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Your magicJack… Sometimes it won’t ring. Sometimes you can’t call out. Since magicJack does not have 24-hour live chat support, you end up figuring it out for yourself. Check out the top 10 most frustrating reasons why your device isn’t connecting. Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. Then we’ll head for the more obscure. Continue reading

“truthfreedompeace777” wrote in on this page about what peripherals the magicJack might use in the future has some interesting opinions about what might happen with peripherals. He offers a lot of speculative concepts, so I thought it sort of deserves a post of its own so that people can comment on this.

CEO Vento had great plans. According to the table at the bottom of this post based on his April 2013 speech, many of these have not been fulfilled. These are some great ideas, and while they may have been ambitious for 2013, perhaps 2014 will fair better. I really hope some of these concepts come to fruition.

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There are plenty of posts and blogs with thoughts on phone etiquette. One of the best I’ve seen is this one on wikihow. More and more, phone etiquette seems to apply to cell phones, and less to tethered phones like land lines, magicJack and alternative VOIP solutions. Yes, it could be your business or home phone, but there are still rules in play for proper manners on the phone. Continue reading

Your geek-chic in-laws just bought you a magicJack plus as a stocking stuffer. Of course, they suspected your luddite tendencies, and hoped to give you something you couldn’t possibly hope to master, but you intend to thwart their low expectations of you. Learn from this post what you need and how to set up your unexpected fortune – a magicJack plus. Continue reading

Update 2013.12.10: This offer is now expired. Bummer. If anyone finds a similar offer, please let us know!

This is pretty-much the same offer that was given to magicJack owners earlier this year who were early adopters. Keep in mind that if you transfer your existing service, from your old magicJack to your old magicJack becomes a brick. If you’re getting the device for the first time, I’m not sure if this upgrade price will be available to you. If it is, post and let us know! You get six month of service with the device, at which point you’ll need to renew for a year. Continue reading