I Can’t Activate or Register my magicJack.

This assumes you’ve already followed the directions found here. If you have not already followed these directions, please try them first.

Let’s isolate the problem:

  • Are you connected to the internet?
    • Simple question, but you would be surprised…
    • Make sure you computer is connected either to WiFi or Ethernet.
    • If you don’t have a connection, stop here. You won’t be able register and activate.

Overview: The concept here is to rule out different areas that might be the problem. We’ll isolate the problem by following some steps.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re connected to the internet because this is an on-line troubleshooter.

This youtube video is usually enough for most people to get started. Please watch the video and follow the directions. If this works for you, awesome! If not, click the button below the video, and we’ll try something else.


I see the internet. I’ve watched the video. It still won’t register.

If this page solved your trouble, please write a comment below about your experience. Thanks!


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  1. Can’t activate. Son in law works for IBM in servicing business…a whiz. Could not activate on his lap or when connected to modem.

    1. If you’re trying to do it on a Mac, chances are it will be more difficult. Have you tried it from a windows computer?

  2. Hello,
    The device is recognized with it is plugged in.However no phone number appears on the dial pad.A account was set up going through all the processes and then a phone number issued.Spoke to Magic jack on online and they advised that the device is registered but unable to activated even when I when through procedures with them..Your help would be greatly appreciated .

    1. Hi Donald,

      Maybe you should return it and replace it with a new one? If magicJack chat support aren’t able to help, that’s the only other option I would consider.

      Good luck!


    1. Hi Annette,

      Yes, I hope this will work for you.

      1. Log in at my.magicjack.com
      2. Pull down from the tab menu to Account -> Manage Login.
      3. Add a new email address in the form on the right side. Click “Submit”.
      4. You’ll notice now that you have two email addresses, one default, one not. Select the new one to make it default.
      5. You may be asked via email to the original or new email account that this is valid. Follow any directions in that email.
      6. Once the new email is in there, you may be able to change your new email address in this same “Manage Login” window to default.

      I hope this will be enough clues to get the job done!

      Good luck!


  3. I purchased a used Magic Jack Home edition. How do I register it in my name ? It was already registered in the original purchasers name. I bought it from eBay. Thanks.

    1. Hi Douglas,
      This could be a tough one. You’ll need to get the original user’s name and password. If you can already send and receive phone calls from the device, you may have a leg up though. You’ll probably be able to call your cell or a friend’s cell and see the phone number in the caller ID. If the phone current isn’t activated there are a number of challenges to consider:

      1. The previous owner honestly doesn’t remember the password.
        • Ask the previous owner to reset the password to something easy to remember.
        • Ask the previous owner to change the email address to your email address
        • You use the new password and log in
        • Change the 911 address and renew the device for a year.
        • Your device should now be working.
      2. The previous owner just wants to get rid of a bricked magicJack that doesn’t work. Ask for your money back.
      3. The device is stolen and being fenced. Ask for your money back.

      It’s possible your ebay seller has sent you the device recovery information in a separate email or ebay message, so check there before going to extreme measures.
      Lastly, it’s possible but unlikely that magicJack will allow you to recover the device by talking with them on chat. You’ll probably need to give them the device’s MAC address to prove you have it in hand. This would be the last resort if none of the other methods can work for you. I hope you’ll be able to recover it!


  4. I bought one and was easy to register, got one for my mother in law- in no absolute way can I can register it. I have tried with Laptop, pc, router always at the end it tells me to contact customer support- I tried everything and still doesn’t work and support sucks- sending it back

  5. hi –
    have been using mj overseas for many years now and love it – just got a new one for a new account and it will not activate. had no trouble with previous ones. chatting with the mj help line did not help and in the end they said – oh, you can’t activate overseas – must bring back to usa – this is not an option for me and activated from here before. any tips?

    1. Wow. It used to be the case years ago that you couldn’t activate overseas. Not really sure why they would say that. You’ve probably got a VPN. Why not try using a VPN through New York or Atlanta IP’s and see if that works for you?

  6. I have forgotten my password. I am sending my e-mail address and have not gotten a reset code to change my password. I have been attempting for 1 hr and no reset code in my e-mail.

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