After some debate on the forum, I decided it was time to do my own testing. I wanted to see if using different upgrade setup files produced different firmware results. I found that the firmware version does change depending on which version of magicJackSetup.exe you use. Below are the tests I did. I suspect others could easly reproduce the same results. Barring any other evidence, firmware is in the setup file.

My testing tools:

  • 1 copy of the October 2011 version of the Lucky You updater from this forum thread on
  • 1 copy of the latest version (February 2012)  of the Lucky updater direct from
  • 1 magicJack plus attached via the usb cable to my computer.
  • various screenshots

My testing strategy:

First, I attached the magicJack plus to my computer and loaded the magicJack software. From the menu, I pulled down so I could see what the firmware version is. I took this picture of what I saw: magicJack 2.0.13.

Then I ran the magicJackSetup.exe from october 2011. I saw the ‘Lucky You’ firmware upgrade cue, so I figured it had to have changed the firmware.

Next, I pulled down from the menu button and took a picture of the firmware version I saw: magicJack 2.0.11.

As an extra check, I ran a copy of magicJackSetup.exe I had downloaded in January of 2012 when I first got the magicJack. The menu firmware version once again showed as 2.0.11. Incidentally, the Lucky You cue came up again, even though the firmware version didn’t change – meaning the setup file is not likely checking with any server to see if the firmware needs to change, but rather, just performs a set firmware re-install directly from the setup file on my computer.

Lastly, I ran the February 2012 version of magicJackSetup.exe and found that once again the current version of the firmware had returned to 2.0.13. (Again, I saw the ‘Lucky’ You cue…) Since this is the version that is most stable for me, I left it with that.

Since the firmware version changes to a known older version when an older version of magicJackSetup.exe is installed, it is proved more conclusively than postulation and conjecture that magicJackSetup.exe and magicJackSetup.dmg are indeed installing firmware. Anecdotal evidence from some forum participants seem to confirm this.  Firmware is not downloaded on the fly from magicJack servers. Therefore, this site still has a useful purpose — informing magicJack users of when a new version of the firmware is available for upgrade.

Rock and Roll.

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