Update 8/15/2013: New update to Talk Free android app. Tell us if it’s compatible in the comments here!

Update 7/31/2013: If you have Android JellyBean 4.2. Don’t upgrade to 4.3 unless you want to lose Talk Free app capability. Wait until magicJack updates the app. (See most recent comments as of this update.)

One iOS app user posted that it became available on August 29, 2012. It’s called Talk Free. So far it has a rating of almost 5 stars on Google Play. Some users are finding it’s a bit of a battery hog. There are a couple threads on magicjacksupport.com, many of them suggesting it would be a very long time before we saw this app if ever. But it’s here. I’d love to hear people’s feedback on it. I’ve installed it myself today.

Initial Feedback…

  1. You can use your existing magicJack number so that it costs nothing extra. I was not charged anything for the install. Apparently some iOS users have had problems with creating a new number for their app install.
  2. If you choose not to install a telephone number you get a magicJack number that allows you to make calls, but the number is not a POTS number, so you have to turn a few cartwheels to make calls. See this post to learn more.
  3. I have been able to make and receive calls. My Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Player acts just like a phone – no headphones required.
  4. When the mj+ rings in my home, my app doesn’t always also ring.
  5. The interface comes across as less laggy than the GrooveIP interface. Calls are clear and understandable.
  6. It’s very easy to check magicJack voice mail.
  7. It is a battery hog. I’d only had it installed for a few hours and my device is already down to 25% charge. I’ll try to confirm or deny as I continue to use it.
  8. It does not seem to recognize or call my on-device contacts even though the app lists them with telephone numbers available. Apparently I have no magicJack contacts. I can call using pad only.

More to come as I learn more about the app. Stay tuned!

Update 2013.01.19 – A link for the iOS version for iphone.

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    1. Huh! Sorry to hear that. I’ve still got it installed. I thought it was a battery hog on my Samsung Galaxy Player, but not that bad. I’m going to leave it on a while longer, and if I notice huge drains, I’ll probably remove it. Thanks for your comments! :D

      1. I want to verify that you were able to download the magicjack app on a samsung galaxy player and through the app you were able to use the player as a phone? Looking into as an option for my son, although I realize he will need wifi to use.
        Thanks for your feedback!

        1. Jen,
          It works, sort of. You have to pay $20 per year if your device will have a separate phone number than your magicJack plus device or you don’t own a magicJack device. You’ll also have to pay a one-time charge for the extra telephone number, plus a yearly charge if you want a vanity number.

          If you’re giving him the same phone number as the magicJack you already own in order not to pay anything, he won’t be able to use the device at home. For some reason, two devices with the same number causes magicJack devices and apps I’ve owned to almost always go immediately to voice mail when they’re all on behind the same local network.

          When the app is installed, it’s a terrible battery drain, making the SG Player need a recharge every few hours. You’re almost better off keeping it plugged in… at which point, you have to wonder whether it might be worth just getting an actual cell phone. Call quality is sketchy on the app, but can do in a pinch.

          If your son is at a public hotspot, he’ll have to log in on a browser first to accept the store’s wifi policy before the app can connect and log in with magicJack’s servers, and that’s only if the store’s hotspot has not blocked magicJack/VoIP traffic.

          Yes it can be done, but it’s more of an after-everything-else-fails method. Why not just try Google Hangouts app? He’ll still have to log at public hot spots, but it won’t cost anything and the battery drain happens only when you’re actually using the app. Another alternative is Skype, but it can be a battery drain too.

          Good luck!

          1. You can use the MJ app at home, I do it all the time! I can use it anywhere, as long as I have WiFi or data on my cell.

            One thing you may want to do is to go online and sign into your MJ account (if you have the MJ Plus or the like, and choose name for the cell your son is using and select “Outgoing calls only”. Other wise the incoming calls to your home will also ring on the cell phone app.
            When I call home, I have to do so on my Cell phone #, if I try to do it from MJ it rings back to my phone, to talk to my son from the MJ app, I have to turn off notifications for MJ and then call!

        2. I have the app onmy android, what else do i need to be able to make calls. Am in nigeria

          1. I’m not sure the app on a cell phone will work with US numbers in Nigeria. Also, there is a yearly fee to purchase service, even though the app itself is free. Best of luck!


