I’ve updated the site so it is easy to view the site on any size device: phone, tablet, or desktop. These changes should make it easier to read and comment on this site, regardless of whatever your device preferences.

The predominant color scheme is now blue instead of black. I’ve re-vamped the site logo so that it is more consistent with logos for my other sites. The text flow is generally better than it was with the old theme.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave constructive comments, suggestions or praise about site layout or design.

Thank you for visiting!

mjCheck Logo 2014

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    1. Hail to Fair Oaks, California! It’s been fun making the site theme. I’m glad you like it.

    1. john white,
      “Ding” – I wave my magic wand. It is now fixed!
      Please note that I don’t work for magicJack. I’m making a small joke, since it’s hard to fix something I can’t see or don’t know much about. If you would like to explain what the problems are, perhaps we can figure it out together.

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