Please note that these downloads are directly linked to magicJack, Google Play and the iTunes apps store. They are not mine, so I cannot claim any responsibility if the software does not work. These links are provided solely for ease of access for the multitude of users out there who want to know where the latest update files are.

Update 2014.07.22: The Windows and Mac firmware has updated. The update alert method was sent out to several hundred interested people who signed up. Woohoo!

Update 2017.07.31: magicApp is now two separate products: one for those who own the magicJack physical device and one for those who don’t own a magicJack, but do own an apple or android phone and would like the convenience of magicJack. Check out this post for more information.

Apple LogoDownload the mac version of the update file here.

Windows LogoDownload the windows version of the update file here.

Download the Android version of the magicApp here.

Download the iOS version of the magicApp here.

Download the Android version of the magicJack Connect here.

Download the iOS version of the magicJack Connect here.

Unfortunately, there is currently no linux version of the update file or the Talk Free app. It has been suggested by more than one chat support technician that this may change sometime in the future.

I wish you good fortune and clear connections with these links.

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  1. for the past few weeks everytime I try to make a call I get a recording that tells me I must buy prepaid minutes for a confrence or a platform call. The funny part is up until 2 weeks ago I could make these same calls without the recording. do you have any ideas about this? I went to the help and did the live chat and they too said I need to buy prepaid minutes. I dont understand

    1. I just noticed the same problem too. My mom lives in a county that is served by a small local telephone company. It basically means the small local telephone company is charging more to connect the call than magicJack is willing to pay, so magicJack makes that calling area unavailable. I bypass this by setting up the call via google voice. I dial my google voice number from the magicJack phone. It asks me if I want to check voice mail or make a call. I press 2 when prompted, then press the number for my mom’s phone. Google voice then connects me to my Mom’s phone as a free call. It’s a PITA, but I’m not sure what else can be done. MagicJack feels they’re paying more than they should to terminate calls, but I can’t blame the small phone companies because they’re getting put out of business by the cheap cost of voip-terminated calls. This is their way of retaliating against ‘the man’, in this case, retaliating against the corporation magicJack.

    1. This can only be installed on smart phones – either iphone or android.
      For iphone.
      For android.
      Since you’re probably in Puerto Rico, one of these should work for you.

  2. god bless you –now I do not have to spend 7 hrs on the phone with people I can hardly understand !!
    kudos to you !!! this 65 yr old lady thanks you

  3. I use in Brazil the apps for android ( samsung galaxy young ) , and i call the during the week for my friends in USA.

    I like a lot , excellent.



  4. I am in process of registering and can not receive five digit code on my e-mail so I can follow forward. Would you help me with it? Also, I would like to transfer my Comcast phone number that is 1-aaa-bbb-cccc for my magic jack service. How can I do that?

    1. Kazimierz, I have munged the telephone number you gave in your comment so people won’t see your private phone number. I suspect you have to choose a phone number or transfer the number from another provider before you can receive the activation code. If your number is through comcast, call comcast first to make sure that if you cancel the phone number you aren’t also canceling all of your comcast services at the same time. I say this because if you were to transfer your number through AT&T and you had UVerse, DSL or Dialup, those services along with any others through AT&T are automatically cancelled during the number transfer. I don’t like the idea of having to pay a $10 fee every year to magicJack to renew my preferred telephone number, so I didn’t do it that way. If you absolutely must keep your existing number, it’s probably better to transfer it to Google Voice and forward your GV calls to magicJack. It costs $20 to transfer your number to GV, and I don’t know how and whether Comcast will play nice during such a transfer, so as I said previously, you’ll need to do the research with comcast before making the switch. I have not done a number transfer to magicJack, and so have not made a video about it. I’m not sure I can be of much help there. Please visit the magicJack Journey posts and videos Part 1 and Part 2 to learn more about how and why I switched, and to see how I researched it before actually making it happen. Good luck!

