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[UPDATE – 2016.03.26 ] El Capitan is now supposed to be compatible with all versions of magicJack. Please note otherwise if your experience varies.

A number of commenters are rightfully upset that magicJack is not compatible with Mac OSX (10.11, El Capitan). Earlier versions are apparently okay. If you’re working and you want to register with El Capitan, consider borrowing a friends Windows 7, 8 or Mac OSX prior to El Capitan.

usb not working with el capitan osx10.11

If you own an old USB-only device, now is not the time to upgrade your mac if it’s the one you use for your magicJack.

If you’re going to use the magicJack Plus, Go or Express with your router most of the time, there is no reason to downgrade back to 10.10 if you prefer El Capitan.

If you’re using the magicJack connected directly via your mac laptop and you need the USB connection on the go, you may want to delay upgrading to El Capitan until magicJack updates its drivers for mac.

If you almost never unplug your existing magicJack from your router and it’s functioning normally now, there is probably no reason to delay upgrading to El Capitan. Surely, soon, magicJack will have a driver ready for the magicJack series of devices.

Thanks to Richard Wiker, Paul Brainerd, Stephen and Cynthia for bringing this up! See a portion of Richard’s chat support below…

Richard Wiker: OKK currently, I have only the MJ plug and the keyboard using my USB outlets

Carmella: Okay, to clarify Richard , ae you using MAC OSX 10.11 “El Capitan” , correct?

Richard Wiker: I have a dial tone, but not really a connection since the dialtone does not go away when I press the phone keypad. No MJ screen yet

Richard Wiker: Correct 10.11

Carmella: Okay

Carmella: Thank you

Carmella: As of the moment Richard, mgicjack will not work yet in “El Capitan” MAC OS but we are planning to support that in the future. The best thing I can do for you now is to pass your Comment and suggestion to Appropriate Department.

Carmella: Would it be okay if I put in your Name in the Comments and Suggestions?

Richard Wiker: THat is fine to include my name. Please email me when the fix is made.

Carmella: Yes Richard thank you so much

Carmella: CLICK HERE and fill out the form to submit your enhancement ideas.

[A new ticket was created. Ticket ID is: LTK111530195256889X]

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