    2. I already download the Magic Jack on my tablet.but every time I answer every 3 seconds the call is cut n go back to the start.how can I fix the problem…

      1. Anoj, george p.,
        Since you live in the Philippines, you are not likely to be able to enable the magicJack app. magicJack devices and apps only work when they are registered and activated from within the United States or Canada. However, next time you’re traveling to the US, please consider stopping into a hot-spot or cafe and registering and activating your device at that time. Until that time, it is unfortunate that the app is not going to work for you.

        1. Geez, just use a VPN (to a US IP address) or a SmartDNS and activate from anywhere…

  1. No way to shut off the app. You have to remove it from the device. android pad battery killer for sure — but then again no way to shut off the skype app either on android, and the app killers do not shut it off, forcing removal

    1. One way to shut off the app is to log out and have it not remember your credentials. If you have a long email and password, it can be crummy to have to do that very often. I haven’t found it as useful as GV. I’m likely to remove it myself in the next week or so.

    2. You can go to settings, and turn off notifications and also “Force Stop” on the app without having to uninstall the App.

  2. To use magicjac skype not work connection faild you must force shut down the majicjac before using skype

    1. I gave up on Skype for my android device. I’ve got it installed, but I rarely use it. I found that Groove IP (Google Voice) and mJ for android can work at the same time, but I have mJ forwarding to Google Voice, so the android would ring for both apps, making the mJ app redundant. On top of that, the mJ app was also draining battery life so that I was often forced to charge again before the end of the day. So I deleted the mJ app. Given the problems you and others have shown us, I’m not sure this app is ready for prime time, but it was nice to see it show up in Google Play. Hopefully a future version will be more device friendly.

  3. I have a problem. I installed magic jack on my samsung galaxy ace. and the status said that there is no audio device. and i don’t know what to do.

    1. Do you have the magicJack device in your home? If you don’t already have a magicJack account and device, I’m not sure the app will work on your device. Also, I’m not sure the app will work on all android devices.

  4. I have Tablet PC andriod ver 4.0 so How can use for Magicjack…? because Win7 also run this Magicjack .
    Kindly reply me ..?

    1. Most android devices are phones or mp3 players that do not have USB hosting capability. Because of this, magicJack has not yet come out with an app that allows the magicJack device to be served via android-hosted USB. In other words, you cannot plug your magicJack device into your android 4.0 device and expect it to work. You cannot enable your magicJack plus from your android device. You cannot serve your magicJack (usb-only version) from android. You will need a windows or mac desktop or laptop to make either device work.

      The current magicJack app for android requires you to have already installed your magicJack device on a separate windows or mac machine – allowing you to then mirror that account on your android device, or you can pay for a new android-software-only magicJack account that does not include a device.

      Frankly, the existing app is still too battery-intensive for reasonable use on an android phone, and it will likely be a while before magicJack supports android usb-hosted magicJack setup.

      Good luck!

    1. I don’t know what Chris is talking about except that I have a magicjack that I use for home phone service connected only to the internet, no computer. I app works great on my Samsung phone. Does it use more battery power than I like yes but it works flawlessly to make and receive calls, I can answer my home phone on my cell if I choose. Love the app!

      1. Good for you! I’ll bet your phone is a lot faster and has more memory than than my little Samsung Galaxy Player 5. It’s nice to know it works for some of us. :D

        1. For the moment, so long as you have any version of Android between Gingerbread (2.6) and JellyBean 4.2, and your Samsung galaxy shows up as compatible in the google play store, you should be able to install the app. In Google Play, click “Apps”. In the search field at the top, type in “magicJack”. Select “Talk Free”. It should be a green icon at the top of the list. Select that app and click the install button. I just recently reinstalled it on my android and found that thought it does sound better, it’s still a battery hog, so I uninstalled it again. If your other VOIP apps stop working, that may mean you’ll have to make a choice between one app and the other. Since you live in the US, downloading the app, should be a cinch.

      1. I install magic jack and viber, but viber do not work after using magic jack…Do you have same problem?

        1. Ed, I’m not sure “jd” will respond. Viber may be using the same ports as magicJack. Good Luck. (Hello Canada!)

  5. I wonder … is there any MagicJack application for latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ? Still not sure what kind of device I will buy.