  5. When I plug my Majic Jack in I do not get the registration page. All I get is a white page with 2009 Product of the Year banner. Can anyone help?

    1. Don’t plug it into the router for registration. That method is a bust for most users. Plug your device into the USB port on your computer. If you still get the blank banner, use a different USB port. Not all USB ports are the same. Some of them are powered, and some are not. If the ones on the front of your computer don’t work, try the ones on the back. If it’s a laptop, try a different USB port. Here’s a great post a video on how to install if you’re a new magicJack user.

    2. I just went through process. I had to open the USB device and click/run “Autorun.exe” on the Magicjack to initiate the software download to the device. Then I was taken through the registration process.

  6. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. But I went to “” – think I found the link here – and followed the instructions. My MJ Plus was found and it registered with no hiccups.

    1. You’re only the second person I’ve known who was able to register using the network method. The first person used their wifi android tablet via a browser on that device. I’m amazed and glad that it worked for you and glad to hear that it works for somebody.

  7. AS I have been using Mj for years. All of sudden from last three weeks now when ever I call someone, calls go through but I cant hear the person who am calling or talking to. this has been taking place for last couple of weeks. I have window 7 installed on my pc. Can anyone help me with this issue. Can anyone tell me the minimum speed required for internet for magic jack to work properly?

    1. Hamza Zahid, Part of the problem may be that you’re in central China. Is it possible that Chinese internet police are blocking something? Another possibility is that since you are in such a remote area–nowhere near a large city or even a town–your option is only a very slow internet speed. Most people do best with an upload speed of at least 1.5Mbps down, 0.128Mbps up. Though some have had success with lower speeds, if you are also doing any kind of internet activity other than magicJack, your voice transmission quality will suffer. It’s not likely to work at all if you are using dial up. I don’t know if satellite internet is available in China yet, but if it were, satellite internet won’t work with voice transmission. The latency (speed of electronic reply) is too high.

    1. Since you live in Miami, it should be no problem for you to buy one and start using it. Good luck.

  8. When I first set up magic jack. it went very well. Three week later every time i try to call someone or i try to make an inbound call to my home I hear a voice just for a few secs and then I hear a clicking sound. I thought it was the magic jack so I purchased another one and it is doing the same thing. Magic jack has not been very much help. Can anyone help me.


    1. Since you’re in Venezuala, the problem may lay with your internet provider. Alternatively you may have crummy volume on your device. Others have randomly found similarly, leading me to wonder if their quality control is all that good.

  10. I have a problem when i click on my soft phone icon i get a pop up over the phone that says 2009 product of the year so i click the x in the top right hand cornor the pop up goes away but so does my soft phone lol I downloaded the lastes windows update but it didnt fix the problem please help

    1. Jim,
      There is windows soft phone for magicJack. It only exists for Android and iOS devices. The download is used to install the latest firmware onto your magicJack device when it’s connected via USB. Buy a device and it will work next time you physically connect the device via USB to your desktop or laptop windows or OSX computer. Good luck!

  11. i am really pissed off that i just paid for 5 more years of this joke, this app update on my pc, the lay-out is verry ugly & fills my screen up 85%, STUPID!,, many prefer not to do windows updates that now what there doing, or browser updates etc, this is horrible, i demand a option to revert back.

    1. Karl, I’m puzzled. If you bought a magicJack Plus or a magicJack GO, you aren’t restricted to using the device on a PC. Additionally, the on-screen windows “app” only works when the device is connected via USB to your laptop or desktop. When you say it fills up 85% of your screen, you must have a truly small screen, so I’m guessing it’s one of those very light and small nettop style windows 8 computers that are good for web surfing and checking email but not much more. If you prefer not to use the windows app, simply unplug your device from the USB port, plug in the USB AC adapter to the wall and connect your magicJack an Ethernet port. Plug in your phone to the device. It should work exactly as planned. Uninstall the app from your windows machine. It doesn’t have to stay installed if you only use the magicJack connected via ethernet. Good luck!

