Log in to Find out if your old devices have lapsed their registration. It’s entirely possible they have. If so, you may be able to re-enable them if you want to, but I would ask chat support about it first. From my post on chatting with support, be sure to couch your questions in such a way that they must answer either yes or no.

      You don’t have to transfer your existing number if it’s already in the magicJack system. Check out this post about registration for those who already have a magicJack account. You can share the phone number across both devices. This can be done during registration. If your old magicJack has a few months left and you no longer want to use it, you should be able to transfer the old device months to the new device so that you’ll have 6 months plus however many months you had left on the old device. (This used not to be the case, but it changed around the Holidays this last winter.) While numbers can be shared during or after registration, new devices can replace old devices only during new-device registration/activation. Otherwise magicJack assumes you want to have two separate devices at $30 per year per device.

      I wish I could help you with your technical issues, but I would need more information. (Not your phone number though.) Please consider looking around the site for some answers. There are quite a few examples of how to troubleshoot problems with the magicJack.

      Good luck!

  29. so far have plugged majic jack in and it seems to work fine, howeve it also tells me you can only receive calls from numbers that you have called since the installaion of majic jack… nif i haven’t called a friend or relative in quite some tim…then they can’t call me!!! Also, how do I keep my same number that i previously had prior to majic jack assigning me a new one????

    1. Anthony, I have never heard any tale of only receiving numbers you’ve already called. Perhaps someone is pulling your leg. If the number you want to transfer has already lapsed, it’s too late. You can’t ask for it back. If you still have service with your old number, you can still transfer it. It will still cost you $20 upon transfer and $10 per year to keep your preferred number. If you intend to keep your number a long time, it’s cheaper and probably more reliable in the long run to transfer your number to Google Voice and forward your calls from Google Voice to magicJack or whatever other device you prefer in the future. Good luck.

  30. THIS MAJIC JACK WAS PAID IN 01 08 2014 $ 63.49 , i dond register this telefon because i have anoder
    jacic jack. now I need register this telefon and number.

    1. Jeanette,
      You’ll have to come to the US or Canada to register and activate your newest magicJack.
      It cannot be done from Bogota, Columbia.
      Best of luck!

  31. We purchased a MJ+2014 and connected through our router/modem. Three times it said it couldn’t find the device, plug into the usb on the computer. The next morning we started over and no registration video appeared on our computer. I checked the landline (a 313 area code) and called my cell. It showed a Florida area code. I called it and it reached my land line and voice mail. I called my spouses cell from the landline and a different Florida number appeared on his cell. He called that number and our landline received that call also. When we call our 313 landline it rings online, but not does not ring at home. Now we have two Florida phone numbers and we haven’t even registered. We would like to transfer our AT&T landline number to GV but I don’t know if we still have it. Can you help us register and get rid of the two Florida numbers?

    1. D,
      It sounds like you have not yet activated or registered the device. For the first day or two, mJ allows you to try the phone. You can basically call out to test call quality. Nobody can call you though, since a number hasn’t been assigned. It seems likely the number you’re seeing in the Caller ID is a temporary number assigned per call. Use the install method in this post, following the associated youtube video. If you have already activated and registered your device, when you plug it in via USB, you should see the telephone number pop up in the center top of the magicJack application screen. If you have not, you’ll see the welcome screen.

      As for porting your AT&T home land line to GV, this is a two-step process. AT&T makes it very difficult to port a land line to GV. Instead you have to transfer it first to AT&T mobile. I chose a cheap AT&T go phone clam-shell that I found at Best Buy for $5 and added the minimum amount of minutes for $15. A transferred my home phone first to the newly-established go phone. So the first step. The second step was porting from the go-phone to google voice. That also cost about $20. It helped to call the AT&T mobile people in order to hand-hold the process through. They actually called my on the go-phone just before the transfer and then called the GV line to make sure the phone number ported correctly. The entire process took three days, but I had the use of the go phone for that time. After porting the number, the go-phone is dead, regardless of the number of minutes you might have left, but now you have your “land-line” as a google voice number, ready to forward any incoming calls to your activated magicJack.

      Good luck!

