I don’t have an android 4.3 device. Mine’s Gingerbread. But you might! Previously, we have found that many people with android 4.3 could not get the magicJack app “Talk Free” to work properly. Check out this post and its comments for more information. Help us out! If the app update fixes the incompatibility for you, please post in the comments.

Jellybean 4.3 and Talk Free: Are they compatible yet?

Update: Frodo1B confirms that it works for Nexus 7 on his Android 4.3… Any other confirmations?

Update 2013.09.10: Others can confirm that Android 4.3 does NOT work on their devices.

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    1. Lucky You! Nook hd+ rocks. It’s great to know what’s compatible with this app. Happy Holidays, Mike.

  1. I used the android app and it works fine but I had to delete it from my phone because it drained the battery in only one day!

    1. Thanks Michael, like many of us, you’re finding that the app is a total power drain, especially on Android. It makes me wonder whether they have their own app team or if they farmed it out to the lowest bidder. Cheers!

    2. Please, I wish to delete my original comment above for security reasons since in include my full name! Or just delete my last name!

  2. Unable to shut this thing down . Have to install and unistall every time I whant to use.
    It sucks . Magicjack you’re the best sucker.
    What are those developers thinking thise days.
    Most likely build in India for pennys . And it shows.

    1. It is unfortunate that it’s still not very user-friendly, but I’m not sure that extreme bitterness or extreme negative nationalism is the most appropriate response. It is a free app, after all. Android is pretty open. If you can build a better one, it will only cost you $25 to get a license to post your app in the Google Play store app section. I am not willing to invest the time in creating one, but neither am I so invested that I actually would hate the existing app. It’s just not worth the energy.

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