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Many people are beginning to recognize the value of making your main phone number not a magicJack number, but instead, using a preferred Google Voice (GV) number to forward calls to a local number randomly assigned by magicJack.  That way, no matter what happens with magicJack, your GV number will always work no matter what magicJack-assigned number or numbers it’s pointed at.

The problem is that now that so many people are porting their preferred numbers back away from magicJack servers, magicJack has decided to attempt to try to charge $30 for an outward port fee. This is probably not legal in the United States. but the area is a bit gray legally, so magicJack seems to be exploiting that little loop hole, or at least attempting to.

Ignore the Port FeeWhen you attempt to port your preferred phone number away from magicJack, you may receive an email requesting you to give your credit card essentials to pay a $30 port out fee. Members of the website suggest that they have no trouble ignoring the fee-request email, and that it might take an extra day or two, but that the port will go through without paying the port out fee.

It’s these kind of fees that make GV more useful as a phone number home base than magicJack.

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