  6. I have downloaded magicjack on my samsung galaxy tab model GT-P6200. I works great but the problem is that the screen totally blacks out during any incoming or outgoing calls in such a way that I can hangup, dial any nber especially during voice mail access). The only way is to pwer off te entire tab.

    Can you elp

    1. It sounds like the app is conflicting with something else in your system. There may be other apps that compete for similar resources. If you have the time, you could try removing other apps while testing this app to see which one may be conflicting with this app. If it’s not worth your time, you could just remove this app.

  7. I like the application so far. I am using it on my tablet. I start it when I plan to use it. I am able to run Skype at the same time. When I don’t need the application running I do a forced stop. Everything works fine. I like it better on the tablet better than the older magicjack that needed a Windows system to work with. That was fine till I switched to linux. I am sure that the application will improve with time.

    1. It works great on my tablet. Battery drains, but its ok. I dont have any phone, other than this and my home lan magicjack.

    1. Your IP suggests you live in Malaysia. If you do live in Malaysia, you can use it to call any US or Canadian phone number free – most of the time. If you are trying to call people who live in Malaysia, you’ll need to dial the country code for Malaysia, and dial as if you’re dialing from the United States. For sure, there will be a 3.1-cent-per-minute charge ($0.031/minute) to landlines, (5 cents per minute for mobile) for each call if you using MagicJack to make calls to people in Malaysia, according to the support link when I log in to my.magicjack.com with my magicJack credentials. This may be cheaper than your local rates, I’m not sure. Good luck.

  8. I just downloaded last night, lg esteem, works flawlessly. But during a call, it has the persons name and 1 more. For example, Im calling my mom, at the top its says “mom and 1 more”…..What does that mean? Its kinda creepy and would hate to have to uninstall because other than that it works great…Can anyone help?

    1. I have had the same thing happen, to more than just “Mom’s” number but to several select numbers I am thinking there is a pin register up on the account. If you do not know what a pin register is google it. it will blow your mind. I do suggest you google it for good reason. That is all I am going to say, by the way enjoy your next cup of decaf

  9. Question I picked my number that I sed for home. instead of another free number. Is there a way to clear this so that I can pick a number for the app?

    1. The only “free” number magicJack is giving away for the app is the magicJack-to-magicJack number that is outside the PSTN (standard telephone) system. If you have skype, it’s like having a skype “number” that can call other skype numbers, but not standard telephones. It’s called a ‘skypeNumber’, and if you still use the app, you can convert your app to use that number by logging on in a browser to my.magicjack.com and going to the phone numbers tab. Change the device number to the magicJack number instead of your home phone number. Except now you won’t be able to call or receive calls from anyone on the regular phone system. If you want to assign a separate phone number to your phone, you’ll need to click “Add a Phone Number” at the to of the same page and pay the yearly fee for an additional PSTN phone number. It will cost you either $10 or $20, depending on your current magicJack device configuration. Good luck!

  10. I installed mj on my acer200 jellybean tablet today. It works great!! It was installed first on my win7 computer, but have no idea if that was necessary or not.

    1. If you don’t have the magicJack plus or USB devices, you probably don’t need to install the windows version because, as far as I know, you can’t connect the android app to the software on your windows laptop or desktop. It’s only for use with the usb and ethernet devices. I’m glad it works for you!

  11. Its a great app..i have been using it from last 2 months,,it was working perfectly,but people can not hear me now to whom i am calling,,specilly canadian numbers..please solve this problem

    1. If you own the magicJack plus or USB version, you can set up your router to intelligently funnel magicJack data to your phone. I’m not sure how the app funnels its data, or if it’s possible to change router settings to work with the app. You could try setting up your router and report back. Check out my ‘Cutting the Cord’ videoes, especially part 2 to learn more about setting up the router.

      Also, if the numbers you’re trying to call in Canada are provided by a small local phone company, they may be subject to a per-minute charge.

      Good luck!

  12. Hi, I´m having problem with the MagicJack installed on my Samsung S Duos GT-S7562L, when the MJ application is running I got the message Video Error Recording and Sound Error Recording but when I shutdown the MJ application the video and sound record works fine.

    Could someboby let me know how can I fix this problem, I neeed to use the MagicJack with Skype and Viber.