    2. Get the MagicFeatures Plug In. I paid for it and it works great! Hides the splash app, allows #’s to be blocked etc..etc. Audible Caller ID. Anonymous call block.. the list goes on.

      1. Thanks again Theresa!
        (For those of you not familiar, your magicJack must be connected to a windows computer via USB in order to use MagicFeatures.)


  12. I got the update link from a tech chat. After plugging in my magic jack and phone, it brought up a Magic jack interface, but I was never prompted or guided through any update. How do I get the update? The audio on my magic jack has suddenly become so bad I can barely hear people on the other side through the buzzing.

    1. Check out this page. The accompanying video shows what you should expect to see with the new interface. I’m not sure why your volume would be lower. Ordinarily, it goes back to some firmware default when it’s plugged in via Ethernet and the AC adapter. We aren’t able to change that. May I suggest rebooting your modem, router, etc.? Additionally, if you have not yet done so and you have a very slow or high-latency connection, it may help to statically assign an IP to the magicJack and in some instance enable port-forwarding.

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks for your response. The video was nice, but it didn’t really help me with this issue, though it did show me that my interface is the updated version. My issue is not volume, it is a VERY loud buzzing, whining noise that drowns out the voices. You can’t talk over it. With MJ’s tech support, we have done port and site allowances through the firewall and privacy settings, and reset my router and magic jack a half dozen times. I will try your directions, thank you. Usually after the “fixes” the noise resolves for about five minutes, maybe a little longer, then returns as soon as the chat session has been ended lol. Also, I noticed it does not have the noise issue when the MJ is plugged directly into the computer’s USB. Normally I have it plugged into the outlet adapter so it works separate from the computer. If you have any more ideas or advice to offer, I’d much appreciate it! It sucks not having your home phone…

        1. Sarah,
          It may be your USB AC adapter.

          • Try using the mJ connected directly to your computer’s USB port and your home phone for an extended period – a few hours. Make and receive calls. If the problem persists, you may have a messed-up magicJack. You could ask for a replacement device.
          • You could also attempt to reinstall the old magicJack firmware offline and then allow the new magicJack firmware to reinstall again while online. I’m not sure this will work, but it might clear out any butterflies from a wonky firmware upgrade, and it will cost less and take less time than having them send you a new device. I’d only do this as a last resort if nothing else works and the device was truly unusable.
          • If the problem does not persist when your mJ is plugged into a computer’s USB port, the problem could be with your USB AC adapter. Try using an alternative 1 to 2 amp USB power charger. A USB phone or tablet charger should suffice. If it works fine using this alternative power adapter, the problem is with your mJ USB AC adapter.
          • One last possibility that I have found in my own travels: some AC surge protectors and Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS’s) actively mess with magicJack’s ability to connect when plugged in directly to some surge suppressors or UPS’s. I don’t know why. I have personally had to return two different models of UPS because they would not work with magicJack when others would.
          • Edit: another possibility: try connecting your magicJack to an AC socket somewhere else in your home — not on the same electrical circuit as the one you usually use. You could us a long extension cord if necessary. There could be something with your home’s wiring that’s interfering with the magicJack. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible.

          I hope this helps. Good luck again!

          1. Thanks for all your helpful efforts! Your suggestion of trying a different adapter was offered long before tech support provided it, and actually did help with the audio a bit. It would begin with the awful sound and then it would dissipate after a few seconds.
            After a tech “fixed” the issue for the fourth time and it reverted back the horrible sound shortly after, the yellow light went out and hasn’t come back on, leaving me with an Error 3 on repeat. Back to tech support of course. They said it’s defective now and are sending me a replacement, phew! I hope this does the trick and I can leave you and tech support alone in the future lol.
            Thanks again! :) Your videos are so professional and easy to follow.

