[UPDATE] Firmware is now compatible with Windows 10. You may now download the firmware normally here, or when you plug your existing magicJack device into the USB port on your Win10-enabled computer. It should work with all versions of magicJack from USB-only to Plus, Go and Express. Good luck!

Firmware that you already own may or may not work when you upgrade to Windows 10 automatically, depending on your computer’s configuration. Additionally, if you own the original USB-only version of magicJack, there is a chance it may not work at all with Windows 10.

New firmware compatible with windows 10 should be available within the month, according to Cyril from magicJack chat support. For most of us, this is a non-issue because we’re using magicJack connected directly to our routers. If you have an old USB-only magicJack, or prefer to use your magicJack with the USB port on your computer, there may be some caveats to consider before upgrading to Win10.

USB-Only magicJack and Windows 10

See this chat session for further reference:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Cyril’
Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530193791728X

Cyril: Hello, how may I help you?

Cyril: Hi there, Chris.

Chris: I’m thinking of upgrade to windows 10. Is there anything special I need to do?

Cyril: Thank you for stating your question, Chris.

Cyril: Please be advise that your device may not work if the operating system of your computer will be updated. However, you may try to refresh the firmware of the magicJack device after you upgrade to windows 10.

Chris: So you’re not sure if it will work?

Cyril: Yes, Chris. It is because our Engineering Department have not yet released the latest update of the firmware upgrade for windows 10 computer. But we have just recently received an email that it may be released within the month.

Chris: One more question. Is magicJack original USB version compatible with windows 8.1 and does it use the new Metro-style interface like the magicJack plus and the magicJack Go?

Chris: (Sorry two questions.)

Cyril: Actually, the standard version is not supported anymore with windows 8 computer. But our Engineering Department have devised a way to run it by upgrading its firmware. However, there are cases that some computer will not accept it so it’s a case to case basis as well.

Cyril: Once the firmware will be upgrade, yes it will have the same interface with the magicJackGO device.

Chris: Makes sense. Please continue.

Cyril: You can use the link below to upgrade the firmware of your old version magicJack device.

Cyril: http://upgrades.magicjack.com/upgrade/upgr980.exe

Chris: Is this link strictly for the USB version?

Chris: (original USB-only version?)

Cyril: No, Chris. It can be used to all types of magicJack device.

Chris: Okay great. Thank you.

Cyril: You are most welcome.

Chris: Will that latest version have a different upgrade link?

Cyril: Yes, it will have a different link, Chris.

Chris: I have a magicJack go too, but because it’s not always connected to my computer, I don’t know when the latest upgrade firmware is available. Is there a page on magicJack that tells me when the latest upgrade link is avialable?

Cyril: Yes, Chris. You can check our FAQ & search how to upgrade the firmware of your device. It will give you the specific link to upgrade the firmware of your device.

Chris: Can you give me a link to that page?

Cyril: Sure

Chris: (The specific page, please.)

Cyril: Oh, my apologies, here in our end we have some kind of restriction in providing a link. What I can only provide you is the link to get to our FAQ.

Cyril: http://www.magicjack.com/faq/

Chris: Bummer.

Cyril: Sorry for that.

Chris: I’ve been on that faq. It’s fairy convoluted and hard to find exactly what I’m looking for. I always end up at chat support.

Chris: To find the real answer.

Cyril: Oh, I see. I feel you, Chris.

Cyril: I also encounter that situation whenever I am trying to find more about magicJack.

Chris: Ah, I see. Perhaps this is an opportunity for magicJack to do better.

Cyril: Yes, they are already in process of updating some information in our FAQ, Chris.

Chris: I suppose what I mean is that they need to implement a more user-friendly FAQ. Is this what is in the works?

Cyril: Ah, I see. Yes, Chris. We have already reach out to our higher department in regards to that matter & that is one of their next step in providing a convenient service to our customers.

Chris: Okay, well, I think you’ve answered my questions. Thank you Cyril. I hope the weather is pleasant whereever you are.

Cyril: Thank you, Chris. Have a great evening.