  13. Hi :) i installed the app and i can`t speak with the other person , i don`t hear him , it is interrupting my conversation and i can`t understand even one word..

  14. I guess the magicjack is free on android, I have a magic jack dongle with an active subscription,if I link it on my android will it work? And if the subscription expires will it continue to run free on the android or I’ll have to pay for another year?

    1. David, you have the option of using either the existing telephone number for your current magicJack dongle or paying for a new telephone number for the android device. Keep in mind the the new free number is a ‘magicNumber’–only useful for calling other magicJack devices or apps. It’s not an actual telephone number. If you want to call other POTS numbers, under the phone numbers tab of your account dashboard, associate your existing phone number with the android device too. That means two devices, android and magicJack, may now answer the same number. Technically, the magicNumber non-telephone number may still work on the android and magicJack devices, but I don’t know since I’ve never tried. If you do try, please write to let us know!

  15. I installed mj on my iphone 4 and yet i can make internation calls does it mean i cant call international number?

    1. Considering you’re calling from Lagos, Nigeria, it’s unlikely this will work for you.

  16. well I installed the app on my android phone however I now cannot use the mike to have it write the messages when I send a text. Wonder if they can fix that so I don’t need to use the keyboard to enter a text It’s nice to have MJ make free calls but I prefer using the texting option by speaking into the mic much more. Any advice ?

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying, but I know this much: mJ is not set up for texting. Any texting you are doing is going either through your phone provider or through google talk or another texting service. It sounds like you’re saying that installing the app has disallowed you to use the Text to Speech (TTS) function for SMS. If this is the case, the only thing I can suggest is to turn off magicJack app when you don’t need it. Try TTS for SMS when the app is off.

  17. Just installed this app on my tablet. Called my cell phone and left a message, came out fine.
    What I would like to know, is there a way to remove calls made on the list of dialled calls?

    1. I would like an answer to that also. I tried what Live Chat suggested but it didn’t work on my LG Optimus Tracfone I installed the Magic Jack App to.

  18. I use both MJ and MJ+ devices on Windows machines and I am very happy with them. I use them from all over the world when I have internet access. I got the iOS app for my wife’s iPad and it works great. Now I have a Toshiba Thrive Android tablet. I have installed the app and I have the same problem described by Moona above. The screen blacks out when calls are connected and I cannot access the keypad. I have spent hours on the phone with MJ support with no resolution. The calls connect and voice is transmitted. During the call I have no control over any tablet functions. When the call disconnects I get control back.

    I now have a Samsung player 5. It sounds like you have it working. What is your opinion now concerning MJ on the Samsung player? Also, do you have any additional thoughts on the screen blanking?

    1. I wonder if you have too many apps installed on your Samsung Player 5. Try uninstalling some apps you no longer use, move existing images and video to the external SD card if you have one installed, or transfer what you can off your device altogether. I think I said earlier that I had to uninstall the app because it was freezing stuff up during and after calls. I suspect the gingerbread configuration is just a little slow and old for this kind of app. It probably works better with JellyBean, more RAM, and a larger main SD card, none of which are available for the Player 5.

  19. I just got a andriod 4.0 ics tablet, I downloaded the MJ app, I run MJ on my computer as a home phone, the problem I get with my Andriod app is when I try to call, get my voice messages etc…the screen blanks out and MJ app boots off, only to reboot 10 secs later…need help, not sure if another app is conflicting

    1. Like with Pardallas earlier, I wondered if you have a lot of apps/songs/videos/images on your device. But since Icecream Sandwich is supposed to be more robust than Gingerbread, I begin to wonder if the app itself is just too bloated and not well constructed for early adoption on Android.

  20. Have been using MJ plus, ported to my Samsung android phone for little more than a month now. It works well but wow what a resource hog. It will drain my fully charged battery in under 4 hours. I will note, the battery and phone are two years old, perhaps a ‘new’ battery would last longer. The app definitely needs tweaking and perhaps the newer phones will accommodate the app better. The trade off is worth it. I dropped my home/office landline from a major carrier and ported it to MJ, saving about $350 a year. Thanks MJ.