        2. Do you have a DSL filter on your phone line! If not you will get the buzzing! :D

          1. This is true for phones connected directly to a DSL phone service, but this phone is connected to a magicJack. Ethernet basically is that static on a DSL connection, and the router uses it to communicate with the rest of the interwebs. The magicJack is an Ethernet device that translates that stuff into phone messages for use on a phone. A DSL Filter is unnecessary in this example.

  13. Please help..I had no problem with majic jack until recently. I receive calls absolutely fine but I can not make any. I have chatted with their support for hours upon hrs. Nothing helps. The really weird part is after I downloaded the 2014 version of windows vista I was able to make 1 outgoing call then back to nothing.

    1. Sue, Let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on.
      1. What version of windows are you using?
      2. What version of magicJack are you using?
      3. Are you using the magicJack connected to your computer or to your router?

  14. So my issue is from apk install, first run. Please log in screen. When i do with my old device account, i get “this device is not on your account ” how do i add it?

    1. I have not tried to install magicJack on more than one device. There may be a limit. At this point I’m guessing, so I cannot be sure. Let’s do some research. Perhaps one of us will be able to find out definitively why this might happen.

    1. Marc,

      I like a clean site, so all comments are moderated. Akismet is fairly reliable, but sometimes clever spammers get through. I’d rather pull them before they get a chance to rear their heads. Moderation also means it might be a little while before your comments appear. Thanks for your patience. Cheers, Chris

  15. Hi Team,
    I am having issues with finding a Mac OS X version of the Magicjack software for the iMac machine. I currently have a magic jack app on the machine but it is blinking terribly and as a result, I am unable to use my Magicjack phone. I am receiving error 3002 (no luick with finding info on a fix) which is error “No internet connectivity” when the internet connection is very present. Where can I find the software? I think I just need to reinstall it. What do you think? Can you please assist? Help?

    1. By the way, three facts to know:

      ~my machine is a iMac OS X 10.7.5. (it was working without issues until we moved in new location, few blocks away)
      ~I am unsure of the magic jack software version (it was installed during the purchasing the magicjack unit we’ve had for about two years now).
      ~”MagicjackGo” is connected to my machine via their modem cable they sent upon installation.

      1. Angel,

        Please see my previous response. The ethernet cable is used for connecting directly to your router. It is not used for connecting to your computer. That may solve a lot of frustration. Use only the USB connector to connect to your computer. (AC adapter and ethernet cable are not required in this mode.)



    2. Angel,
      You should not have any trouble connecting. The firmware should automatically install and connect. Usually, 3002 is an internet connection error. Try a standard network reboot:
      1. Power off your modem, router and magicJack.
      2. Unplug the router and the modem’s cable or dsl connection.
      3. Wait two minutes.
      4. Turn on the power to the modem.
      5. Wait one minute.
      6. Connect the cable/dsl connection to the modem.
      7. Wait two minutes.
      8. Connect modem to router (if applicable.)
      9. Connect magicJack to router.
      10. Check on your laptop to see if you can connect to any random website.
      10. If you can view a website, make a call on magicJack.
      11. If you still can’t call on magicJack, change your ethernet cord from the router to the magicJack.
      12. Try calling again.
      13. If you still can’t call, try a different usb power adapter. Make sure it’s five volts. Your magicJack AC adapter should be just over five volts, but it may be either under or over charge.
      14. Try calling again.
      15. If you still can’t call, try connecting via USB on your computer rather than via the router. The software should auto-install.
      16. Try calling again.
      17. If none of these work, check with magicJack chat support.

      This general outline usually clears most problems. I hope it works for you.

  16. Im trying to find a driver for a majicJack bought about 4 years ago,.. the downloader on this page will not recognize the mJ unit..

    mac 10.6.3

    1. Jaime,

      I’m assuming you’ve got a USB-only original magicJack. That’s a tough one. I don’t remember if it came with a mac version that early. You might consider updating it on a windows 7 or 8 machine — it should do it automatically when you plug it into the windows computer USB port. The firmware on the device should then be updated. You could then try putting into the USB port on a mac OS10 to see if the firmware will at least recognize the mac machine and upgrade for the mac firmware automatically. I’m not sure if this helps, but if you haven’t already tried it, it could be worth a shot. Alternatively, contact chat support at and ask them for a firmware link for your USB-only version magicJack.