Cyril: Take care.

Chris: Cheers. You too.

Chris: Chris out.

Cyril: Thank you for chatting with magicJack! Please find the “Click Here to Rate Your Chat Experience” button at the upper right corner of the chat window to rate your experience with magicJack Customer Care.

Since we haven’t heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance: www.magicJack.com/techchat

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  1. They are not empowered to even answer a question on their chats. Why is it they don’t push out updates they have on hand to the loyal, multi-year customers? We have to go look them up on third party sites. They sold the five year plans and now that we have them, it’s too bad for us. Ask a question like why didn’t you send me the update that would have solved my problem and you’ll get transferred around to get rid of you. They won’t even confirm they released it. They are taking a very bad page out of the Time-Warner book. Until now, I liked the product. I’ll shop in March.

    1. If you’re using Windows 10, you know of course it’s also a problem for most Windows 10 users. A lot of people are sticking either with Win 8 or Win 7 because they have software or hardware that is too old to be compatible with Windows 10. While it’s easy to get upset at magicJack, it’s just as much Microsoft’s fault for not having a better path for keeping antiquated hardware and software available.

      We’re used to having telephones just work when you plug them into the wall, regardless of whether they’re five years old or fifty years old. The telephone system has been, up until recently fairly good at keeping old stuff capable of working with new hardware. It’s becoming less the case even there.

      If you have a Win 10 laptop or desktop, don’t worry. You really don’t need to upgrade anything if you’re using a magicJack go or plus. Since they connect directly to the router, we’ll be fine waiting until they get firmware ready for Win 10. Try using a friend’s Mac, Win7 or Win8 if you have to register or activate. Or use the dreaded router method.

      Good luck!

    2. Windows 10 has Skype for free. Went I received as call using Magicjack I let it go to voicemail and using skype I call the calling back.

    3. i’ve worked directly with customers in a technical support role in the past (not at MJ), and there were often times when we were not allowed to tell customers things about the product they owned. much, if not most, of all tech documents (like FAQs) across all industries are behind the product, or flat-out wrong. the poor grunts in the call center know that all too well, because they have had customer after customer point out the problems. what they can’t tell U is that because the labor to update the documentation is too expensive, their Management has no intention of updating it. did U notice in chris’s conversation, when he asked if cyril meant that updating the FAQ was what he meant, cyril said, “We have already reach[ed] out to our higher department in regards to that matter…?” “reaching out” isn’t updating; it’s requesting an update, and nothing was said confirming that it’s actually a goal. instead, cyril said that “that is ***ONE OF*** their next step in providing a convenient service.” most likely, it’s a step that’s at the bottom of the priority list. Management figures that the call center grunts will learn what to tell the customers to do to make the system work, so that they don’t have to pay big bux to fix the FAQ.

      please understand that *ALL* call centers work this way to some degree; it’s not just MJ. i really wish that somebody (MJ, in this case) would let outsiders write up some problems and their fixes. these could be submitted to MJ, and then, rather than writing the documents from scratch, their expensive tech writes could just maintain the list. much less time and money.

  2. I have an older usb majicjack and am running windows 10
    I used: xyz.xyz.xyz/xyz-xyz.html
    the driver from the above site and it worked.

    However just today I noticed when I reboot, the MagicJack wont start automatically
    as Win10 now prompts you with “Tap to choose what happens with this disc.”.

    I have to do this each time I reboot, anyone experience this or know a workaround.

    1. I know of no workaround yet. Perhaps magicJack will come up with new firmware soon. They promised it at the end of last month, but their lack of anticipation of known software trends is fairly well known. Your best bet will be to connect it directly to your router for now. I’ve removed the link to the page you described. If the link were to magicJack.com, I’d include the link. However, I would rather not link to software that could be virus- or trojan-infected. Your safest bet is to wait for magicJack to update their firmware.

      1. Well this site is a gem$#%^&* , you edited out my link to a legitimate (I guess competing) website for a Win10 driver..

        In addition to Chris not having a solution to my above problem, I fixed it myself:

        an AutoPlay settting to make cd’s autoplay, solved it.