    1. Hi Thomas. Comments are moderated, so that’s why you don’t see what you wrote immediately. It cuts down on spammers. I don’t know if I’ll be able to help, but since you’re in the US, it should work right out of the box. If you’re really interested in figuring it out, a few details about what’s happening would probably be useful.

    1. Depending on your ISP in Toronto, the magicJack can be touchy when it comes to decent faxing. You would likely have to set your fax baud rate to 9600Kbps. If you know anything about faxes, you know that’s really slow. Some people can only get fax documents of about 3 pages or less to actually go through. Plus, why would you want to use one of those ancient machines anyway? Most modern multipurpose printers will scan to pdf as easily fax. If you send it as an attached pdf via email, your document will likely get to your client faster and more reliably. Also, you won’t waste paper.

  32. Ordered a new MagicJack Plus 2014 directly from

    Upon attempting to activate it via the normal PC method, consistently get a screen asking me to login to me existing MagicJack account. Doing so results in an error message stating their are no devices to replace.

    Support had no idea. I already paid for this device and it cannot be activated. Attempted on multiple computers with same results.

    Any advice?

    1. Just a guess… If you bought it from BestBuy, Walmart or RadioShack, somebody probably bought it before you, activated and registered it. Then they returned it. The store owner thought he could put it back on the shelf at reduced price – or not – and you bought it. Go back to the store where you bought it and get an exchange and tell them that the one you got was faulty and that it needs to be returned to the manufacturer and that you want an exchange for the same item new-in-box. Most stores in the US are legally required to have a seven-day-from-purchase no-fuss policy on returns/exchanges for defective electronics.

      Edit: Wow – I apologize that I didn’t read your question clearly. You said you bought it directly from magicJack. I’m curious if either of you already have other magicJacks, or if this is your first. For right now, the only thing I can think is that the magicJack you have is somehow defective or previously activated. You’ll still need to get a replacement from magicJack. You’ll need to convince them that the problem lies with their defect and that they need to send you a free replacement and pay return shipping if they want the defective device back.

  33. Hi

    I have been having pretty much the same problem that pd experienced, however i think he said he bought the device directly from

    1. Lori,

      Thank you for pointing out my mistake with pd. I apologized to him, and hope someone else reading might have suggestions. In pd’s case, he’s in California. He should have no trouble creating a new account. His is a puzzler. You live in Panama. You won’t be able to create an account from Panama. The only thing I can suggest for you is to come to the US and activate and register here.


  34. Unable to complete the registration and get phone number. I go through all steps up through the 911 address request. After I click “confirm” in that step the screen turns gray. i can barely see some text about my address and city limits, but can’t see or click the circles to select yes or no. HELP!

    1. I would suggest trying a different browser — even a different computer. Use the USB method if possible – not the network method. You’re in Florida, so you shouldn’t have any trouble installing.

      Also are you installing the magicJack GO or the magicJack Plus 2014? If you’re installing the mJ+ 2014, are you seeing the new metro interface? If you see the new metro interface, you may want to use these directions for install. If you see the old interface as shown in this older install method, please let me know!

        1. Excellent! What I said before still applies. Try a different computer and a different browser on your network. Use the directions linked in my previous comment — and check out the step-by-step video — for the mJ GO. Good luck!

  35. I got my mj today, installed and registered it. I am able to make phone calls but can`t get incoming calls. My fax will ring when I have an incoming call. my phone won`t.

    1. Marcelo,

      The magicJack really isn’t designed for fax. You’ll have to set the baud rate to a crazy-slow setting like 9500 baud. I’m guessing you have a very old-fashioned fax and a very old phone, or maybe several phones all connected to the same line. Your phone(s) and fax machine probably have a very high combined REN, making it so your phone doesn’t get enough juice to ring. That’s also bad for your majicJack. Remove the fax and your other phones on the same line. In fact, just hook up the phone directly to your magicJack without the fax or other lines. If it rings, you know the problem is with either the number of phones and fax and/or a crossed set of lines, and or settings on your fax machine that prevent your phone from ringing.

      Best of luck!


  36. I have tried to register my magic jack plugged into my computer but it only takes me to the blue button-and nothing further

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