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Who doesn’t like gadgets? Who wouldn’t want a magicJack for holidays like Christmas, Chanukah or another tradition? Well it all depends. Personally, I wouldn’t mind receiving a magicJack in my stocking, but here are a couple things to think about before you bestow this gift on a friend. Come to think of it, most of this goes for just about any gift, so maybe you’ll gain some insight about general gift-giving etiquette. Let’s begin. Continue reading

Update 2014.01.16 – After reading this post, check out some information recently uncovered by a friendly commenter in this more recent post.

The magicJack plus 2014 first started selling in June, 2013. It’s supposed to be a better device than its predecessor. So far, there’s no evidence to support that. The sound is not any better. It may actually be worse. There is still no way to save the volume settings when it’s not connected via USB to a computer. The advertisement on the side of the box says free SMS is available through the USB Dialpad and when you use the magicJack TalkFree App, but none of these have come to pass yet. To top it off, the line polarity on the phone jack is actually reversed, contravening over a hundred years of phone standards. I can only wonder what is going through the minds of magicJack planners. There are so many open questions about what will happen next with the new glossy black device. Continue reading

Just minutes ago, I received another email about 911 services from magicJack.

It looks like they have stepped back and taken a different tack. Apparently, they will try to bill us, but if we don’t pay, we may get a bill directly from 911 services in our town.

Pundits like myself with 20/20 hind-site claim to know everything, but seriously… This is how magicJack should have handled this situation: Continue reading

After a great deal of fiddling around, I’ve come up with a video that shows what to expect for people who have never registered a magicJack device before. This is a recipe for those who bought it online or over the phone from magicJack, or bought it on Amazon, at a local retailer or were given the device as a gift. Below are the directions I created for the device. Continue reading