I’m registering with Windows or Mac with a USB port.

Not all USB ports on every computer are fully powered. That means these ports are okay for keyboards and mice which require minimal power. You’ll have to try a different USB port on your computer. On most desktop and laptops today, there is at least one (usually more than one) powered USB port. Try each port in turn until you find one that allows your magicJack to be recognized by both your operating system and the internet. Please be patient. It may take several minutes per port, even on very fast computers for the device to actually be recognized by the computer. It may take several more minutes for the firmware on the device to ask to be installed. Allow it to install and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, if you have a fully-powered USB hub that both connects to your computer’s USB port and also connects to an AC adapter, you may be able to connect your magicJack through the powered hub.

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The Windows/Mac USB method isn’t working for me.

pluggable 7-port USB hub