      Good luck!


    1. For those who are unfamiliar, rebuild_mj.exe was a method for exchanging the serial number of an old, no-longer-used magicJack that is still working for the serial number of a magicJack that is fried. That way, ostensibly you could keep your number from your broken device and put it on a working device. This is apparently no longer working with magicJack devices and finding the executable has become rather difficult, so the question may be moot. I’m sorry I can’t help.


  17. I have used the magicjack classic usb one for years, actually i use on windows 8.1 computer without any problems. Will this magicjack should work on windows 10 after the direct upgrade from my windows´previous version ?

    1. Juan,

      magicJack’s chat support member “Cyril” suggests new firmware for Win10 will be out later within the month, and that you could try it, but they can’t guarantee it will work. You may want to hold off. Additionally, while some 8.1 computers are capable of running the original USB magicJack device, the same computer upgraded to Win10 may not be able to run the USB-only original magicJack device.

      My advice is to wait, or test your device on someone else’s already-updated win10 machine. You may have to reboot before updated firmware takes effect.

      Best of luck!


  18. It is without doubt that this Magic Jack one of the best thing happened to me in communication. I use it in Egypt to call USA and I take it with me any where to go. the voice is Crystal clear. I have it for the past year. Now I am having a problem. I can’t make calls and every time try to make a call I get a recording “Error 23″ Check your Internet” my Internet is perfectly working and it is 2 Giga. what can I do to solve the problem. I am now in Egypt.
    Thank you

    1. Mahmoud,

      2 Gigabit service! I’m assuming you’re at a school or professional building and not at home. If you get this service at home, it puts American consumer-oriented ISP’s to shame. Error 23 means you have to reserve an IP address for your magicJack, assuming your router is directly connected via Ethernet. If you have access to the router’s administrative interface, you should be able to pair your magicJack’s MAC ID with a reserved IP. That way, whenever you connect your magicJack to the router, it will automatically use that IP. If you cannot reserve the IP, another method may be to disconnect and reconnect the power supply of your magicJack when you start getting the error. There is also the possibility that, if you’re at a school or professional building, any use of the building’s IT services requires a login prior to being granted access. The magicJack device has no such password interface. In this case, you’ll have to again have access to the administrative interface on your router and know how to set up special permissions for the MAC ID of your magicJack manually on the router. If you don’t have access, you’ll have to get your IT person to give your magicJack special privileges. If that doesn’t work or isn’t allowed, you may be forced to connect your magicJack directly to a powered USB port on your Mac or Windows computer. That way, when your computer logs in, you’ll be granted the same access as your computer when using the magicJack. Unfortunately, this means that when you log off, your magicJack will no longer be granted access either.

      Best of luck!


  19. Hi Chris,
    Greetings from India!
    Since Feb I was having a problem connecting with MJ . I kept getting a msg that “you are not connected to the internet” whereas I was! Just got back from a holiday to the US, and googled ‘magicJack software’ and got a link from Tom & Ruth’s site, which worked. After fixing it I decided to read the other hits and found your website. You have given awesome support to so many people with MJ problems. Congrats! Next time I have an issue I know where to look :-) Cheers

    1. Greetings Mukund Lele,

      Are you using the app on your cell phone or the physical device on your ethernet with a corded or cordless phone? If you’re using the device, are you using it via USB or directly connected to your router? It’s sort of hard to make any suggestions without a little more information. Perhaps, if you can provide specifics we can get to the heart of the matter.


  20. Has anyone else had issues with El Capitan (OS X 10.11)? Ever since I started using the public beta, Magicjack doesn’t work. It doesn’t show up at all in About This Mac->System Report->USB, so it looks like the device is no longer recognized. I filed a bug report with Apple a few betas back, but am now on the GM and it still doesn’t work. I tried “updating” to the version here (still nothing) and then updating back with the update from the MJ site but still nothing. Any ideas / tips?

