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How do I register and activate my magicJack GO? If you're new to magicJack, learn about the easiest way to register and activate your magicJack GO here.

This is where we begin.

  • The most current version of the windows mj setup file is dated February 13, 2012.
  • The most current version of the mac mj setup file is dated August 31, 2011.
  • There is currently no linux setup file from magicJack according to Julius at magicJack chat support.


Periodically, magicJack changes their magicJackSetup.exe file. Why? So that we can update our Magic Jacks when we start noticing problems with calls. This website is set up so that when the file changes, a message is sent out that will automatically tell me when a new setup file is available.

That’s the sole purpose of this website.



Latest Versions



hash: 8fe40ec02e30fea4570f27ba1bebbdcd



hash: d030b4bdad13da15f381a2c77e157b51

Last checked: 2019-05-23