    1. Likewise on both counts: dropped AT&T, but removed the resource-hungry app from the android device.

  21. Hi Folks, I am new to the android world I was a blackberry baby …. anyhow I purchased a brand new Samsung ace 11 x , I was having trouble with google talk, when I click the mic it gave an “Audio problem” error message, the Samsung technician told be to do a factory rest. After that I started to re download the apps I had installed, as soon as I downloaded Magic Jack app the google talk stopped working and gave the same error message, I deleted the app and then google talk functioned once again. I love the app, especially since I have a home MJ, so I already have a phone number I picked. I jus wish it was compatible with the google voice search service

  22. i have samsung mobile s7562
    i installed the magicjack programe . it’s very good with calles
    but i have big problem .. may be it’s out of you but may you can help me to solve it
    when i installed the magicjack i found that (viber and skype) there is no calles no voice .. when i call someone .. they can’t hear me and i can’t hear the others
    but when i uninstall the magicjack .. everythink is ok with viber and skype with calles

    just can u help me to make all programes make calles ???

    1. Sorry Bishoy, Others are having similar complications. It may be a case of one or more apps trying to use the same services: a bit like using GPS for sporty pal, and then trying to use GPS for google maps at the same time.

  23. I have a Nexus 4 telephone I installed Magicjack it was working fine for a few months now I just updated my phone to android 4.3 and now mj stopped working it is a compatibility problem? Thanks

    1. Most likely. You’ll have to either downgrade back to your previous version of android or wait until magicJack comes out with a reconfigured app. One last thing you can try is to uninstall and reinstall. It doubt it will make much difference, but good luck.

      1. Unfortunately, I am not an expert on android JellyBean downgrades. A great place for that kind of information is AndroidCentral.com.

  24. Upgraded my Nexus 7 tablet to Android 4.3. Now MJ stopped working. Tried to re-install, the same story. Looks like it’s compatibility issue. What is the solution? Go back to Jelly Bean 4.2, or wait for MJ to fix it?

    1. The last update on the app was apparently the 9th of July, 2013, but I wouldn’t wait on magicJack for a fix. Whatever updates they’ve made, people are still having trouble getting it to work consistently. If you must have your magicJack android app now, you’ll likely need to go back to JB 4.2 for now.

        1. I wish I had an easy solution. Please check with the helpful folks at AndroidCentral.com.

  25. i had my magic jack working on my samsung galaxy nexus but it stopped working and everytime i want to start it up it says “Unfortunately magicjack stopped” i uninstalled and installed it again and it does the same thing

    1. If you’re using JellyBean 4.3 on your SGN, unfortunately, magicJack’s app is not currently functioning with this version of Android.

  26. Anyone with android 4.3 who has an interest in the Talk Free app, please let us know if the August 14 update to Talk Free lets the app work for you!

    1. The Aug 14 release did NOT fix my problem. I have fewer than 135 apps installed, including all the system apps. See my first post, the symptoms have not changed. I still hope you can get it to work on the Toshiba AT105. It works fine on my Samsung 5 MP3 and on my wife’s iPad.

      1. Pardallas, cheers for your response. As I suspected, it appears there may be phone-specific examples where the August 14th update was of no help. I suspect we’ll have to wait until magicJack puts out its next update.

  27. I have a samsung galaxy s4 and just installed magic jack app. My charged battery didn’t even last 6 hours with that on. Is there a way to turn it off and on, to be able to turn it on when I need to use it and shut it off when I don’t need it. I am going to Italy and wanted to use this to call my family while gone. Do I have my info correct that if I am on wifi my calls to any phone in USA will be free?

    Thanks! Linda

    1. Linda, I’m sorry to report the only way to turn it off is basically to uninstall. Yes, calls to the US from Italy would be free, since you’re using a US number calling a US number. Yes, battery time is terrible. And since you’ll be in Italy, you won’t be able to take advantage of Google Voice through Groove IP. (It only works in the US.) The only other option I can suggest is the Skype app, or set up times and Skype from your laptop. Good luck!

  28. I have been using magic jack for a month or so nd its been good, it blacks out the screen for a couple seconds on and off. However the huge issue i am having since i moved this past weekend is my magic jack account says no audio device. I only mived 8 miles and its the magic jack app i dowloaded. Is there a fix for this

    1. This sounds like you’re out of space on your mobile device. Is this likely? If so, it might help to move some images, music and video off your device. This might be an opportunity to remove any crummy old apps you’re no longer using. It’s also possible that some new app is conflicting with Talk Free. Good luck!

