Recently, upon reviewing my magicJack setup, it looks like 911 services have been reinstated. When I plug my magicJack into the USB port on my computer, the 911 button is once again available. I’m not about to abuse the system by calling 911, but but when I log in to, it clearly shows my address as a valid location and enrolled (see image below). Perhaps they are listening to outraged customers, or perhaps they’ve been advised by the FCC that they cannot just cut off people from 911 without warning. It will be interesting to see what will happen next. I am thankful that I am still receiving 911 services. This is not to say that new devices will also have their 911 service automatically included. It remains to be seen how situations other than mine and a few others who have posted about it are handled. Perhaps my situation merited a grandfathered state. I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s experience.

Update 2013.09.13: Apparently some of us are still not seeing 911 enabled. Also for some there is no ability to re-enable it even for a fee, so events are coming across a little like what happened with call forwarding on magicJack. It was offered to earlier adopters. Pricing strategies changed, and magicJack made it unavailable to all later adopters. Like call-forwarding, some of us are grandfathered with 911, and some of us are grandfathered without it or the option to enable it. It will be interesting to see if the 911 menu option disappears for those who don’t already have it grandfathered in.


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