There are non-magicJack people out there who are calling themselves magicJack support. Like me, they don’t work for magicJack. Unlike me, they pretend they are working for magicJack.

Let me be clear. The only official live support for help with how to get your magicJack working is the chat support provided via the website. They do not offer a phone support service. Anyone who says they are magicJack live phone support is pulling the wool over your eyes.

MagicJack has three phone numbers you can call, but none of them is for technical support. Below is the information copied directly from their contact page as of the date of this posting*:

  • Corporate Office [magicJack]
    • PO BOX 6785
      West Palm Beach, FL 33405
  • Sales [magicJack]
    • 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252)
  • Billing Inquires [magicJack]
    • 1 (844) 866-2442 Within the US or Canada
    • 1 (561) 594-9925 Outside the US or Canada

When I called the toll-free sales number above, I got this response:

[Boop] Thank you for calling magicJack. If you need technical assistance, please hang up and chat with one of our agents at For quality and training purposes this call may be monitored or recorded.  Please press “1” if you are new to magicJack. If you have an existing magicJack account, press 2. Please press “9” to hear these options again.

I called the billing numbers, I got this message (same for both):

[Boop] Thank you for calling magicJack. For quality and training purposes this call may be monitored or recorded. Please press “1” for sales, “2” for technical support, “3” for order inquiries or billing, “9” to hear these options again. [Pressed 2]
magicJack offers technical support through our website at by clicking the “live chat” link at the bottom of the home page. We use tech chat to better assist you by sending instant upgrade links, running diagnostic tests, and troubleshooting your internet connection which cannot be done over the telephone. Please chat with a live technical agent at Please press “9” to return to our main menu.

The people who are offering live technical support over the phone do not work for magicJack.

I don’t know enough about them to vet whether they are offering the service for free or if there is a cost. This much I know:

  1. They don’t have direct access to your records. If you give them your information, they’re going to try to log in to magicJack with your information and pretend to be you, via your account.
  2. magicJack chat support will never ask you for your password. If they ask you for your phone number and password, you’re giving this information to a stranger who does not work for and has not been vetted by magicJack.
  3. They can’t make changes to your account without your password. A real chat support person can.
  4. They can’t fix STUN settings, an important part of VOIP that enables consistent two-way digital voice communication.
  5. They can’t help you reset your password.
  6. You have no idea what they’ll do with your information.
  7. I would not be willing to give a stranger my credit card number, knowing they’re pretending to be magicJack when they’re really not.

I have received a number of attempts to post comment spam on this site and on my youtube channel for ostensible magicJack live technical phone support, and none of them have been willing to explain in detail exactly what they do and how. Until I learn more, I will remain skeptical.

I caution all those who are at the ends of their wits with their magicJack devices. You’ve likely only spent thirty to sixty dollars on the device. Don’t make it worse by giving out your credit card details to someone who doesn’t really work for magicJack.

*These numbers may change in the future and may not be the most current, so please go to the contact link on when this post has gained some age.

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  1. Same here. Two months im trying, changed my email address and password, now I dont have access to my magic jack even though I’ve done the relevant things.
    Called and gave all info, given over to a ” technical support” who took money off card twice and still I can’t log into my account which expires In March next year.

    1. Sorry you had to find out the hard way! They just take your money and run. It might be worth telling your bank to send you a new card, because now that they have your credit particulars, you have no idea who they’ll sell your details to.

      Go to, find the chat support link and ask them to help you reset your password.

      Best of luck!


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