    1. My chat with MagicJack (below) resulted in a request to support OSX 10.11:

      Richard Wiker: OKK currently, I have only the MJ plug and the keyboard using my USB outlets
      Carmella: Okay, to clarify Richard , ae you using MAC OSX 10.11 “El Capitan” , correct?
      Richard Wiker: I have a dial tone, but not really a connection since the dialtone does not go away when I press the phone keypad. No MJ screen yet
      Richard Wiker: Correct 10.11
      Carmella: Okay
      Carmella: Thank you
      Carmella: As of the moment Richard, mgicjack will not work yet in “El Capitan” MAC OS but we are planning to support that in the future. The best thing I can do for you now is to pass your Comment and suggestion to Appropriate Department.
      Carmella: Would it be okay if I put in your Name in the Comments and Suggestions?
      Richard Wiker: THat is fine to include my name. Please email me when the fix is made.
      Carmella: Yes Richard thank you so much
      Carmella: CLICK HERE and fill out the form to submit your enhancement ideas.

      [A new ticket was created. Ticket ID is: LTK111530195256889X]

    2. Oct 4th, 2015 my Magic Jack still not working with Mac OS X El Capitan. I tried uninstalling MJ with Terminal Commands and restart, then reinstall and still no luck. The Magic Jack hardware is however recognized when I plug it into my iMac USB port as TigerJet in the System Profile. The app just continues to hangs on launch.

    3. I can not use magic jack with El Capitan either and i have no clue how to fix this. wonder if i should go back to OS X 10.10. Any suggestions

      1. MJ+ is not compatible with iMac’s recent “upgrade” to el Capitan. WILL NOT work with plug-in to computer or wall — still needs the direct connection or router to program! Was successful in getting MJ+ dial tone and service, but lost Internet. MJ+ chat says they’re working diligently and hope to resolve soon. El Capitan has been in beta testing for quite a while, so good luck. Am looking for an alternative for the MJ+ as it’s used only for access to restricted condo entrance and not worth $40 a month.

      2. Reverting to Maverick or Yosemite is possible but beyond my capabilities. Do a backup of everything on a thumb drive and confirm your Time Machine is current, just to save time and hr’ly charge for service by professional tech.

  21. Hello from Mexico!
    For the last few years, I’ve always kept a MJ for my visitors to use. My latest visitor has a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 that either tells him that he’s not connected to the internet or asks him for the CD every time he tries to install the MJ. We’ve tried different USB ports, to no avail.
    We’ve never had any problems before so I really feel bad for him.
    Any suggestions as to what my friend should do?
    I thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Allyna,
      Most likely, you need to set your guest’s Windows 8 machine to allow CD’s to autoplay. (This according to Bob Brannon, another commenter.) Here are directions as listed by Google via Microsoft’s website:
      To change AutoPlay settings

      • Open AutoPlay by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. …
      • Under Media, find the type of media that you want to change the AutoPlay setting for.
      • Click the action that you want AutoPlay to take when you insert that type of media into your computer.
      • Click Save.

      Win10 doesn’t have drivers yet, so any guests without Windows 10 will be out of luck until magicJack provides them. Why not provide guests with a phone with the magicJack connected directly to your router? You’ll bypass a lot of problems this way. If you’re concerned about direct access to ethernet instead of wifi, consider offering only access to the phone and lock up access to the actual magicJack device itself.

      Best of luck!


  22. Waiting for MagicJack update to Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11. The new Mac OS will be released today September 30th, 2015. Current MagicJack software only works with Yosemite OS X.