        As to Chris being fairly spooked by viruses: I scanned the driver with multiple anti-virus programs came up 100% clean. Furthermore I installed it and it solved my problems.

        I guess my B.S. Computer Sci comes in handy on a frequent basis.

        Are you still scared?

        1. RB,

          I’d prefer to say I’m cautious. I don’t have a windows 10 test bed yet, so I’m not willing to post a link for firmware I can’t test. You’re asking me to link to a site with what appears to be a hacked version of the firmware. I have no idea how that firmware might be hacked. For all I know it works as advertised, but also allows whomever hacked it to listen to conversations. I’m probably wrong, but I can’t confirm or deny the intentions of an unknown firmware hacker, and if the firmware isn’t touted as the original firmware, I’m unwilling to link to it. If it is the original firmware, it’s safer to get it from magicJack. Additionally, for all I know, you may be the site owner for the link you posted, simply looking for a referring link without actually telling me that’s who you are. I’m frankly unsure of your intentions, especially considering your recent post’s tone and language. So yeah, I’m scared. I apologize if my methods seem draconian. Perhaps I am overly cautious. I’m just trying to protect my readers and my site. I hope you understand.



  3. i have magicjack to go, i installed windows 10 and i can hear the other party but they cannot hear me my voice is broken up, i down loaded magicjack 10 upgrade and it did not help, maybe the firmware will solve the problem, i like windows 10, my desk top came with windows 8.1 and magic jack worked ok after i had to call magicjack support to set it up, when i first down loaded windows 10 for an unknown reason my desktop did not connect to the internett so i reset the computer to go back to win. 8.1, i called support they wanted to install win.10 for a fee, i refused, two days later i reinstalled win. 10 and bingo it worked, it seems like you have to pay for anything they do.

    1. The magicJack doesn’t absolutely require that you install the firmware for Windows 10 if your magicJack go is working properly when connected directly to the router. I’m glad you were able to solve your Windows problems with a minimum of cost, even if it took a few days.


  4. Despite these firmware updates, I still don’t believe the magicjack is Windows 10 ready due to the multiple users issue on windows 10, programs don’t run in the background when you switch users. So if you have the magicjack up on one user’s profile and you switch, the magicjack ceases to work unless you start it up on the current profile.

    1. Les,
      Thanks for bringing up this issue. It will likely only affect a small number of users, but this is good information. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for this software. Everyplace I looked it before was a fishing scam looking for personal info.

  6. I am still able to receive voicemails; however, it does not appear on my computer any longer….I loved my windows 8; however, windows 10 just downloaded itself and believe me, I did not want it still…have tried everyway to go back to windows but it will not let me….what next???

    1. Click the link on my download page for the windows version of the magicJack firmware. Install it while your activated and registered magicJack is in the USB port. You should be good to go.


  7. Downloaded the fix from the link above but my voice is still broken up or very distorted. Had to do as one other poster and return calls on Skype.

    1. The broken-up voice thing is often due to speaker-phone usage, or phones with ill-devised noise reduction schemes. Have you considered attaching a different phone to your magicJack?

  8. MagicJack works on all versions of windows ten up to and including Insider preview 14257 Pro. At preview builds past that it will run (provided you have started the MJ upgrade ). MJ also works on all later preview builds but fails to download and upload contact list and call history. YOU CAN STILL MAKE AND RECIEVE CALLS !

  9. My magic jack was not working, so i did a chat with them. i was told to go into internet properties an check the box ssl 2.0. since then my pc has slowed way down. what is ssl 2.0 and ssl 3.0?

    1. This really shouldn’t mess with your magicJack. It’s a browser-only setting called “secure sockets layer”. Anyway, they shouldn’t be asking you to make settings changes to your browser.

  10. I am using one of the original mj USB only devices. When I first downloaded win 10 everything was fine but about a month or so ago all my calls (made or received) starting cutting in and out. I just downloaded the link above that is supposed to fix win 10 problems but it is still the same. Any suggestions?