  29. I like magicJack and I installed Magic app on my galaxy Note 2. I am using my cell phone to make magicjack calls and receive calls. It will be a great plus if one can send and receive text messages via the app. This will enable one to use magicjack as a second mobile number. If there is a way to integrate any existing text message app with magicjack app, please post. Thanks!

    1. On this post, under “Additional Considerations” at the bottom of the post, magicJack advertises that it allows SMS. However, as of this date (2013.10.23) magicJack does not do SMS text messaging. This may seem like false advertising, but apparently it will be possible with a future firmware update that they say will be released some time in the near future. What that means this year or next year, your guess is as good as mine.

      I suspect that SMS capability will end up being vaporware – something magicJack promised, thinking it could fulfill, but will not actually happen due to cost and licensing issues. But for $30 a year for phone service, we’re hardly in a position to complain, right? Good luck!

  30. I have downloaded MJ on my Galaxy Note 3, my question is: How can my contacts call me. I have a supplied number but it seems it cannot be called.

    1. MJ, While anyone can download the app, you have to live in the United States or Canada to actually use it. Since you live in the Philippines, you’ll have to create an account next time you’re in the US.

  31. Hi.

    I downloaded the free version of MJ on my Android. I am currently staying in Thailand, but I can make Hi.

    I downloaded the free version of MJ on my Android from Google Play. I am currently staying in Thailand. I can make free calls to the U.S.
    I will be returning to the U.S. shortly and would like to have a standard POTS number assigned to my Android so outside callers in the U.S. can dial this number to contact me. What is the procedure getting a standard tel number assigned on my Android?
    Do I need to order MJ+? I don’t want to use my laptop for calls just my Android.
    Also if I return to Thailand for a short period, will callers from the U.S. be able to call me using my new POTS number.


    1. Tom,
      There’s no harm in giving it a try next time you’re in the US. You’ll have to log in at my.magicjack.com. Click on the “phone numbers” tab. In the row for your android app, you’ll see a column for “Number”. If a US phone number isn’t already selected, click on the “U.S. NUmber” past the “—-SHOP—-” divider. There is an annual fee of $20/year for use with an android device if you have no magicJack device. You’ll have to renew each year when you’re in the U.S. You probably won’t have to buy a magicJack plus if you’re happy with your android app. I will caution you that I don’t know whether it will work without a U.S. credit card, but I suspect it will. I’ve heard rumors that others have been able to make it work.
      Good luck!

    1. Obviously, the app is not fully compatible with your phone or device. This is the case for many android devices. Unforatunately, you may simply have to uninstall and not use it.

  32. Please help, I live in Jamaica and I have a registered magic jack number. I down load the app on my Samsung galaxy phone, Everything worked fine until now, I got error 3 and did not know what to do. I uninstalled magic jack and installed it over. My new error message is Error 20.. Network failure ,, you must be online for phone to work.. Reconnect now.

    I use magic jack over wi fi.


    1. Delores, I gather you have a magicJack device with you in Jamaica and that it is working correctly, but that the magicJack app you installed is not. Is this the case? If not, please let give me some more details. Perhaps we can figure this out. (Remember, I don’t work for magicJack.)

  33. im using MJ app on my samsung galaxy mini 2 for almost 2 years and and it works just fine. until these past few days… the connection seems so bad. and then yesterday i can’t make a call but i can receive a call from US. and then i decided to uninstall and re-installed again. after that when im connecting it to my internet… i started getting this message that says… error 20. what should i do? please help! thanks.

    by the way im from the philippines. thanks.

    1. Claire, most often, I’m unable to help those who live outside the US or Canada, but since yours in an “error 20” difficulty, I am fairly certain it is a firewall problem either with your local router or on your Samsung. Please check your firewall settings to make sure your magicJack app is not being blocked by other software on your phone or your router. Good luck!

  34. I use MagicJack Talk Free while in Mexico, Works great on Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2, but is a huge battery killer. Using magicJack free number, I can call friends in Mexico at no charge also. There is a easy way to stop app to prevent battery drain:

    1. 1. Start MagicJack,
    2. 2. Click account,
    3. 3. Click menu icon (only works when in account),
    4. 4. Click Quit.