  23. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I’ve been using magicJack here in Korea for the past three months. For the past 2 to 3 weeks my phone does not allow incoming calls. The message they’re getting says that I suspended my account on my own will however I never did that. What I did was deleted the app and re-upload it it hoping that it would fix the situation. But it only made it worse. I purchased my number for $14.99 When I got to Korea. It’s supposed to work for a year but now for almost a month I’ve been having problems. My phone doesn’t ring and now people cannot call in. This is my only means to contact my family in the states. Is there some type of upgrade going on? How can I fix this as soon as possible? I need your help desperately.

    1. A couple ideas:
      1. Have you tried using your magicJack from your laptop at home? and at a cafe? If it works either way, the problem may be either with your router. I understand South Korea has some of the best internet connection in the world, so I doubt it’s the ISP. It comes across as more likely a setting on your router.
      2. If you still can’t connect from your laptop at home or your laptop at a cafe/wifi hotspot, it may be time to contact chat support at There may be problems with your STUN settings. This is a setting only chat support can check.

      Best of luck!


  24. The application won’t run under OS 10.11. Downloading the software to reinstall won’t help. Message states that the installer has an error.

    So, do I go back to 10.10.5 or have a useless MagicJack that won’t work with the computer?

  25. When i try to reactivate my magicjack Go i get an error when processing my payment. log_id (378701153): ORA-20099: Auth Failed: (oracle_magicjack:live)

    1. Try a different browser — one that doesn’t stop javascript. If that doesn’t work, try contacting Live Help via Chat on
      Gook luck!

  26. Any update on getting the application to work under MAC OS 10.11? its been almost a month since it came out and now word on this, but you continue to charge for the services even if its not working. Maybe you should pause everyone charges until your stuff works.
    Thank You

    1. I too am a magicJack customer.
      I don’t work for them.
      Fortunately for all of us, I don’t actually charge anything. My site is free!
      May harmony find you.

  27. Our Mac update has rendered the regular MJ useless. Unfortunately for us we are paid til 2018 and haven’t been able to use the mj for over a month. I think that some compensation is in order. I hope this can be rectified before year end!!

  28. I am trying to get voicemail on my magic Jack Go = I finally got Caller ID on my phone and am using my old number I have had for 35 years! please help me get Voicemail so people can leave messages! My phone number is 304-###-####.

    1. Log in at
      Go to Voicemail On/Off/Delay in the “Call Features” tab.
      Make sure the “Voicemail” toggle is on.
      Put the delay at 30 seconds.
      Good luck!

  29. I have the MJ device connected directly to the power and also have the MJ app in my cell, Since 4 month ago the calls start to drop after 3 or 4 min of conversation either from my cell or for the phone. I contacted MJ a few times (chat) but nobody put attention. They start with “did you see the blue light……”. I think it must be a problem with thee account because the app and the device have no connection.
    Please let me know if someone knows about a simmilar problem and haw to fix it.


    1. Sometimes, when you have two magicJack devices/apps on the same network with the exact same telephone number, routing gets confused. I had this problem too. The only think I can think of to do is to log off of your app when you’re in range of your home network. It’s a clunky work-around, but unless you’re willing to shell out more money for a second number, that seems to happen.

  30. In my search for a El Capitan / Magicjack conflict resolution, I came across Magicjack’s Facebook page. I saw other El Capitan users asking for a fix. On Sunday, I saw that Magicjack had replied to one requesting his email so they could send him an update file. So, I also contacted them and they sent me a link to a dmg file and a Word doc on the update procedure. I’m not sure why they didn’t let me know of the existence of the fix by email (especially as I requested it in both my online chats with MJ reps AND my MJ will expire in a month – you’d think they would want to encourage people to actually use and pay for the thing!), but here is the link they sent me:
    I hope it works for everybody. If not, I can only recommend going to their FB page ( and sending a message from there.

  31. My MagicJack Go was working fine with my new netgear router for about two weeks. Suddenly no dial tone. Phone rings one time and stops, dial tone for 4 seconds then silence. I changed all the phone line, ethernet cables, no change. I believe its the usb module. I hope not but if it is what can I do?
    I downloaded the upgrade here and still no change.

