I’m using the router method.

I know of very few people who  have been able to make this work. This is sort of a last option in my opinion. For this method you will need:

  1. A broadband ethernet connection to the internet.
  2. A phone, tablet, Ubuntu computer, other Linux or even Chrome OS computer.
  3. A browser on your phone, tablet or non-Mac, non-Windows computer. You could even use your windows or mac with a browser.
  4. A magicJack device.

Just to be sure you understand, toward the end of this video, magicJack suggests you can use the USB method instead. This only works on Windows and Mac computers. If you own a Chrome OS computer or any flavor of Linux, like Ubuntu, Mint, or RedHat, you will not be able to use the tried-and-true USB method.

To use the router method, follow these directions as provided by magicJack:

If this still does not work, ask a friend to take pity on you and allow you to borrow their Windows or Mac computer so you can use the USB method.

Let me try registering with Mac or Windows and USB.

If this worked for you, awesome! If you have comments that may help someone else, please say something below.