    Hope this was helpful.

  35. using magic jack for a while then suddenly when i tried it again it made my screen go black and i cant even choose some numbers or so. i tried calling using regular phone call and its okay its just when i use magic jack that my screen goes black

    1. You’re in the Philippines. If you haven’t actually bought it in the US, it’s probably not going to work. I’d suggest removing the app. Good luck!

  36. hi..how do i achieve a username and password for magic jack? i downloaded the app on a BLU 2.3 jellybean and it requires username and password

    1. While downloading the app is free, using the app as a phone is not. You will have to either log in with your existing magicJack account, or create a new account. If you already have an account, you can often use the same phone number as your device. If you don’t have an account, you can get a telephone number for the app and register to use the app. These are separate yearly costs that can be avoided if you already own a magicJack plus. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay. Follow the prompts on the app for getting a phone number on your device. Good luck.

  37. Reading all the problems people have, I must live in a different universe, since I’ve had none of them. Mine works fine, except initially my wife said she got an echo when I called. Other than that, I wish the app would allow me to have more than one Magicjack phone number. Then I could have one in each country, one for local calls. It’s great for keeping the same US phone number when you’re in Canada, for example, but in Canada everyone who calls me from within the country calls a US number, which costs on cell phones. If I could have two MJs, and switch, ahhh! what a life! Perfect.

    1. os2al,
      My understanding is that if you buy the device in Canada and register and activate it in Canada, you don’t pay an extra $10 per year for the Canadian number since they think you live in Canada, but the same Canadian device has to pay $10 extra for US numbers. Is this not true?

      1. Canadians have to pay the $10./yr. for a Canadian phone number. Of course you choose your area code from an available list and have some choice in available numbers, so I suppose they consider it a vanity number.

        Similarly, if you want a separate number for the magicAPP on your cell phone, you have to pay $10./yr for that number plus a one-time $10. setup fee.

  38. I got a Samsung galaxy s3 mini from my sister, that she previously use, which she installed mjapp on how can I get a new mjapp account for the phone since she got a s3 and installed her mjnumber from the mini on it

    1. Since you’re in Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to register and activate the app unless you come to the United States or Canada. Best of luck.

  39. I have already installed magic jack in my samsung galaxy s4 and when i tried Started, ask me for my email account and my password, but obviously I don’t have an account because I can’t register and don’t show me the next step. How can I register my account?

    1. Eli,
      You guessed right. You’re in the Dominican Republic. While you’re android device may be compatible and the app is downloadable, you have to live in the US or Canada to register and activate it. Please consider doing this on your next visit. Best of luck!

  40. I recently uninstalled magic jack app for android phones and would like to reinstall . however to use it I need to sign in and I cant remember my user name/email address or password, therefore I cannot continue. please help

    1. Liz, try this:

      • Go to my.magicJack.com.
      • Click “Forgot Password”
      • Type in your email or phone number. Most likely it will be the gmail address you used here, eh?
      • When you get the email, follow the directions for getting your password.

      That should give you your account info. Then sign in with that user name and the new password. Best of luck!

  41. Downloaded MJapp on my ACER ICONIA B1-730 HD tablet, placed outgoing call, but recipient unable to hear my voice whilst I am able to hear him clearly. On Android 4.4.2. Device mic seems to work fine since It responds to Voice Search as well as Skype Audio Test. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling MJapp , still no use. Need help. ( I also have MJapp on my IOS and it works like a charm..yes, the Android and IOS accounts are distinctly different). Need help please.

      1. Carole,
        I did not get a response from RS about his Acer Iconia. Inexpensive hardware has its limits. Combine that with lots of other apps, some of which may be poor at managing their own memory and you’re bound to hit on a combination of software and hardware that aren’t ideal for magicApp.

        1. Sorry Chris, if you were waiting for an update….your post just popped up in my INBOX. To you and Carole, the struggle continues. I contacted the MJ folks through live chat and after 1 hour of chatting, resetting, uninstalling, rebooting etc etc etc. things took a different turn. Now my MJapp, which atleast used to show READY TO CALL, not shows NETWORK ERROR 503. LOL…..So, the chat session was transferred to a senior agent, who, sounded very committed, and atlast, she told me that there seems to be certain issues on their (MJapp) servers and that she was raising a ticket internally for reso. The best she could suggest at the moment is for me to log in after a week, uninstall the app, clear DATA, clear CACHE, and re-install the app. And then pray to the LORD, that the app gets ticking. Chris, reg your comments on compatibility of HW and SW, let me just mention that skype works so well….locally, overseas, all over… just no issues at all. Dont know why that should happen, but yes, I aint any expert and would most certainly await your views as well as other good friends…….. staying active and waiting for some help……….