    1. Wow. That’s a weird one. Try connecting via USB through your computer. Does it work then? Next, try connecting your magicJack power supply to a different wall socket that’s not on the same fuse in your circuit panel. Does it work then? Can you try connecting your magicJack via ethernet and via USB from a friend’s internet? If you get the same problem with all of these attempts, the problem is likely with your magicJack device. You may need to replace it. You may be able to get a free replacement if you bought it locally. Just follow the online prompts when you activate and register the new device to transfer your existing broken device to the new one. If the problem goes away with alternate methods of connecting the problem may be with the wall socket, your uninterrupted power supply, your surge protector or your router.

      Best of luck,


  32. Hello. Any suggestions on fixing a dropped call issue? Ever since we bought one of these a few years ago, it drops calls just a few minutes after answering. Not a big deal to me since I’m never on the phone. However, I’m being “advised” that if we can’t fix it we should pay for a land line for safety. Ugh! I’ve updated, changed countless router settings, speed test at a steady 50mpbs, had time warner come out and double check wiring etc… Even upgraded to the newest model when our other one died. It’s just not a reliable alternative if it only works half the time. And their so called customer service is completely worthless.

    Thanks much,

    1. No doubt, magicJack isn’t for everyone.

      There are a lot of reasons why this can happen. You may have a spotty connection. You may have wiring in your walls that cause your magicJack to freak out. Consider plugging the magicJack into another wall socket on a different fuse line, or try a different uninterrupted power supply, if you’re using one.

      Good luck!

  33. Whenever I download the update for the MAC, when I try to run it, it says the file is corrupted. What can I do? I have the MagicJack that hooks to the computer (usb port) and I am running OS X 10.11.4 on a mac mini with 8 GB ram…

    1. If you’re using the old usb-only magicJack, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model.

    1. You can buy the app separately, but you have to download it from either Google Play or the Apple Store.

  34. So no matter how many time I restart and plug in my magicJack Plus into my MBP the dialog box refuses to show itself. Instead I get this error “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. Since it appears that the dialog box will never show what can I do to get my magicJack Plus to work with my MBP?

  35. you know if they dont just let mr install before 11 pm 3 minutes im taking this thing back to wal mart and never lookingback

    1. It’s certainly not for everyone. Patience is definitely one of tools you’ll need to have in your magicJack toolbag. I’m glad you’re able to return it to Walmart. It makes me wonder how many magicJacks get returned for this very reason.

  36. Receiving SIP Protocol 1001 every 2 min on old style MJ (usb only) been using on Win 10 Pro N for 6 years now, no problem. What gives nopw, what changed?

  37. Hi Chris:
    I have had MJ express for about 6 years.
    I have moved and changed my ISP – TMobile Home Internet.
    The MJ connection is staticey and echoey.
    I have firmware 4.1
    Is there a new version?
    It seems like there have been no improvements since the inventor died. I have not connected it through a PC, just direct connection to a router. Maybe I should connect it to a PC to see if it updates, eh?

    1. I know this much. We started having static problems on both of ours. There’s a problem with one of the capacitors. I think it has something to do with the heat generated inside an enclosed tiny box over many years. I don’t think a new version of the firmware will make a difference. I basically cracked open the case on one of mine, intending to replace the capacitor. I didn’t have time that day, so I taped it back up and I noticed that suddenly the calls were clear again. I decided it’s better to leave it working and not replace the capacitor for now. So I’m pretty sure if you’ve had it this long and it’s static-ridden, it’s probably that one particular capacitor. If you don’t have access to a good soldering gun and a very specific capacitor, it’s probably time to buy a replacement device for the same account.

  38. I have the MJ silver device, and the 1st red phone I had gave some issue, like low sound and barely could hear, with noise, so I bought a new phone which for me, did the trick. the device had an old version app, any way I was able to find the a good version from here, the problem was solved, I am using OS Windows 10 pro.

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