    1. With a device that old, it’s possible your magicJack USB is failing. Maybe it’s time to buy a new magicJack?

  11. I have tried to install magicjack go on my laptop. I have windows 10 installed. I plug into the usb port and the blue light comes on but that is all that happens.
    I have searched to see if it was installed somewhere, but does not appear to be. I have checked that the usb port is working using another device.
    Any ideas?

    1. Don’t connect via USB port hub. Some of these don’t offer powered USB. Try connecting directly to the USB port on your computer. Even then, some computers don’t offer powered USB to all usb ports. Find one that has USB power. Then it should work as designed.

      Good luck!


    1. Yes. But if your magicJack plus is working without problems, there is no point in fixing that something that isn’t broken, unless magicJack suggests a security update.

  12. i purcased my magic jack a couple years back and was workin fine till a few months ago tried a download to b compatible but no good,my issue is people can`t hear me when i talk,i can hear them fine

    1. I hope this got resolved. If the magicJack stopped working before you upgraded, chances are the problem may be with your STUN settings. You’ll need to contact chat support to fix that.

  13. Windows suddenly decided to block magicJack. MagicJack can’t figure out the problem. My anti-virus software company can’t figure out the problem. And I’ve run multiple system scans, virus & anti-malware scans and nothing pops up there indicating the problem. And I did try to update the firmware – 3 times. Still nothing.

    1. Try connecting with a different computer on the same router. If it still doesn’t work, the problem may be with your router.
      Alternatively, try using a different AV. I’m partial to Norton.

  14. I got Win 10 a few months ago after my Win 7 pc just died the mother board just cooked itself & I had to purchase a new pc, then about 6 weeks ago my cable modem router died so I have finally gotten a new modem / router but my Magic Jack is now not wanting to work at all & when I plug it into my win 10 systems usb port it does nothing at all is there any way I have yet to try to get it to function again my subscription is good through Feb 2021 & for some insane reason about 3 months before my router died MagicJack began sending their harrasing renew messages as far as I know it is still under the free replacement time for its warranty but they have made the site more confusing than it has ever been before & they have also made the background color & text so close to being the same color the site is unuseable for the most part is the MagicJack site dead or dying I know i have paid for my service & the warranty for my device but finding anything on the site is so impossible now I really need help from anyone able to help I need my home phone to work again especially after spending the money for a new cable modem router, help if you can please

    1. It sounds like a compound problem.
      1. Try connecting your magicJack to a friend’s Ethernet. If the magicJack is working, you know that’s not the problem. If it isn’t working, it’s probably the power wart. Try one from your phone or tablet. If it still doesn’t work, your magicJack may be the problem.
      2. When connected to your laptop or desktop, you’ll need a USB port with power. Many less-expensive computers have USB ports that are not fully powered. Try one of the other USB ports on your computer. If you find one that works, the problem on your computer was the non-fully-powered USB port.
      3. You could try connecting your Modem/Router combo to a power outlet that isn’t on the same fuse as the one you’re currently connected. Sometimes there can be frequency feedback in the power that can confuse the magicJack in some circumstance. I don’t know why this happens, but I’ve seen it in my own house, and suspect it may be the problem with a number of other people too.
      4. That you have a new Modem/Router combo suggests the Modem/Router combo may not be readily compatible with the magicJack. You may need to buy an inexpensive powered switch like this one that will add extra Ethernet ports to your router and isolate your magicJack from the quirks of your router that are keeping you from being able to connect.

      As to the magicJack site:
      1. If you’re seeing text the same color as the background, it’s possible you’ve got noscript or ghostery or another javascript blocking extension. Try allowing javascript to be trusted for magicJack.com.

      Good luck!

  15. I am using a MAGIC JACK (USB VERSION) for years. I bought a new Windows 10 PC desktop computer – how do I transfer my Magic Jack from Windows 7 to 10 (home)? My payment is always updated. Thanks

    1. There should be no problem. Just plug it into your Win 10 machine and do the install/update so you can use it via USB. Then your phone should be operational via USB.

      Good luck!


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