          1. Yikes – out of the frying pan and into the fire. I’m not sure what the answer will be, but I suspect we won’t see better answers until magicApp throws a little more research and development into the app and its placement in the android environment. It would be great if someone else with an Acer Iconia would comment on their experience.

  42. I got the MagicApp for my tablet yesterday. All was well for one day. And now i can’t access my voicemail at all. Everytime i call my voicemail it connects to dead air.. nothing but silence. And when you call my magicjack number the voicemail prompt doesn’t come on either.. just silence. How can i get my voicemail going again??

    1. Anna,
      I’m unsure why a blank voicemail response would happen. Here’s some tips on how to manage voicemail on the magicJack. It should apply to the app as well. From the directions linked above, I suggest accessing your voicemail from another phone. If this works, you know the problem is with the app. If this doesn’t work, you may need to contact chat support. I hope this helps.


  43. FINALLY got MagicJack app to work on a ZTE Zinger droid through WiFi connection. However, MJ apparently is not “sticky” – has no memory of login info. On a small phone like the ZTE, that makes it very difficult because the onscreen keys are so small, and the keyboard obscures part of the login page, so you’re flying blind to log in.

    Any way to make it sticky ?

    1. George,
      magicJack assumes you’re going to leave it on permanently. They don’t want you to ever turn it off, just like you never actually log out of your google account. You’re right. It’s not “sticky.” I know of no way to make it so. However, if you use KeePass, you can keep all your login information in one place and copy and paste even very-hard-to-remember, very-long and very-random passwords directly from KeePass to your login screen. Best of luck!

    2. You’re right. There is no way to log out and have magicJack remember your password. They assume you’ll stay logged in forever. It’s a security thing. However, if you get KeePass or a similar password protector, you can copy and paste your password into the password field. Best of luck!

  44. Ok I have a MagicJackgo and I have a U.S Number with it but when I installed the Magicapp for android it does not show my U.S number it just shows the new magicjack number. How do I get the app to use the same U.S number for the app. Whenever I press purchase upgrade it says we are unable to connect to google play to complete your purchase.

    1. Log in at my.magicJack.com. Go to Live Help. Ask them to change it for you. Alternatively, you should be able to switch it from within the app. If you’re asked to upgrade, you may be forced to do it by asking live help. Best of luck!

  45. Was working great, then a week ago started going ving the error “this is not a working number” when I would text someone that I have texted before. Text them with another device and app and no problems.

    1. Sorry. magicJack isn’t going to tell you. You may have to actually buy the upgrade.

  46. i installed magicjack (the app says magicapp, is it the same thing as the magic jack app?) on my samsung galaxay J100, I can hear the person on the other end, but the person can’t hear me, how do I fix that problem

    1. Some devices — unfortunately — may still be incompatible with magicApp, even though it says it is. I wish there were a list somewhere of devices with various incompatibilities with magicApp.


    1. Log into my.magicJack.com.
      From the “Call Features” tab pull down to “Voicemail On/Off/Delay”.
      Set the on/off toggle to “Off” for your device.


    1. Log in at my.magicJack.com. On the right-hand top menu, go to “Your Account”. Scroll down to “magicApp Mobile Devices”. It may ask you to renew in the “Number Status” column. Follow the prompts to renew.

      Good luck!

  47. while installing magicjack in my samsung galaxy 5 it is telling none of my subscriptions are campitable for andriod

    1. Hi Sehsa,

      It’s possible, though unlikely, that Samsung Galaxy 5 is too old for the latest incarnation of the magicJack app. If you’re using KitKat, you may want to consider getting a newer android phone with a newer version of android so it’s more secure. If magicJack have not offered a version of the app for this phone, it’s possible you may not be able to do this. You can contact them on magicJack chat support to determine if this is the case.

      Good luck!


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