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How do I register and activate my magicJack GO? If you're new to magicJack, learn about the easiest way to register and activate your magicJack GO here.

After a great deal of fiddling around, I’ve come up with a video that shows what to expect for people who have never registered a magicJack device before. This is a recipe for those who bought it online or over the phone from magicJack, or bought it on Amazon, at a local retailer or were given the device as a gift. Below are the directions I created for the device. Continue reading

Are you sure your e911 is working on your magicJack? Yesterday mine was. I enabled it last week when I was registering my new device. Suddenly this morning it was disabled. This doesn’t seem to be a big thing until you actually have an emergency and thought you had emergency 911 enabled. Except Dan disabled it without telling us first. Continue reading

Since I ordered the magicJack plus 2014 and still have the magicJack plus original, it makes sense to compare the two in as many ways as possible. We already know the 2014 is bigger and has three new as-of-yet-unexplained ports on it, but how does it sound? In the below video, I compare audio samples using a pre-recorded quote from Albert Einstein. Continue reading

We’ve been through the order process, and seen it unboxed. Now it’s time to register the device. Watch as I show how to maximize options that will allow you to try out the new device without entirely dropping the service with your old magicJack device. This registration process is geared toward the person who already owns a magicJack device and has an active magicJack account.* Nevertheless, it may help to look at what you’ll be seeing during registration even if you are a new magicJack owner before you are confronted with the same screens so you can be somewhat prepared, so please read on! Continue reading

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