my magicJack’s Volume is too low or others can’t hear me.

Lalalalala - I can't hear you...

There are a number of ways that this can be helped, but you should know that most magicJack devices have a pretty low mic volume. If the magicJack is connected via USB to your computer, you will be able to increase the mic volume to your phone or computer mic. However, once you start using it as a standalone device, connected to your router, the volume control is set at the factory to one level, and you can’t change it. Here are some workarounds:

  1. Try using a phone that has a microphone volume. Many Panasonic Dect 6.0 or newer cordless phones offer microphone volume. This should allow people talking with you to hear you better.
  2. Ask the person you’re talking with to turn up the listening volume on their phone.
  3. If you have multiple phones connected to your device, make sure there are as few unused lines connected to your device as possible. This may reduce the likelihood that a crummy phone line is contributing to call quality.
  4. Replace phone lines with heavier Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable. The thicker, solid wires  transmit signal better than most commercial two-line phone cords found at your local Walmart. This can be pretty technical, so only do this if you understand what you’re doing.

There is no method for increasing the factory-set volume on the magicJack when it is connected directly to the router via Ethernet. In some cases, the factory preset mic volume is just way too low. If you bought the device at a Walmart, you have the receipt, and you just bought it in the last day or two, try bringing it back to a different Walmart close by. Tell them the device is faulty and that you just want to swap it for a new one. Hopefully the batch delivered to the other Walmart will have been from a batch with a different batch number that is not affected with the low-volume deficiency. You’ll need to transfer your registration to the new device if you do this. Just follow the prompts when you activate the replacement device and remember to transfer your account rather than register a new device.

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